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Published: Tuesday, July 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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No big loss.


The more I hear from boozer... The more I'm glad he is leaving..

Want to bet

Want to bet no Jazz player calls to wish him good luck?

I would not read to much

into this other than Boozer is not that adept at handling smooth reporters. Yes Boozer would prefer to get traded before camp. However, he has to know that if he refuses to go to camp the Jazz are likely to dump him to a really bad team.

Maybe the bad team would trade him where he wants to go but he is much better off dealing with Utah which is a benign organization to a fault. They will do what they can to help Boozer as long as he does not jerk their chain too hard.

If Boozer would swallow a little of his over blown ego and work with the Jazz they will work with him. Boozer's problem is his personality and his lack of understanding of how what he says comes across to others besides Boozer.

Boozer is actually pretty honest about what he wants. That of course changes rapidly as the situation changes in ways he does not anticipate.

Boozer is an opportunist. That is not all bad but his best bet is to not hinder the Jazz. If he has to play for them then he needs to make the best of it.


Times are tough for everybody...even a guy that has never had a real job in his life and will make 12 mil this next year. Life isn't ez being carlos boozer.


I've been trying very hard to give Mr. Boozer the benefit of the doubt, chalking up much of his silly public comments to twenty-something naivete, but the guy can't seem to learn, can't exhibit any self-discipline, and doesn't seem to have a clue about what adds value to an NBA team.

Example 1: Frequent interchanging of first and third-person references (somehow this was forgivable with Malone, given his outstanding work ethic and consistent effort).

Example 2: "Obviously, they'll handle it in the best way that they can. They'll keep me and my agent abroad and just see what happens, but I'm staying out of it."

He's certainly not staying out of it (to the point where it makes me wonder if the Jazz might not have legal recourse)... but wouldn't it be great if the Jazz could actually keep him "abroad"? Siberia sounds about right!

Example 3: "... had a really good individual play-off run"

Wow! That one leaves me speechless!


I check the sports page everyday hoping to see that Boozer is on his way out.


Wow...he keeps sinking lower and lower...I check everyday to hope he is gone


I would love it if "The Booze Cruise" stayed with the Jazz but they had him play the season in Orem...


I had a really good individual playoff run, but my team fell short.

phx jazz fan

All I here from Boozer is the words "Me Myself, and I" repeated over and over again. If he is worried about the tough times fire your agent and save 10%. On a 12 mil salary that is 1.2 mil, Most of us could figure out how to retire of that.

Re: Yikes! Couldn't have said it better. Malone got away with his nuances cause of his work ethic. Boozer..............nevermind


This guy went to Duke? Someone must've taken his tests for him, then, because every time he opens his mouth he sounds dumber.


Random thoughts:

Too bad they can't just send him to the Flash... He could use some fundamental training - defense, tact, not being an idiot, etc... Man, I can't believe that he's throwing his team under the bus: "...had a really good individual playoff run, but my team fell short..."

It would be great to play with Wade and all these other stars? I suppose it's not that cool to be playing with a stud like Deron Williams. Man, "the grass is always greener" with this guy. When will he learn that he's got a team that he can work with here? I suppose never, since Carlos Boozer gotta do what Carlos Boozer gotta do.

I would love to hear the conversation between him and Sloan next month when Sloan tells him to get his head out of his butt and play.

All Boozed out

To the Jazz FO: Please trade this selfish dog of a man to Memphis. Milwaukee. Kazakhstan. Anyplace other than the place he wants to go. Truly one of the least appealing players in the NBA.


Perhaps the way Boozer dumped Cleveland to come to Utah should have tipped us off as to his modus operandi--Boozer first, Boozer last, Boozer at all points in between. (Can he get credit for assists to himself?)

Boozer a superstar? Not in my lifetime. Malone was a superstar--he missed less than ten games while playing for over a decade with the Jazz. Stockton was a superstar--he never used an agent, just sat down with Larry to sign for a few million and marveled that anyone would pay him that kind of money to play a child's game. Those guys earned our respect.


Boozer might as well have said, "My team let me down. I, on the other hand, had a great playoff run. Unfortunately, there's just no one worthy of playing with me on this Jazz team."

Carlos you've become PURE POISON. No one on the team is going to want to play with you. If the Jazz don't pull the trigger on a trade, I hope they make you come off the bench and backup Millsap.

You need a MAJOR ego adjustment.


"We're all going through a tough time right now financially, but at the same time to live in a place where you don't have to pay state tax, you can leave a little bit more of the money that you earn in your bank account,"

C-Booz should be a public speaker, he can totally relate to all the people here who have lost their jobs. I mean, just like them he's had some of his hours cut (injury), he didn't get that bonus he was expecting (when he said (in December) he was opting out no matter what, to "get a raise"). It's gotta be real tough to be him right now. I sure wouldn't want to make $15 million dollars to play less than 50 games of basketball. And he's got a point, after taxes he only gets what, like 10 of those? I can't wait to get my tix to the Carlos Boozer and Latrell Sprewell 'How to Feed Your Family On 20 Million Dollars a Year' seminar. Can't wait.

Entered my name

Please don't go, this is a better Utah team then Malone n Stockton. Right Boozer? Boozerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?


What a classless act this guy is.

Chuck Nunn

This is just sad. Carlos is saying he's not pressuring the team into a trade, but with all the interviews he's doing, that's what he's trying to do in expressing his unwillingness to consider a return to the team. And it's sad that he's throwing himself on the feet of Miami fans while D-Wade is in Los Angeles trying to convince Miami's true target, Lamar Odom, to come back "home." Still not holding my breath for a trade, and I wish Boozer would do the same. He'll be humiliated when he reports to Salt Lake City for media day Oct. 1 if he keeps this up and a trade doesn't happen. But Jazz fans, y'all can't tell me you're not going to be cheering for him when he's averaging a double-double this season. The Oracle has been thinking about this many a day; check out my full take on Jazz Oracle by Wednesday.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!

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