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Return to Utah unlikely, but he insists there's no hard feelings if he does

Published: Wednesday, July 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"Dominating?" When did Boozer ever "dominate" in the NBA? He is a very good basketball player, don't get me wrong, but a dominant NBA player? I don't think so. Lebron, D-Wade, Kobe..., those guys are dominant.

Your Stuck Jazz Fans

Management should have thought about the repercussions of this cancer when they took advantage of Cleveland and their poor blind owner years ago. Gund and the Cleveland faithful had been languishing at the bottom for years and then they get a couple building blocks(Booze and LeBron) when Booze tells them to release him and he would resign a long term contract. Well the rest is history. Booze punks them and signs with Utah and now we want someone to take him off from our hands? Give me a break, nobody in this league wants anything to do with Booze or Utah! DESERVED!

Keep him as punishment

I think if he doesn't shape up, the Jazz should keep him around for another year and force him to sit on the sidelines out of uniform. At the end of a year with no playing time, will any of the other teams even remember his name?


Isn't he the agent who refused to represent Boozer on principle after the whole Cleveland - Utah fiasco several years ago? I guess money matters more to Pelinka than principle!


To RE: Ghost | 11:02 a.m. July 29, 20, I don't know if Beasley is a head case. I know that he has been working hard in the off season to become a small forward. Miami was thinking that they would move hi to small forward this year if they couldn't get Odem or if the got Boozer. I know he is a great talent and very young. He is only 20 years old and has some growing up to do. I think he could fit in well with the Jazz if he is willing to work and it appears that he is.

Carlos Loozer

I never felt good in the first place when O'Connor 'swindled away' Boozer from the Cavs. I lost my respect for both O'Connor and Boozer. This whole ordeal just reinforces the truth that what goes around comes around. As a player Boozer is a defensive liability. Remember, Ronnie Price dunked on him. Even the soft Okur is a better defensive player. The Jazz will become a MUCH better team without Boozer.

Agree with Payback & Your stuck

What goes around comes around! Jazz were crazy to have ever signed Boozer under those circumstances!

Cavaliers are building a team to get to the finals. Utah on the other hand is trying to figure out how to get rid of Boozer!

Not even Miami where he wants to go appears to have him as top priority, they are working on trying to get Odom away from LA.

tired of it all

oh Boozer. I tried defending you and giving you the benefit of the doubt, really I did. but once you start talking about no tax in Florida.......or "not my number one destination" or whatever else you decide to yammer on about- really dude. if you had kept your mouth closed from the start, everything would have been much better for you.


Boozer said. "I'm just working my butt off ready for a monster season. And I'm just looking forward to dominating in the NBA again."

Wow Booz, those humility workshops are really paying off, aren't they!?!

J Flopton

I don't think Boozer fits in to the jazz style of play. He is not a good flop-er. Bring in Manu...

We're stuck.

I see no trade that could be good enough at this point to allow the jazz to accept. I am afraid that we are stuck with boozer for another year. It will be interesting to see how the fans in utah treat him during home games knowing he is playing for a contract for a team other than Utah. We will have Boozer and kornver off next year so anything could happen next summer.

Advice His Agent Should Give


QUIT TALKING, and begin IMMEDIATELY! Other teams or fans don't care about where YOU "want" to go. The more you talk, the more you hurt your public image, lower your trade value, and delay the trade you desperately want and somehow think you deserve. Also, I hate to break it to you, you are not NEARLY as good as you claim - get a dose of reality.

You won't be traded until the Jazz have a decent offer, despite your inflated claims about your playoff success, your healthy body, your upcoming "monster season," and how much you would "love" playing with so and so or in some other wonderful city. Fulfill your contract here, playing for the team that is PAYING you.

Please realize you are being incredibly disrespectful to your current teammates, a city that gave you a chance to shine, and other people who are facing the harsh realities of life and cannot even dream of having the luxury of the "economic" challenges you face.

Simply put, you are expected to shut up, play hard in Utah until the trade deadline, and come off the bench. Get used to it...


Time Is Running Out

Lets trade with G.S. & Sacramento. This is it. A.K. & Boozer to G.S. for Beidrens, Maggette, & Turiaf, salaries match the trade requirements, then C.J. & Brewer to Sacramento for Nocioni, those salaries also match. Do it Kevin, Sloan, & Greg. These trades would toughen up our interior and wings defensively and offensively and give those teams what they are no doubt looking for. Remember Nellie likes A.K. and would probaly take the Booze also, he's had misbehaving head cases most of his career on various teams. The Bay area is a good place for strange people!

Why the rush?

Why the rush to get Boozer out of town? The Jazz have accepted the repercussions of absorbing his contract since they signed Millsap. Clearly anything they get in return will be about the same amount of money against the cap because of trade restrictions.

Boozer will play well this season because it is a contract year. He has everything to lose by not cooperating and being the best player he knows how. I say keep him, in spite of his thirst to pad his numbers, and bring him off the bench. Even if his motives are questionable, he'll at least contribute and be better than we would probably get in return, especially with his tarnished image and appearance as damaged goods. I wouldn't trade for him!

The real crime here would be to take on multiyear deals for players we don't want, and have that count against the cap not only this year, but in subsequent years. You can say goodbye to Brewer if we trade for players with lucrative deals that span past this year. Something to think about.


Every one is 'nuts'! Booze is just what the Cav's need!


comma man

i lov u booz,mamma thinks u cute,trade williams,fire slaon,keep my mamma happy


were never going to trade boozer, koc is reluctant to DEAL. we turned down a tmac for ak!!!!!!! and lamar for boozer two years ago, the list goes on and on. we only make moves by vastly overpayin gour players- harp, cj, okur, korver, ak. he also doesnt have the greatest draft choices besides milsap and williams and brewer


To Advise His Agent should give.

Boozer is not being at all disrespectful to the Jazz fans or team. Saying he is working on the trade is incorrect and saying his first choice is this or the other place is really out of his control. What he was told to say and what he said in the latest interview was the correct thing for him to say. I am willing to go to any team the Jazz trade me too and I will have a monster season for them. The goal for him and the Jazz is to trick some team to believe that he won't get injured and he is going to be great for 5 years and that he will play great defense. That means we need him to talk

re: Time is Running Out

I would take that trade, although I doubt it is even an option...

Support KOC

I support KOC. Like the moves he has made. We are a couple of players away and one will come in the draft. By waiting this out he may get a future super star like BEASLEY. Beasley, Lee, or Thomas would all be great for the Jazz. If we line up enough bigs, he can go for a super star shooter or a super strong center. The glass is mostly full people!

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