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Published: Saturday, July 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To Watchman,

It is also a horrible way for corruption to eat away the soul of an organization.

But I think you agree with that.


In priesthood a few weeks ago the lesson out of the mandated manual for this year focused on apostacy. One of Joseph Smith's teachings states that criticizing church leaders is the first step to Apostacy.

No room for disagreement

Wow, I love how so many "faithful members" can't handle even a little criticism or questioning from others (i.e. Watchman). Just because someone dares to question the GA's or prophet doesn't make them an apostate or ignorant. In fact, maybe a little more questioning by church members would do our faith a little good. Once the brethren have spoken DOES NOT mean all the thinking has been done. We have a right, and an obligation, to think for ourselves and come to our own conclusion and/or opinion. How narrow-minded for so many of the posters to the article can't handle a lit bit of disagreement. Maybe they ought to pay a little more attention to the principle of free agency. Oh how the wicked take the truth to be hard. By the way Watchman, thanks for speaking some truth. There are clearly too many "Utah Mormon" mindsets posting on here.

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