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Published: Saturday, July 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The bottom line is the LDS Church keeps its finances as transparent as charcoal. Their members don't care. If you aren't part of this peculiar culture, you've learned to equate secrecy with those families that invested in the Las Vegas Strip when Las Vegas was a small Mormon town.

It's their money to spend. Asking how Jesus invested doesn't change this fact.

A in LA, you're right about jobs, its the WPA of American religions. Must investors aren't spending on development projects.

The Field of Dreams was a great movie: build it and they will come. This hasn't worked for cars and trucks. You never know.

One thing, is Utah's faithful will be driving from Trout Creek, Goshen and Mexican Hat to shop there. Normal retail business model's may not be applicable.


I remember Dave Blackwell, the sports anchor, originally from Omaha Neb., a non-Mormon, who once called Green Bay Packer games, he once said on the radio...

"If it was not for the LDS Church, Salt Lake City would be a dump and a wasteland".

To all you "Gentiles" who constantly nit pick the Church with every move it makes, and desecrate everything it holds to be sacred, the next time you are going by Brigham Young's monument, the Temple and Church headquarters, ...

Give a tip of the hat, to the "Economic Engine, which is the LDS Church", it's people and their knack for industry, and quit your belly-aching!

Everybody benefits from their vision.

Take every enterprise of the LDS Church out of downtown SLC, and what is left?

zero, zip, nada!

Be grateful...


Lovin it

The Watchman's comic relief is awesome. Speaking as if informed, yet so clueless.
Stating ‘facts’ and figures as if to have the inside story and a full understanding of every transaction from behind the scenes, and retaliation with scriptures quoted out of context.

The flaws in his conclusions are so glaring, yet barely worth this comment-let alone arguing with. Your perpetual faultfinding is the evidence of a cankered soul. Take off your smoke-colored glasses which find fault with anything the church does. What a waste of an otherwise potentially worthwhile life.

All your comments do are incite responses like above from ‘ajarizona’ who thinks that your sentiments are the reflections of an angered and ungrateful majoriy of LDS in SLC.

Let all be assured that the VAST majority of Saints in the Salt Lake Valley are grateful and supportive of God and his church.


After reading this thread I see that Mormons can be mean to each other and not just to outsiders.

Members who have reasonable questions about church decisions are really skewered by the blind faith followers

What's in a name

re: Why? | 3:51 p.m. July 25, 2009

Aren't they offically known as the business entity Corporation of the President?

Bender Rodriguez

re: Big Red | 7:10 a.m. July 25, 2009

So, it would appear the Vaticanization of Downtown SLC is going well.

re: watchman

Watchmen can see over the wall. They know what is coming and can make decisions based on a wider view that everyone below can't see.

So you can keep yelling up at those who can see and refuse to follow thier 20/20 council or you can keep telling yourself you know better than a prophet, SEER, and revelator.

Use faith and trust that the Lord knows what He is doing, even if you don't understand what He is doing. "Trust the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths."


re: Me again | 10:06 p.m. July 25, 2009

I know why its over budget. Have you ever counted all those workman standing around downtown?

C. Gul

re: Paper tiger | 11:12 a.m. July 25, 2009

Oh Great! Another infestation. Free Food.


This is making me laugh. If its not one thing its another. The church can either do no wrong or will always be wrong.
I know that the church is not using any tithing money for this building,
My husband works for the church, doing the maintenance on the buildings, he has to be aware of how much money he does use, and gets really annoyed with how members treat the chapels. In New Zealand alone, they have just closed one chapel, another probably will be closed soon, Why? because they don't have the numbers, As for church college closing, it would cost to much to get it up to earthquake standards, and there is no need for it anymore.

Carl Marks

re: Knowah | 8:07 p.m. July 25, 2009

Ouch & Zing!

Is the church trying to play both ends of the spectrum? God & Mammon.

We, in Zion, don't need the Federal Gov't as a nanny. We are already pacified by an allegedly omniscient institution.

Jordan T.

It's funny to see all these "Rising" banners being placed along downtown Salt Lake City sreets, with the pretense that it's rising.

A little, rinky dink, teeny, tiny 22 story office building going up on Main Street doesn't seem to fit the bill, and neither do those fancy condo towers going up at City Creek either.

It all just seems so ironic to me. As near as I can tell, all I can see that's rising is the unemployment rate, people's pent-up frustrations, massive home forclosures and rising homelessness in the area.


Say whatever you will about City Creek Center, it will be incomplete until the food court is 100%finished.

As it stands now, mediocre Chinese food beats the alternative.

Non-LDS Opinion

The Church has a great gig going. They get a LOT of money from people in exchange for the illusion of "salvation" and "exaltation"! What a business model!

I will hand it to the Church. They do employ a large number of people in Salt Lake and Utah counties, and as far as I know, they don't lay off many people very often.

As such, the LDS Church works as a wealth redistribution mechanism that helps add some stability to the local economy.

I don't believe their fairy tales and lies about their history, but they do make a positive economic impact in Utah, and this project accounts for keeping quite a few people employed during these tough times.


re: Non-LDS Opinion | 11:40 a.m. July 28, 2009

//As such, the LDS Church works as a "wealth redistribution" mechanism that helps add some stability to the local economy.//

A positive thing on this website to say about socialism? Errr. Ummm. I mean the United order.

Non-LDS Opinion

Yes, surprising, isn't it?

Am I wrong? The way I see it, the Church takes people's money (in exchange for nothing of real value), and then uses it to pay workers who build and maintain Temples, Church buildings, a worldwide sattelite network and all the IT acoutrements, and a bunch of administrators, not to mention BYU, LDS Business College, and the entire Church Education System, with their employees. Throw in all the health professionals who have to care for the elderly leadership, as well as all the money those leaders receive (and spend) for a "stipend", and you have a real wealth re-distribution machine working in the Utah economy! It is brilliant, really!

John Pack Lambert

I fully support the Church's investment in revitalizing down town Salt Lake City.
The Church last year dedicated two new chapels in Detroit. While I can not say that all new chapels that need to be built in all places have been built, I think some people are over-reacting.
I know of one chapel that has been put on hold in the Detroit suburbs. However, this is largely because with the down-turn of the economy and the halt in housing growth, the number of members in that area no longer justifies building a new chapel. This is especially true because with the economy what it is in Michigan a large exodus of members in the near future is quite possible. There is no point in building a chapel and having no one use it.


re: John Pack Lambert | 7:30 p.m. July 28, 2009

I know where you are going w/ the whole analogy about the Motor City. Though, buuliding chapels in another state and the Vaticanization of Downtown SLC are 2 entirely different projects.

Truthfully, the only things I care about from Detroit are; 1) Good news about GM & 2) (most importantly) That the Red Wings have won Another Stanley Cup.


As LDS, we have seen this before. The corruption and apostasy of the ancient Church was partly a function of their getting involved with businesses, wealth, and politics. The same thing is happening today. The more the Church gets involved with for-profit businesses, the more corruption creeps in. I know several people who are friends with people in high positions and because of that, they get very lucrative contracts from the Church and they milk them for all they can, often in dishonest and illegal ways. But their families are close personal freinds with Church leaders, so everybody "trusts" one another and turns a blind eye. This is how the corruption sneaks in and destroys the Church. Mark my words.


Anonymous: I know exactly what you mean concerning corruption and apostasy through wealth and politics. Money has great influence. The City Creek centre would not have got the go ahead without a close association between the Huntsman who want to build Salt Lake and church leaders. Consider the following from SLT

“Thomas S. Monson and billionaire philanthropist Jon Huntsman Sr. spent months anticipating their annual fly-fishing expedition to the Snake River in June 2003..... In addition to being a fishing buddy, Monson also has been Huntsman's partner at Jazz games and one of his best friends. Huntsman believes Monson will continue Hinckley's legacy of reaching beyond Mormonism's borders. "He's as comfortable at the Cathedral of the Madeleine as in the [LDS] Tabernacle,"

Four Apostles in Attendance as Jon M. Huntsman donates to USU December 8, 2007

President Hinckley spoke at the dedication of a college building in Pennsylvania named after the Huntsmen’s, and Huntsman Sr. spoke at the funeral of former LDS Church President Howard W. Hunter.

We all know the family connections through marriages as well. wealth is a wonderful way to influence others.

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