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Return to Utah unlikely, but he insists there's no hard feelings if he does

Published: Wednesday, July 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"Don't let the door hit you on..." said perfectly and to the point. Oh How I wish the entire league would get cleaned up. And then we as fans would love the game once again. It is in ruins now as I see it.


nice one Jordan. yeah it will be a great day when Booze plays back up to MSap .. or gets traded to OKC, Memphis or Minny.


Since when did Boozer dominate in the NBA? He says he looks forward to dominating again. It must have been before he came to the Jazz.

Like the Olympics?

He will dominte the NBA like he did the Olympics. Even his own college coach didn't see fit to use him much, even though most of the games wer absolute blowouts. I used to bve supportive of him, but like most Jazz fans, I'd jut like to see everyone move on. The trade can't come soon enough.

Why backup?

Why have him play backup to Paul. Let him dominate in Orem! Loozer.

Nevada fan

re Jordon: I agree keep him hostage for this last year. Guaranteed he be animal on the court cause that's the only way he'll get even close to the money he wants.


If he can still play 20-15 next season then he will be Wade's BIG ROBIN!!!cant imagine Miami playing WADE, ONEAL and BOOZER at the same time... plus the sensational rookie CHANDLER!!!!


He is under contract by his own choice. He is being unethical by talking about playing for other teams. Keep it up and the Jazz should terminated his contract.

Payback Hurts!

Payback is a son-of-a-gun. Boozer and the Jazz are getting what they deserve. Boozer for the way he left the Cavaliers and signed with the Jazz, and the Jazz for signing him under the conditions he left Cleveland. Boozer has continued to show his classless me first attitude to us as fans here and now to the rest of the league by his recent statements. The Utah Jazz are just getting a pay back by other team owners and GM's for taking this decietful jerk under the conditions at that time with Cleveland. It was a big mistake for the Utah Jazz to have ever signed Booze then and they are now getting the cold shoulder by other teams for doing that! What goes around comes around. Fitting!

Agree with Don't let the door hi

I totally agree...I am an unemployed attorney living in NYC, along with the other 8,000 lawyers who were layed-off during the first 3 months of this year...and this guy is talking about feeling the pinch of the economy and living and working in FL in order to have a little more in his bank account? Try 7 years of schooling and $110,000 in student loan debt....and in the midst of all this pain and suffering, I couldn't even relax and the enjoy the simple pleasure of watching my favorite NBA team have a good season, let alone make a decent playoff run.

comma man

boozer is clueless,trade boozer,trade miles,trade williams,trade milsap,fire slaon



where's waldo

So where was Boozer yesterday - Miami or Chicago? Sounds like he interviewed on radio in both cities?


my prediction: boozer on another team will be at best an average PF. Miami will not run the offense through him, does he think wades #1 priority will be to get him the ball? Does he think he will have a D-will caliber PG trying to get him the ball 90% of the time? Utahs system and D-will have made boozer better than he would be anywhere else in the NBA. If he stays I wonder how his team mates will respond to him. Boozer has certainly burned his bridges with the fans, but once he burns his bridges with his team mates, especially D-will, he will be lucky to get midlevel pay next year.

good listen

The Chicago interview is a good listen - Boozer says at least twice "he can't" and has "been asked not to speak about" trade scenarios. FINALLY! I hope it was the league office that called him and said "shut up" - what your're doing violates your contract which you CHOSE TO OPT IN TO.

However, if Odom signs with Miami, I think that increases our chances to trade Boozer for Beasley and Haslem - which I wouldn't mind at all. Haslem may not be great but he's an excellent role player and an upgrade from Collins.


Comma man -
Miles and boozer can go, but the rest?!


Its KOC fault , he doesnt know what the heck he is going to do with boozer? if i was boozer I talk to anybody i want to talk to about, who cares if management want me to zip my lips , force a trade, because Jazz are not making any trades? hornets already made a huge trade and koc is sitting on his butts!!!

He was in ...

Miami Monday and Chicago Tuesday.

Their team, my money

Boozer quote: "...by talking to different teams and seeing what will make their team better."

So he chooses to opt-in for a Jazz paycheck but the Jazz are not his team?

I can't believe what he let's come out of his mouth. It's like he's five years old and hasn't developed any filters yet!

Fine Him!!

The Jazz should fine him for conduct detrimental to the team!!

This guy opted IN and is under contract. Technically his status is NO different than any other player on the team.

What would happen if D-Will did a radio show in New York and said he would like to play there now?

Fine Bozo 12.7 million and contribute on the luxury tax the team will have to pay.

A few points:
1. The Jazz are a small market team. When players go public and essentially try to force a trade the Jazz really have no choice but to either keep the player or make what would be viewed publicly as a VALUE trade. Otherwise every disgruntled Jazz player would just pout to the media and be on the bus to another team.

I really like the Jazz holding their ground here.

Bozo is really shooting himself in the foot. No matter how much he tries to force a trade in the media the Jazz hold all the cards. There is only downside for Boozer--bargain hunters only make offers and what happens if the trade does not happen and he has to play here?

Boozers dumb.

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