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Published: Thursday, July 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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One way or another Jordan is going to get you!!


Schools need the money!! The Jordan district was a better deal for all. I thought this was pitched by the mayors as being a less expensive alternative? We east siders are so stupid!. I will gladly vote for this and then some but the politicians that pushed for the split should be voted out. The Jordan District was a great value for us and the economies of scale worked well.

May I have this dance?

Tax payers waltzed again.

Tell us again what a good deal it will be to split up the Jordan School district?

Full employment act for school administrators.

Great deal

One month after the bus parade and birthday cake we have the first tax increase. Welcome to reality Canyon District taxpayers.


HoHoHo. This is REALLY funny. Those who saw cost savings now desperately need to growth revenue from the west. To split was a terrible decision to start with and now it's rearing its ugly head!

HaHaHaHoHoHo! Glad I don't live in either district!

remember to vote

It's hard to tell what will get through the moderator of this forum, since there's no published rules. But here goes again.

People, you have to remember to vote. Utah has the lowest voter turnout, or near to it, in the nation. And then weird things happen.

Jordan was THE MOST FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE school district in the country. In an election where only about a third of the citizens voted, and where less than half of the school district was allowed to vote, only one sixth (1/6) of the citizens needed to show up to vote against this ridiculous split.

They didn't. The east side got what the east side voted for.


Haha haha haha. But don't worry, they will focus on the schools on the East side. Someday. Maybe.


So, Canyon District wanted to break away so they didn't have to pay for west side schools and students? Humm, now they are paying for west side schools and students?


That didn't take long.


To HaHaHa, if you own property in Salt Lake County, you will be paying for the split. It's part of the State Legislature's Equalized Building Assessment. Taxpayers in Salt Lake City, Granite, and Murray Districts will ship their dollars to Jordan to pay for the legislatively permitted divorce. Tax notices come out very soon.


Wasn't one of the reason for the split the East side was tired of building all the West side schools? Now they are going to do it anyway? Who's great idea was this in the first place? The millions of dollars that have flushed down the toilet without helping one student makes me sick.

Results of Split

The only result of this split is double administration costs.

Didn't anyone that voted for this take economics? Economies of scale are real! Jordan received accalades for being the most efficient and lowest administrative cost district in the nation. Now that has been destroyed and we have two administrations.

I thought we lived in a state where one party ruled and that party is the party of anti-government. So why did we increase government? Looks like many in the legislature are lying about their ideaology. They have the ideaology of destroy public schools rather than less government.

RE: remember to vote

remember to vote: the tax increase is going to be used for the JORDAN DISTRICT, not for funding the Canyons. After we voted, the legislature decided to pass the equalization bill so now we're ALL responsible for building Jordan District's (fancy) new schools. This tax hike is only vaguely linked to the split.


If you want a real eye-opener, find out how much these administrators are paying themselves and you will find you were duped.


My Friends,
I know how eager you all are to bash the Canyons School district for who knows why but please, please pay attention before you start on another ill-informed ignorant rant. The Countywide equalization tax was created by the legislature and is applied to all school districts in Salt Lake County not a tax created by Canyons due to fiscal mis-management. Even though the Canyons district wanted to split to stop paying for growth somewhere else, they are still required to do so via the legislature not their own ineptitude. Please read before you rant!


The spokeswoman in another article was quoted as saying "We have to raise enough money to pay our bills." Shouldn't a means of paying the bills already been in place? I don't live in either district (thank goodness) and it upsets me.


Who did not see this coming? How on earth can having two districts save money. Hate to say I told you so.. no wait a minute, I am happy to say I told you so. This was a boondoggle right from the start. Many people affected weren't even allowed to vote. If I lived out there I would be outraged.


It sounds like no one even read the article. Another case of reading the headline and commenting.

First of all the district itself is proposing the increase. Second they are doing it because of legislation passed after the district split which entailed raising money to build schools for the new Jordan district. It seems the new Canyons district is still paying for the new schools, but at least other SL County districts are chipping in too.

It would pay to read the article first.

re: Louslugger

The 3.8 million to the equalization tax was taken into account in the canyons district initial budget. This tax increase is not covering that, they simply mention that because they know they are going to get nailed for this.

If you look at what it is actually going on it's to cover expenses that they didn't anticipate (even though their experts told them they should have). Why don't they show some responsibility and dip into the surplus they set aside in their budget. Isn't that what a surplus is for?

No instead they are going to keep the surplus and raise taxes.

Take a lesson from other districts and cut administration, dip into your surplus, and stop building an empire on the backs of people.


In 2006, the top 10 % payed 63 % of the taxes in this country. I'm always glad to go to work to support my fellow Americans and illegal immigrants.
Ey Oh Ey oh it's off to work I go.....

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