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Utah governor faced few questions during hearing

Published: Friday, July 24 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Colleen Stout

Looks like Obama threw rival Huntsman into the Briar Patch~ We wish Jon well.

Huntsman 2016

There is a really good chance Huntsman could become president in 2016, if he wants to. Whatever complaints Utahn have against him, there is still no doubt he would carry the state easilly.


A mormon cannot win the republican primary in the bible belt.


I most certainly hope that Governor Huntsman serves successfully as ambassador to Beijing and later as the president of the USA


Huntsman absolutely could win the primary, when he changes to his real party the Democratic.

Who Cares

Who cares what 'party' he aligns himself with. The point is he is the best candidate for this position and party lines shouldn't matter. He has served Utah very well as Governor and will be leaving with almost unheard of approval ratings. Gary Herbert has some very large shoes to fill.

Party affiliation is lame as most people are so narrow minded they can't see past party lines. I'm tired of do-nothings being elected over and over just because they coincidentally join the popular party of their area.

Roland Kayser

To Sam: I'm no so sure. With all the prominent republicans knocking themselves out with sex scandals, Mitt might be the only viable candidate left standing in 2012.

by by rino

We won't miss you.


No comment on the politics of it, but how about the suit Gov. Huntsman is wearing in the accompanying photo? Not very often that you see politicians wearing bold power stripes. (They look too wide to call "pinstripes.") Does he need to look taller? Anyway, it's just a look I found unusual, but not problematic.


Huntsman is an excellent choice for Ambassador to China, and will serve well there.

Utah is better off with him out of the way with his "moderate" McCain-like views. Gary Herbert will be a better governor.

Obama made a brilliant choice, not just selecting a qualified individual (who, surprisingly, was NOT a campaign contributor...) and at the same time making him part of the OBAMA team. Thus Huntsman is pretty well precluded from criticizing his boss. What better way to co-opt a potential challenger for the Presidency?

While I would strongly oppose Huntsman for President (in favor of a real conservative), this is a most clever and devious scheme to knock out one of the most likely challengers.

Best wishes to Huntsman in China. After that, not so much.

To Voter | 12:45 P.M.

Contrary to what you say, Governor Huntsman IS a real conservative. He's just not a far-right whackjob who hijacked the conservative label. We need a lot more like him if the Republican Party is ever to return to what it should be.


Good Bye King Jon and good luck this is the best thing that has happen since you took office and that is you are leaving.

@To Voter | 12:45 P.M.

Conservatism, contrary to the false conservative RINO belief, is by definition right. The closer you get to the right edge, the truer you are to conservative principles. Anything left of right is liberalism to one degree or another. Any movement to the left of white is on the road to black with different shades of gray along the way.

To promote moderate conservatism is like arguing for lukewarm ice, a moderate amount of adultery, a reasonable amount of theft, or a moderate sized government monstrosity.

Every gain towards the left becomes the newly redefined starting point of conservatism until it becomes difficult to tell the difference anymore between the newly defined moderate conservative republican and the liberal democrat.

Neither have or are guided by any foundational principles. Neither have allegiance to this countries constitution or it's people as indicated by Mr. Huntsman's desire to fix the world economy. Clueless as to the power limitations of government.

The whole purpose in establishing a foundation of correct principles is to keep us from suffering the consequences of the violation of those principles.

The logic behind moderate conservatism is lunacy and a symptom of liberalitis which is a mental disorder.

re: To Voter | 12:45 P.M.

So if I understand you correctly, real conservatives believe in global warming, are for corporate welfare (funding the soccer stadium), and are for civil unions?

Jen in AK

So he QUIT being Utah's Governor? Interesting. I guess all sorts of people quit for VARIOUS reasons!

Ho Hummm

What would that make you?

Bye Bye

Maybe Jon can get rid of that stupid soccer stadium's debt before he goes!


Maybe Huntsman can convince Chine to let the LDS missionaries in.

An Observer

The posting of liberals on here really really funny.

We have a bunch of wacked-out extremist liberals calling those on the right crazy and wacked,

What credibilty do those liberals extremists have?

Huntsman is what he is a very liberal republican,

so much so he probably really is more a democrat than republican,

However is much easier to win office, currently, in Utah, as a Republican than a democrat.


he professes support for conservative issues, but will NOT fight for any of them,

he then gives lip service in support of liberal issues.

Seems like he is trying to please everyone,

and NOT stand for anything,

a clintonian politician.

Wider scope

Jon Huntsman is well-educated, well-traveled, and experienced -- in short, very cosmopolitan —- which is what is required in a world leader today.

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