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Published: Thursday, July 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Was a great conference in the early days. I often wonder where it would be today had the WAC avoided adding the all those other teams back in the days of expansion.

Had that not taken place the WAC would be a major power house these days. Greed kicked in!!

ute alum

boise state & fresno state should join the mountain west.....the wac should then take wyoming and unlv

Wyoming and UNLV

will never leave the MWC for the simple reason they both play a vital role being the whipping boys each year.

Personally, I'd be on the lookout with Wyoming, with Christensen at the helm, and the talent he has brought in, as well as having some Polynesian connections.....Wyomings spread offense (which they should have never given up. See the Joe Tiller years)is going to give MWC teams troubles in the years ahead. Not so certain that Wyoming will be dead last come the end of the year.

AZ Dave

They both are unknown

Benson's History Teacher

Karl, you stated the following: "There isn't a week goes by that someone doesn't ask me or make reference to a Mountain West team thinking they're in the WAC." It isn't very difficult to figure out why you hear comments like that and it is not because the WAC has a better reputation than the MWC. People make comments confusing MWC and WAC teams because from 1978 until 1998 BYU put the WAC on the map during Lavell's unprecedented success, bowl appearances, and a national championship. The WAC was synonymous in many people's minds with BYU, so when BYU, UT, AFA, WY, CSU, SDSU, and NM left the WAC and formed the MWC, most people, especially in the east, never grasped the distinctions between the two conferences, but they continued to take note of BYU, and with TCU's and Utah's rises the differences between the conferences became more apparent. Now Boise is the WAC, whereas there is a triumverate of recognized national powers sitting atop the MWC every year. There would be no history or reputation of the WAC without BYU's storied past in that conference.


Just wish the reporter had been awake during the interview. Then he could have noted that even though they had five bowl reps last year, they went 1-4. Or he could have corrected the false statement about this year's BCS buster having a chance at the Rose Bowl--that window doesn't open till next year.

The MWC & the WAC are

irrelevant in the overall scheme of things. This is all regional talk. Get into the real world Benson. All you are doing is stoking the locals. Besides, newspapers around the country are going down the tubes. Most people are thinking about the the country and the economy, not all the convoluted baloney that sports reporters/editors are spewing out about off the field antics of players/coaches/commissioners, etc. What most people who are plugged into sports want is the game and coverage on the games, not all this intrigue about nongame socalled news. Please report on game news, and real things rather than all this flap, most of it conjecture and made up junk.


Thsi is a classic case of "selective perception." Make no mistake about it, Boise state has done alot with what they have had to work with. In that respect, they remind me of B.Y.U. back a few years.
However, no one who is informed would make some of the statements that Karl Benson did unless he was comissioner of the WAC. He is blowing smoke big time. If Boise State were given a chance to join the MWC, they would do so in a minute. It would gut the Wac and Benson would likely still be making irrational statements. Gary Anderson takes the best position in saying that both conferences ought to have mutual respect.

BYU is not in the WAC?

Up until just this year the "experts" still thought BYU and Utah were in the WAC.

I hear it ALL the time from callers on national sports radio programs and on TV.

And the funny thing is that nobody EVER corrects them; so the myth continues.

I think the REAL college football fans are finally catching on after the past few seasons. But the experts still need to figure it out.


The WAC is a one team league at best; that is if you could combine BSU football and USU basketball. The rest of the conference blows. For some reason Fresno State gets a lot of media love each season; yet you can take it to the bank that they will implode at some point during the season. Hawaii of 2007 was a complete fraud and pretty much embarrassed each and every school from the non BC$ world.


With teams like Louisiana Tech, San Jose State, New Mexico State, Utah State, and Idaho, how in the world can you make the claim that the WAC is even in the same ballpark as the MWC?

Fresno State, Nevada, and Hawaii are ok but very inconsistent year-to-year.

The WAC has ONE very good, consistent team: Boise State. That's it!

Overall, the WAC is a COMPLETE JOKE OF A CONFERENCE. With all due respect to Boise, going undefeated in the WAC isn't that great of an accomplishment.


I think Hawaii showed that their appearance in a BCS bowl was a unjustified fantasy. The WAC is a one trick pony, with that pony just waiting to run out of the barn to greener pastures. I gaurantee you that Idaho, New Mexico State and Utah State could not even win the Big Sky, they would be middle of the pack.


Old Sour Grapes Benson is at it again. He's still fuming that the current MWC teams didn't like his WAC monstrosity creation of the 90's. Personally, I really enjoyed watching BYU play at SMU in front of 100 fans.


The thing I find funny is the WAC poster boy (Boise State) has made it know that they would jump to the MWC in a second if they got the chance. That tells you all you need to know. Benson can try and spin it any way he wants but A=A.

1984 Joke

In the 1980s, with teams like UTEP, New Mexico, and Colorado St, how in the world can anyone make the claim that the WAC is even in the same ballpark as the current MWC?

San Diego St, Wyoming, and Hawai'i were ok but very inconsistent year-to-year.

In the 1980s, the WAC had ONE very good, consistent team: BYU. That's it!

Overall, the WAC of the '80s was a COMPLETE JOKE OF A CONFERENCE. With all due respect to BYU, going undefeated [and just barely no less] in the WAC isn't that great of an accomplishment.

An average WAC fan

Even the average WAC fan will admit Benson's comments are off the mark. The MWC is more reconizable.

Ute in Philadelphia

You really gotta feel sorry for Karl. He's been thrust into an unenviable position of having to glom on to the misperceptions of unsavvy sportswriters to sieze any acclaim for his conference. The WAC's notoriety has become nothing more than a case of mistaken identity. Pathetic.

Still...go Aggies!


Re: MarkS

Actually, I believe it was reported that the Rose Bowl agreement takes place in 2010- which would be next season's bowl game, as it is a New Years Day or later game.


All this talk about the WAC and MWC leaves you to wonder what would have happened if East Carolina had stayed the course last year, and been the team to crash the BC$ party. They almost did.
Other teams such as Houston, or Tulsa could also be a party crasher this year. Memphis in basketball is on a whole other plane from hack teams in the WAC and MWC. The point being that it should not be an issue of which conference is better, but do all the "mid-major" conferences deserve more respect? I am beginning to think that The MWC particularly aren't any better than the pious conferences I have come to loathe.

Phoenix UTE

If you took BSU and Fresno from the conference the wac would be the big sky. What has happen to fresno they use to be tough but nothing lately.

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