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Published: Monday, July 27 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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What would you suggest?

What do you suggest if criminals are the only ones who have guns? They do not obey gun bans you know! How do you recommend we protect ourselves against them? Kung Foo? A gun in my hand is much better than a cop on the phone! I own a handgun and fortunatly, I have never had to use it, but I would much rather have it and not need it than if I NEEDED IT AND DIDN'T HAVE IT! Gun bans? No sale!!!!


How many cops shall we hire to protect a populace who is totally unarmed and all the criminal know we are all unarmed?


You are more likely to shoot someone in your family than you are to shoot one of the bad guys featured in your cliched argument. Which was the thrust of the editorial. There was no mention of banning guns, just a plea for numbskulls to leave them home.

Confused again.

Once again I am confused as to where the DN's stands.

Do they believe in the Constitution or don't they?

Do they believe that we have a right to bear arms or not?

Do they believe the words of Alma, "And again, the Lord has said that: Ye shall defend your families even unto bloodshed.

I must be the epitome of strength in their eyes because I don't own a gun. I have always been confident in being able to handle myself physically if I had to.

But only a couple of weeks ago a group of individuals attempted to enter our home via the basement while my wife and I were home. Luckily we were still awake and we heard them. A little later and we may have become another news statistic.

For the first time in a long time I have seriously considered getting a gun. Or maybe I could tell the intruders to leave or I'll get up and take their weapon away from them and pistol whip them with it.

The DN's editorials assume a perfect world and mimics our overreacting congress to every negative event that occurs.


My father-in-law is a concealed weapons permit holder and regularly "packs." Numerous death threats as a result of his profession have led him to this. Your blanket statement that gun carrying citizens are weak and fearful is just plain wrong. Guns in professionally trained hands could have stopped:

Virginia Tech
The list goes on and on

Of course, we'll never know because so many people fear guns when they are in the right hands. Nevermind that we put our guns freely into the wrong hands all the time. You're absolutely right: pistols are machines to kill people. And until bad human beings all over the world (in Churches, in Universities, on airplanes, and yes, in public parking lots) stop killing good human beings, those who are brave enough to be trained on weapons use (police, pilots, University security, and common citizens) will have to carry to protect the rest of us.


Dear Editorial writers:

Grow up. Just because two really stupid individuals didn't have the brains to call the cops when they should have, doesn't mean that you should tar everyone with the same brush.

I can't wait until some Ward Finance Clerk and Bishopric member gets capped by some gange banger for that Sunday's tithing receipts. What will you say then? If I want to pack, and do it responsibly, who is going to know, and who's business is it? Certainly not yours.

Someone who packs a concealed firearm legally is scared? Not hardly. I think you have been spending too much time at the Unitarian Church. By the way, I don't even own a handgun. Just the hard to conceal hunting rifles.


Just because we have a hand gun doesn't mean we have to be reckless, careless or stupid.

Thousands more are injured and killed by automobiles because drivers are reckless, careless and stupid. But we don't see any articles like this suggesting that we should stop driving cars.

I agree that we should use caution but I think there are many hazards in our current society much more serious than carrying a concealed weapon. One of the most dangerous is the use of alcohol. And another is pornography. And another is the use of drugs.

Years ago I was a volunteer worker at the Utah State Prison. I worked with those who were convicted of capital crimes. Almost without exception, the prisoners that I worked with admitted to me that their crime was precipitated by the use of drugs, alcohol or pornography, and almost 100% said they were drunk or had been drinking when they committed their crime.

Perhaps we should stop trying to ban guns and start thinking about banning alcohol.

Not a hand gun owner yet

Innocent people die in car accidents, should we push to get rid of cars? Innocent children die in swimming pools, should we push to get rid of swimming pools?
Innocent people die prematurely because of their bad eating habits should we push health food on everyone?
There is a reason why the founding fathers gave us second amendment rights. It is to help us keep our freedom and protect our families.
I think criminals would do more evil if there law abiding victims did not have the option of having a hand gun on them.
A hand gun in skilled hands saved lives at the trolley square incident, in my opinion. The bad guys will always have guns. Lets punish people who use guns incorrectly but please don't push to make it hard for honest good people to protect their families.
Lets educate instead of regulate. I hope you all can realize how many people have handguns that have not used them incorrectly.


Dare Obama's administration try and take my gun rights away. I know who'll lose!

William Grigg

Would those whom you disparage as "fearful" pistol-packing people include law enforcement officers, or are they blessed with some mystical quality that immunizes them against both abuse of that "privilege" and petty criticism from advocates of civilian disarmament?

Captain Kirk

I mostly fear the destruction of our liberty that comes with ignoring our constitution.

You can never make everyone safe and you can't take away the consequences of bad decisions by passing more and more laws.

I don't own a gun. But that is my choice.

Sam Fidler

This is very poor logic. Here’s some reality.

First, victims don’t pack firearms. Prepared people do.

Second, guns do make homes safer, especially when realistic training is included. Statistics prove it.

Third, anyone who feels they don’t need to “pack heat” while attending church has a very short memory.

Fourth, taking pistols out of the hands of teachers has only created multiple mass shootings at schools. BTW, the Edsel was really a good vehicle that only sold poorly because it had incorporated safety features ahead of its time that the public was not ready to buy.

Fifth, if “revolvers” didn’t solve anything, why do our police and military carry guns?

Six, everywhere gun bans are incorporated violent crime skyrockets. Great Brittan is a classic example; guns are banned but now the people are only defenseless victims of a wave of violent knifings.


Nice little editorial. It surprises me that so many "educated" people just don't get it. What did this "article" say? Only the innocent get hurt with guns? I'll bet that's what the Trolley Square guy was banking on when he let loose. Or the guy that killed 30+ on the campus of West Virginia. Yep, I definitely think it's a good idea to take the guns away from the law abiding citizens... (walking away shaking head in disbelief that people could be so naive)

Same Old - Same Old

So. Two well-meaning idiots meet on the street and start taking shots at each other. Someone gets hurt. Why is this news? Because it almost NEVER happens.

We read more frequently about kids drowning in the toilet than we do about non-criminals shooting each other on the street.

Please get some journalistic integrity and cite your "statistics" that prove your points. No valid statistics? I didn't think so. Your "opinion piece" is just that - your opinion.

Mike Richards

It's nice to know that the Deseret News has no locks on its doors, that the employees of the Deserest News have no locks on their doors, that the children of the employees and the grandchildren of the Deseret News employees are safe and don't need watching and protection!

Come on editor, get a grip on life. There are three million people living in Utah. Almost every one of them is a good, honest, kind person, but some are not. Almost every adult in Utah is able to control his anger and relate civilly with others, but some can not.

Do you expect every good, honest, law-abiding citizen to act perfectly every minute of every day? If you do, then how do you explain your diatribe against a Constitutionally protected Right? How do you explain your lapse in commitment to our responsibilities as Americans? How do you explain your moment of weakness as you instruct the people of Utah to give in and to give up a Right - so that you feel better about yourself?


The author and anybody that agrees with him should show us how fearless they are by placing a sign on their front lawns that declares their residence as a "Gun Free Zone" and that they will defend themselves, their families, and property with non-lethal physical restraint only. That will show all us gunowners how brave you are and prove to us that our fears are unfounded. Until you are willing to do that you should mind your own business. I fear people like you more than I do any outlaws around.


we got guys shooting up toilets, and restaurant chairs.
We have parents, and grandparents, leaving loaded guns in their homes, where children can get them.
Now we have wild west behavior in bluffdale.
Good editorial, with some great points.
People who love guns so much scare me.
If someone broke into my house, I would beat them up. Don't need a gun.


Sunshine, rainbows, and lollipops from the "it's a small world" editorial board.

In a perfect world, I would never have to worry about my family's safety. In a perfect world, the police would always be just around the corner and would show up to use their guns instead of their chalk. In a perfect world, I could count on my fellow citizens to make good choices.

Your paper reports far more violent crime using guns than innocents injured by guns. Why is it then, that you don't want me to be able to protect myself and my family from the violent crime?


Statistics show that you are much more likely to die at home in a drowning accident than a gun accident. I hope all the Des News editorial staff will go home and rip out their bath tubs, otherwise you are hypocrites.

Note for vidar. A thug with a gun breaks into your house. He probably has more experience as a thug than you have defending yourself from thugs. So you, without a gun, will beat him up, problem solved. And you believe that. Please jot down a few notes now for your epitaph.


I was going to make a point by point rebuttal of this silly editorial but others have beat me to the punch.

This editorial is as much a "shoot from the hip" reaction to a really stupid incident as the stupid incident itself.

I expect the DN editorial board to think things out a little more than they did. Perhaps a bigger view and a little more realism.


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