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Return to Utah unlikely, but he insists there's no hard feelings if he does

Published: Wednesday, July 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Why do people even pay the price they ask for tictets. Who are the real dummies???


Boozer would not be in the situation that he is currently in if he would have been "looking forward to a Monster season" about 3 or 4 years ago.
Hmmmmmm, he must be coming up on a contract year.
Thanks for your pat efforts Carlos 'I am only concerned about my contract' Boozer.


There is actually someone who is worse at PR than Boozer. Here is a quote from the man who is like KOC for Real Madrid:
"For example, 12,000 euros (about $17k)is a year's salary for people here in Spain but I could spend that on a bottle of wine."
he is talking about how spending 80 million Euros (about $112 million) on 1 player was an investment. Spain is going through a worse recession than the US I believe their unemployment is somewher in the 30-40% range.
I couldn't belive anyone could be worse than Boozer but I was wrong.


Hee hee.. Let him go diseases have to be cured as they spread, Beasley for Boyzer great great idea!!!!!!i LOVE IT, THROW IN THE GREAT HASLEM WITH IT!!!!

yEAH Can we get Jerry West in to help get this deal done?


@Rob....why would you trade CJ? He is cheap for a starter or role player. Look at what we pay Harpring, Korver and AK. Are you going to tell me that AK per minute based on pay is a better deal? Or Harpring or Korver. Stop complaining that we signed CJ to under 4 million. That is cheap.

Old School in Augusta, GA

Carlos, Carlos, Carlos ....

If you really want to "dominate" AGAIN ... go back to Juneau.

You don't move your feet quick enough to "dominate" in the NBA.

Who have you been talkin' to, and where does the water come from that you've been drinkin' ??

It must be tainted Carlos, and it's affected you.

Do you believe your "new" friends are as concerned about you, as your "old" friends ?

How do you define HAPPINESS Carlos ?
Has your definition changed ?
Do you really think it can be bought with $$$ ?

You need to go back and experience more than 2 or 3 sunny days in the "wet town" you grew up in.
Your values have gone way "out of wack".

You are still loved, but not many like you ... now.

Make him earn it

Boozer has everything to prove this season about his desire, his health and his ability to work with his teammates.

I say keep him and see what kind of "fabulous playoff performance" he does this season.

todd to chadders

Have fun tonight hope you are going to the game-i am sure you are referring to Ronaldo. I agree it is out of control.

Jazz Fans: It only gets better (not)

I have researched different media sites this am. Miami media surfing net I have read reporting that Camby and Kaman are still available.

This is what O Connor will attempt to do about this


todd from santa ana

What about a package such as Boyzie for Camby throw in some rice or perhaps CJ (sorry Cj Koustos or Fez maybe get back Thornton

Dunleavy has an ego maybe he is silly like "nellie" take somone off out hands or AK perhaps, Kaman or Camby


u're fired!

What about after the season started and Boozer doesn't accept his role, doesn't perform, disgruntled, and become malignant in the lockroom. Can the Jazz suspend him without paY?

RE: Ghost

RE your comment that Beasley for Boozer would be a "great trade". It might be, because Beasley is young and has real talent -- but I've also read more than once that he is a head case. What do you know about this? Is there any substance to it? We wouldn't want to trade one cancer for another . . . .


Enough already...and we all thought Karl taked to much!

true blue (jazz)

may be trade him to the team down south..

Funny guy !!!!!

I am just laughing !!!!!!!!

The only thing that teams want from this child is his expiring contract. You really think anyone in their right mind would offer him a big deal after one good year and his history? You think he has been loafing now? Just wait tell he signs his next multi year deal.

He really thinks all this lip service erases everything he has not done on the court. Which I find totally hilarious that some people are that naive.

I remember last summer he was 100% healthy ,ready to dominate, and have a monster year. This guy just plagiarizes himself. Its like a broken record. Him and Wade would make a killer combo? Yeah he said the same thing about himself and Deron. We all know how that worked out.

I think you are a funny guy. Keep it up Boozer. We are watching him destroy yourself. These teams are not as stupid as you are. Karma is a !!!!! Enjoy yours

Backup Milsap

If the Jazz can't trade him for something better before the beginning of the season, they should thank him for opting in his final year by backing up Milsap.

They've already said that Milsap is their future and that Boozer isn't in their future plans, so they shouldn't allow him to take playing time away from Milsap.


IT DOES NOT MATTE WHAT BOOZER SAYS - He could be saying I look forward playing for Utah next season. I don't mind coming off the bench and backing up Millsap. I am willing to do anything to help the Jazz win. That is why I opted in.

The fact remains the Jazz are trying to trade him for a young talented player. Had the Chicago Trade gone through the Jazz would have traded Boozer for Thomas.


This guy is a duplicitous LIAR!!!

Whatever audience is in front of him he just makes up what he thinks they would like to hear. Truth has nothing to do with it.

Loyalty and integrity?



Carlos nobody cares what you say or what you think.
In fact most people would prefer to not hear anything from you at all. Period !!!! So do us all a favor and bounce the ball and cash your ridiculous paychecks.


Even though most on here think Boozer is unwanted in the real world, he is still considered one of the best PF's in the game on the offensive end. He may get a big contract next year. There are plenty of headcases in the NBA with big contracts.

Good one JJ

Boozer is going to regret leaving Williams, Okur and the Jazz Offence. No were else will he get as many touches, get as much room to work inside, or get a point guard that can effectivly pass and wants to pass. He will not be happy being D-Wade's designated rebounder and he won't like wade getting on him to play D, and won't like being part of D-Wade's faceless sidekicks. Greener pastures? I think not. Boozer's best move is to play nice with the Jazz have a big year and work out a sign and trade

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