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Published: Friday, July 31 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Senior Max

I'm surprised that DH denied himself the chance to replay the increasingly tired statistic that a BYU senior quarterback has never failed to lead BYU to a conference championship.

So unlike Dick to show that kind of restraint to his native BYU homer-ism.

Out of Excuses Bronco

Everytime BYU loses, and they lose more than they should to teams they shouldn't, Bronco says it is his fault he didn't prepare the team for the game. I hope this new approach prepares the team or else it is time for a new coach to prepare them.


Newfound humility, a favorable home schedule, Max Hall's experienced arm, and the joy-to-watch-pound-through-line Unga should make the Cougars formidable this season.

It's a shame only about half the folks that want to will be able to watch.

Now, if only a solid defensive scheme could be come by, and The Mtn convinced to give up a game to a larger network once in a while, the Y could make some national noise this season.


I know!

Let's recruit Cowherd to say the Cougars don't stand a chance in Dallas.

Bronco says,

"I'm not perfect and neither is the team." But they're questing to become perfect.

Re: CJ3

If they play the same way against TCU and Utah, it won't matter where those games are played. They flat out got smoked. That'll have to improve.

John H

They realize how stupid they're "quest for perfection" slogan was last year and sounds to me like Bronco is appropriately embarrassed by it. At least he's learned from it.


preseaon schedule ( a real possibility that they'll be 0-3 to start the year). However, come conference time, I think they sweep through unblemished and go on to win the infamous Las Vegas Bowl!!

Re: Bronco says,

"But they're questing to become perfect."

Did ya figure that out all by your lonesome?

re: John H

Before you spout off about "stupid slogans", try completing a grammar course first... their versus they're versus there 101. Or, maybe you could take your versus you're 201. These are offered at SLCC. It will improve your credibility and maybe, just maybe, people will take what you have to say seriously.


Does this mean they might take bowl game preparation seriously and actually have more than 6 practices before the game?

And can we expect the coaches to be prepared and prepare the players to play for each game?


Tough: "a real possibility" that they'll be 0-3 to start the year? Tulane has been picked as the worst team in their division of C-USA. 0-3 is exactly as likely as 3-0; both would take a serious upset. 2-1 is the reasonable best case. 1-2 is a real possibility.

CJJ: OU and Tulane games will be on ESPN and ESPN2 respectively.

I'm of course hoping for 3-0, but I'm just looking forward to some good football.

I have Dallas tickets

I have BYU with three losses this year. Utes, BYU, and TCU will all have one conference loss for a three way tie for the MWC Championship. BYU gets picked for the Vegas bowl.

Good season. Glad to see BYU able to schedule some quality opponents this year. We thought we had one last year in UCLA. Frustrating to discover how bad they were.


When will we have another leak about the Y's program?? - think former BYU offensive lineman Jason Scukanec.... what's obvious to all....


RE Meyer: I guess not....



I am not remembering any "leaks" from Jason Scukanec. Other than "Coach French made the O-Line jump rope every day, I mean look at me, I am 300 pounds. That has to be the dumbest training method in the history of college football. No wonder Staley was barely able to rush..." Did he end up in the NFL and report that he knew guys throughout his career that used performance enhancing drugs (no names, just a bunch of guys, they're everywhere man)? Is that the "leak"?

Dallas Tickets:

UCLA was a bad team last year, but nobody else put even close to 59-0 on them. Remember this time last year that was the only game we talked about, I think the team was the same. They were up for an at home re-match, and played a game that made a "compotent" (they ended up near .500) team look like a prep squad. I think that is what happened last year. 0 points from a Chow offense. The team were done 5 weeks into the season, that was what they trained for and focused on all summer. Bronco understands his error, and will improve.

Living in the Past....

So nothing new about the Y's program in 8 - 10 years, eh, Meyer? Oh yeah, Scuk is the ultimate impartial source.


Thnks for the 411, Levin. Great way to kick off a season!


Go Cougars. Love you forever!

Eagerly Anticipating

Football season can't get here soon enough!

It will be interesting to see if a new attitude, a willingness and/or ability to adjust the gameplan on the fly, and some new wrinkles will boost BYU this year. The offense should be awesome and hopefully the defense will be improved.

Also, I'm guessing more Ute fans will post their vitriol about the Y on this article today than will post praise for their own team on their preview article tomorrow.

Go Cougars!

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