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Return to Utah unlikely, but he insists there's no hard feelings if he does

Published: Wednesday, July 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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when is the last time "win scores" won a championship? What a waste of mathmatical energy. Championships are won by EVERY member of the team doing his job and working with the other members of his team.

Houdini, I mean Comma Man. Good to see you back online.

Trading Boozer would be a waste of time right now. Kevin is not moving him til the season starts.


Where's the story about Boozer saying he "can't talk about it" anymore?

Yesterday's news, now...

news worth seeing

Right now the only headline news I want to see is that Odom signed with Miami because it makes the Lakers worse and makes Miami more likely to want Boozer for Beasley!

When Are You Fans Going

to understand that to trade players you have to be within 75% on the salary match? Johnson & Thomas from Chicago only total 6mil to Boozers 12.7mil.Get it? Thats not 75% of Boozers salary!

The Jazz may decide

to hang on to Boozer. Some genius in their organization will eventually realize Jazz fans will pay ticket money money for a chance to let Boozer know what they think of his defense and his leadership qualities.


todd to 321

How about Okafor traded for BoYzer about 80 percentile match? we can throw in some eggs and flour to solidify


Boozer would make a good addition to any team But with the limited cap space this makes his Quest a lot slower . Iwish you well I am a Bulls fan


Lets Keep Him....... It will be worth it to KEEP HIM AND promptly BENCH HIM. It is worth the money to see him on the bench ticked off. LOL.... What a jerk!!! Shut up already....... Dwill is getting ready to help promote Tour of Utah and Loser is Talking about everything but Jazz basketball when he opted in and is a member of jazz basketball. I can't stand this jerk!!

Next in Line

I Hope Boozer can Play up to what he is getting paid. Because w/ Todays crunch on money some G.M.might not chew him up But he might get Chewed out Nite after nite HHHmmm.

Re: The Jazz May Decide

I remember the first game Carlos played back in Cleveland. The Boo's lasted about half way thru the second quarter. The closer to 20/10 he got, the quieter it became. By games end they didn't bother any longer. It'll be the same in ESA.


Karl Malone would've garnered 3 times the comments and 6 top local stories, instead of 3, with his mouth.

You have a long way to go to say as many inflammatory things as the Mailman did every offseason, Booz. Best step it up a notch if you want to keep getting attention.


If I was Boozer I wouldn't want to play here at all. Any team in the East has a chance for a shot at the Finals. Utah has NO chance.

Odom's decision impact

now that Odom decides to stay with Lakers, there's a big chance that Miami's next target will be getting Boozer, it looks like the Miami is favoring Wade in requesting either Odom or Boozer to be with Miami in order for Wade to sign an extension for them, so it looks like the Boozer trade negotiation will resume in Miami now that Odom stays with the Lakers.. this is good news, hope for the best!

WY Jazz fan

But Miami doesn't have anyone worth getting. So who do you propose we get in trade. O'Neal Jermaine type. Cause nobody else is worth it. The best idea is to wait until you can get some really good deal later in the season. Why is it that you all think you know so much about basketball. Cause if you did you would be employed as a GM which you aren't.

Sorry Utah...

Just read on the Miami paper website that Odom deciding to stay with the Lakers will impact Boozer. They do NOT want Boozer now that Odom is not coming. They will wait for big moves in 2010.

I have been thinking all along that Miami was waiting to see what Odom was going to do before making a deal for Boozer.


Geez, Wyoming. Those are some pretty harsh admonitions from someone who thinks the Jazz should try and get the most overpaid man in the game today.

breaking news!

a trade will happen this coming August between Miami and Utah, just wait and see!... Boozer is gone for sure!... yeeepeeh!


Boozer is a man who would rather wear an Armani suit than a basketball suit. He likes getting paid for sitting on the bench. This man is not about winning or team basketball. After his my team let me down, but I had a really good series comments,I don't ever want to pay to see this man in either suit. What a reject.

WY Jazz Fan

I don't think they should get J. O'Neal. After looking at the Miami roster he was the only one that looked half way decent as far as stats are concerned. I really think Miami will try but they have nothing to offer is what I was really trying to tell all you Jazz fans that want to trade Loozer right now. If you follow the analysts like Aldridge of TNT you will realize UT will not make a move right now or be bullied into a rotten deal just to unload LOOZER. Like so many have attempted to point out that given this is a big contract year for LOOZER he will have to play excellent ball to get a decent contract next year and if the Jazz find someone who wants him he will have to come out and PLAY his best game.


Ditch this loser. Get what you can and part ways. He's a cancer to the team.

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