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Return to Utah unlikely, but he insists there's no hard feelings if he does

Published: Wednesday, July 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Boozer to Miners

does any one know can the jazz send boozer to the flash if they realy wanted to?? than would be so cooool..

Booze is a depressant

In an unrelated story, Andrei Kirilenko apparently had a cancerous tumor removed. After the operation, he said his depression had subsided so he reportedly flushed his prozac and zoloft down the toilet.

Interestingly enough, when the surgeon was asked the appropriate manner to dispose of a malignant tumor, his response was the same.

If you look at the

Jazz win scores without Boozer on the team, the Jazz should win about 50 games. That number should go up if the Jazz get a decent player(s) to replace Boozer.

Price is the worst player left on the Jazz. He is a 0 win player.

DWill was hurt last year and had a sub par year. Brewer was also down. AK improved. Koufos will be improved and Fez improved a lot last year (based on win scores) and will improve more this year.

CJ was down last year. He may or may not improve this year.

The Jazz lose about 6.4 wins by losing Boozer, Knight and Harp. They gain 1.2 games by dumping Almond and Collins.

They gain 1.5 wins with a healthy DWill and 3 wins if Brewer returns to form. Koufos and Fez should improve for another 2+ wins.

A lot rides on Brewer, CJ, Koufos and Fez improving their win scores and taking the time of Almond and Collins.

The Jazz will be about the same as last year unless they get a good player or two who add 5-10 wins.

They need more talent to contend.

David Lee

has one of the best win scores of all of the players mentioned as possible Boozer replacements. Lee is good for 8.4 wins (about the same as Millsap).

If he joined the Jazz they could start him at SF or rotate him at PF and start AK at SF.

Of course if the Jazz could get the right SG they could move Brewer to SF.

I think the Jazz will be okay without Boozer as long as they get a good player to replace him.

Last year Boozer's win contribution was way down due to injury. The Jazz did okay without him. They dropped their two worst players and if they get a good player to replace Boozer they will be as good if not better.

However, NO, POR, and SA are now better than last year. They need a really good player or two added to contend. Or they need major improvement from Koufos, Fez and CJ.

I am assuming that Millsap and AK do as well as they did last year.

It really looks like another low playoff seed year.
The same old Jazz. Will the Jazz ever take the steps needed to contend?


give me kris humphreys for boozer

Chuck Nunn

Carlos, Carlos, Carlos ...

Check out Oracle for my full lament.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!


koufus and fes both did good last year so you cant put the blame on them. also if cj can return to his form in his rookie year against golden state when he had 23 points, then he will be good but that is a big if

Jazz' Interest

It is not in Jazz' interest to make Boozer's life miserable by keeping him and not playing him or having him come of bench, or trading him just to "stick it to him." Why? Because it is a deterrent for another quality player to come over and play in Utah. What the Jazz did with Fisher helped their reputation - they shouldn't want to erase all that outright.

Besides, it is in Jazz' interest not to bring him back and make a quality trade for the luxury tax purposes, probably for a draft pick somewhere in there (but then again, what good is a draft pick if you never give him a chance?).

So, the Jazz are probably looking for the right trade opportunity to come along; it is not a good position because most teams know Jazz are a little too close to being desperate. That's probably partially why they asked him to shut up.

Re: David Lee

Quantifying a player's "wins" is an inaccurate metric because there are four other players on the court at the same time as them, which results in interacting variables. That's also why the +/- metric is mostly hogwash.

Core individual player stats can be a predictor of future output, but in no way can you correlate a player's individual presence to overall team wins, +/- points, etc. If basketball were an individual sport, then it might be another story. If only sports were that simple.

That being said, Lee is not a SF. He is a definate 4. He doesn't have any sort of outside range. His play duplicates Millsap's. Besides, Lee wants a five year deal, and for $10 million a year, that's a bad deal. Unloading Boozer's contract to take on $50 million is poor business sense.


Boozer and miles for Kaman and Magetti...takes care of both of our problems,actually I wouldn`t mind keeping Boozer and giving this team one more crack at it,all healthy of course,I`m sure "todd",I mean "the know it all" will disagree

Boozer Fan

How does that song go? "can you feel the love tonight" there isn't much for Carlos.

Ten reasons I think we should keep Boozer:

1- We will have a 60% chance of getting to the second round of the playoffs, without him it goes down to 30%,
2 - he is a 20/10 guy, there are only a few in the league.
3 - We won't get an allstar in return.
4 - It will be a pleasure to see the local press try to interview him after mocking him all summer.
5 - He is on a contract year, if he plays like he did last year he is only going to get 4-5 million next year.
6 - He is a known commodity, it is better to have the devils you know rather than the devils you don't know.
7 - It would be a great pleasure to annoy all the whinners out there.
8 - Good carma that comes from working out problems rather than abanding ship.
9 - Who is everyone going to blame when he is gone. AK?
10 - He opted in, he really wants to be here:)

Not a Boozer Hater

Four reasons I think we should let Boozer go:

1- We will have a 60% chance of getting to the second round of the playoffs, without him it remains 60%
2 - he is a 20/10 guy, his defence gives at least 30pts to opponent
3 - We won't get an allstar in return. Millsap will be an allstar
4 - He opted in, he afraid he cant earn so much in other team

todd from santa ana

To the San Diegan "Houdini"

Ah always such nice sweet thoughts from you what greatness.

No Houdini, tell you what-let us keep doing the same thing year after year, Houdini let me beat you to it GO SLC, GO JAZZ, GO SLOAN.....YEAHHHHHH

Tell you what you talk about image so much, why would you want Boozer

It is a fiction for many of you that these trade proposals bring in "people you would not want"

I ask what "would you want" There is no Kobe, Lebron or Howard available.

There are so many things more important than 20-10, let see it is giving up 30.

You guys would be great mindset in Adult Leagues, Piggyback rest on D and outscore by 1.

How many titles does that bring?

No one wanted Okafor (el Stupido still would have saved 2-3 million each of nxt 2 years for SNOOZ)

No one wanted Haslem (oh he stinks right) he is a champion and plays d which is "threat to the sloanaholics"

Thomas/Hinrich/Salmons "stink"?

Cant schmooze worthless "Nellie" to get Maggette

Kaman and Camby-still available

ANything else?

No one wanted Marion (more good D), no one


Please, put this to bed! I'm tired of the drama.


1. Boozer opted in to make more money.

2.The Jazz did not offer him an extension

3.The Jazz resigned Millsap

4.The Jazz will not trade him for an expiring contract - since he is an expiring contract and is better than any of the other expiring contract being offered. The Haslem/Boozer deal (Wright would have gone to Memphis)would have saved the Jazz 10 million. OConner said multiple time we are trying to make our team better.

5. The Jazz are not trying to get a player for a long contract at 10 million a year. The Boozer for Hamelton was turned down by Utah. The Jazz did not go after Okafor who was on the trading block (Charlotte would have saved even more money for him over 2 years). Yes the Jazz wants to get better, but they still need to be financially viable)

6. The Jazz attempted to trade Boozer for Tryus Thomas this makes the Jazz Better and saves them money. It was not Utah who stopped the Utah/Chicago/Portland trade — It was Portland who did not want to give up Bayless in the trade that nixed the trade.




The Jazz are trying to trade Boozer for young players who salary is in the range of 5 to 7 million a year. Boozer knows this — The Jazz may not have said we have mutually agreed to trade Boozer, but they are trying to trade Boozer

IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT BOOZER SAYS - He could be saying I look forward playing for Utah next season. I don't mind coming off the bench and backing up Millsap. I am willing to do anything to help the Jazz win. That is why I opted in.

The fact remains the Jazz are trying to trade him for a young talented player. Had the Chicago Trade gone through the Jazz would have been thrilled to have gotten Thomas and saved 12 million. The Jazz have told Boozer the more he talks to teams about being traded — he makes the offers worse for the Jazz and makes it harder for them to trade him.

Boozer to Chicago for Johnson and Thomas - would work, but only save the Jazz about 4 million. It still might happen

Who left the Locke open?

Is that you David Locke @ 5:27 p.m.?

...this player is worth 3.777786543 wins per season if he is on the floor more than 23.86453921 minutes during Thursday games on the road played east of the Mississippi, but north of Philadelphia.



WY Jazz Fan

Here it is all this talk about loosing Boozer, a few years ago it was get rid of Mailman his big mouth is not worth it. Almost all of you Jazz fans do is gripe and complain about how bad you have it. You are not the Clippers or some other looser team that has been on thebottom of the stack for years on end. If you really want to know what is happening stop listening to the D-News or SLC Trib reporters. Start reading David Aldridge from TNT. He has the in's and out's of what is happening. Jazz management have all the facts they need and the direction from the Miller familiy. I am not supporting one decision for another. But, when it comes to getting players they have to look at the personality to see if they will fit. Look at how many have come and gone because they don't fit into the team personality. Wake up and get a clue.


Boohoozer can guard all right..... he can guard the water cooler in that Armani Suit of his. As far as his so called 'wonderful playoff run' he showed up for 1 game. The rest of the time he was watching ODom and Ariza blow by him. At least Memo came back and tried to play on his bad hammy...and Price had more heart in one game than Boohoozer.

Boohoozer should quit the NBA and he can do his own one man show of the 'Wizard of Oz' because he
1.Has no heart- he showed that during the playoffd
2.Has no brain- he showed that in Dec with his comments
3.Has no courage-he's showing it now by talking to other media(Miami/Chicago) not the Salt Lake media

KOC-what do you do when you have and find a tumor you cut it out. i suggest you cut out the cancer if you do not want to be with New Yuck in the Draft Lottery.

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