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Published: Sunday, July 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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What are you talking about? No non bcs team will with a loss will ever get into a BCS game? TCU was a 2 loss team and finished #11th going into bowl season. I wouldnt doubt if we see a one loss non BCS team go in the next few year.

Henry Drummond

It seems that at least in football we really only have the Big Three and maybe one or two other schools who have the community support to build consistently competitive programs. The Big East managed to get rid of Temple, it seems the MWC could look at doing some trimming and making room for a Boise State.


Instead of BSU joining the MWC why dosnt BSU, BYU, Utah, and TCU along with Fresno, Nevada, Hawaii, and New Mexico form a new conferance with an ESPN TV contract instead of the pathetic mountain network and play that way, a leauge with those teams would be much more likley to receive an automatic BCS bid then the way its set up now.

RE: Anonymous | 11:50

Not gonna happen. They just formed the conference 10 years ago to get away from the bloated carcass of the WAC. What kind of a reputation would that build for the teams who break from the MWC to form another? It would convey that they are not able to stick with any commitments and would prefer to act like spoiled children: I'm gonna take my toys home if you don't play how I want you to. The ESPN TV deals would be as bad as they were before the Mtn. Thursday night games were terrible for the fans and the players alike. Do you not remember what it was like in the WAC and before the Mtn?


Nevada, Reno are you kidding me they would bring down the conference. I would take UNLV over the cubpack any day


I think the only way you make the conference a legitimate powerhouse is to bring some better schools to the table. I think BSU would be a great addition and a great rivalry for all the schools in our conference. I say let them and Fresno in and boot SDSU and WYoming and keep the Rebels for basketball purposes and to host the Las Vegas BOwl.

Lets be smart

Why don't they cut one of those programs that rarely have winning seasons like Whyoming, NewMexico or SDSU. I can't believe they are whining about having to play competition. The stronger the conference is the better it is for the MWC. Cut the dead weight.


Does anyone know if during the mwc's 4 year evaluation period to get a bcs bid if we add Boise to our league in the final year, would we be able to use their final rankings during that time to count for the mwc? This is the only way I see them joining our league. Leave them in the WAC and let them go undefeated and then invite them in and let the mwc get the credit..


Anonymous, I believe he said (or at least meant to say) that no one-loss team would make it to the national championship game.

I do not expect expansion any time soon. And a reconfiguration to get rid of your weaker teams and add the WAC's best teams is a non-starter.

While a "Big Four" may not fly, I think that the MWC should do everything possible to strengthen its political resume -- even if it means watering down the money for a time. Ultimately, if it is to be won, this battle will have to be won politically rather than on the field of play.

Yoda out...

Agree with Henry

I think trimming Wyoming and other weak schools would do a lot for the MWC. Adding Boise in place of Wyoming only makes sense. Wyoming will never be a premier venue. The weather sucks, the stadium is a joke and absolutly no TV market. Sorry cowboys you should never have left the WAC.

What's up?

I just don't get the MWC? Why would they think that BSU would want in a conference that has had only one team in the BCS when the WAC has had 2 and the spit of $$ is just as good. It's the UTS that should be looking for a better conference.


To question: I believe if the MWC adds BSU in the final year of the BCS evaluation term, that all of BSU's previous years in the term count for the MWC. I seem to remember a few years ago when the Big East expanded, that Louisville's good years then helped the Big East, even the years when it was in CUSA.

Directors Cub

I think Dick Harmon is the only sports fan in the world who believes this Directors Cup is something to keep track of. It's more of a measure of how many sports you play than how well you perform. A school gets the same points for placing in Woman's bowling as they do for Football. Stick to measures that matter Dick.

Sports Fan

I don't know if Harmon has ever been in favor of adding Boise State so this is not unexpected.

One only had to be at the Utah/BSU game in SLC two years ago to see the fan interest that could be generated when fans can drive back and forth between real rivalries. BSU, Utah, BYU, Wyoming and UNLV are natural rivalries that would have intense fan interest in their games. Full stadiums are better than partly full stadiums. Adding BSU may have a revenue factor as well.

How about a year when BSU as part of the MWC goes to a BSU bowl because it really is that much better than MWC teams, such as 2006? Then the MWC would get additional money that it would otherwise not receive. You can either see the glass half empty or half full!

what's up What's Up?

Did you just say the WAC is a better football conference than the Mountain West?


Not Expansion

This was kind of a narrow-minded article because Mr. Harmon only addressed the expansion issue. At no point did he mention replacing a team instead of just expansion, which he should have done because that makes A LOT more sense.

Wyoming = OUT
Boise = IN

Same number of teams. Same money split. Much better conference.

SDSU has the biggest TV market in the conference so dropping SDSU makes no sense. New Mexico has been up and down but they are still better than 80% of the WAC. Keep UNLV for their TV market, fan destination, and basketball team.

The clear choice to drop is Wyoming. Sorry Cowboys. Even if you had great teams you still hurt the conference because of your remote location, tiny TV market, and small fan base.

Re: Yoda

Dick Harmon said the following: "No non-BCS conference champion has ever gone to a BCS bowl with a loss. And probably never will."

Dick Harmon thinks a Non-Automatic Qualifying team (there is no such thing as "non-BCS"--all eleven FBS conferences are part of the BCS) has to be undefeated to be in a BCS game (he didn't say National Championship game.)

Anonymous correctly pointed out that TCU--with two losses--was #11 in the final BCS standings and would have qualified for a BCS game if there were no Non-AQ teams ranked ahead of them.

In the post-bowl season polls, TCU was ranked 7th - the highest ranking two-loss team in the country.

In the near future, I think a one-loss Utah, TCU or even BYU will be in a BCS game - but it would take an undefeated season for a team from any other Non-AQ conference to obtain a BCS Bowl berth.


Invite BSU and drop either Wyoming or SDSU.

The point

I think you are all missing the point here. What Mr. Harmon is trying to say is that addind BSU to the conference is just adding another potential loss to the schedule. Stacking a conference with good teams only works if the rest of the nation acknowleges that your conference is stacked. Sure the competition will be better within our own conference but the outsider looking in will see a bunch of MWC teams beating up on eachother. Teams have to have consistent national respect BEFORE you stack the conference, otherwise it's counter productive. Now if we could persuade a team or two that already has national respect to come away from their BCS conference to form a new conference then that's a different story. Add Oklahoma, USC, Michigan, etc. Than you're in business. Until then it will be a delicate balance between adding more good teams vs letting the few good teams dominate.

Mike Johnson Fallon NV

I would love to see the MWC and WAC conference champions play (perhaps on championship weekend) in a "best of the west" bowl, winner with an automatic bid to the BCS and loser to the Las Vegas Bowl.

Four times in the last five years, a team from one of these two conferences has busted in to the BCS. Time to formalize it. Let the MWC and WAC conference champions play for an automatic bid to the BCS.

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