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Published: Thursday, July 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Way to go Utah! Your state is an example to the rest of America! I wish we could all emuluate your lifestyle more!


You all voted for the loser...now you have to pay for your sins!


Utah also had the lowest voting rate along with Hawaii so you have yourselves to blame. Obama brought hope to the USA after 8 years of tyranny


You can rationalize the reasons all you like (younger, married, etc.) but that does not explain procurement and grant deficiencies and similar economic activity. The reality is, as I've argued for a long time, that Utah is a non-player. The Congressional delegation is relatively weak and reliably of one party (even Matheson seems to be a closet Republican and a non-player). Utah will vote Republican no matter what (my Dad said Utah would elect the Devil himself if he ran on the Republican ticket), so neither party has to do anything to build support. So, enjoy paying taxes and getting less in return, missing out on the economic benefit. Claiming that Utah doesn't want federal dollars does not change reality.


That is wonderful news. Lets see if we can push it even lower in the future. Less money from the government = more freedom for us.

david jay

I knew there would be one idiot at least here. I don't know if the loser is Bush, Hatch, Bennett, Matheson, Bishop or who. But you all voted for them during the period in question(2007,2008), so one or more of them must be the loser. Interesting in the list of counties and amounts that Tooele wasn't listed. With three military facilities I would think it would have a high amount of federal money.


I would rather not be a big drain on the federal government. This is something to be thrilled about. We are caring for ourselves versus relying on "Big Brother" to care for us. Congratulations to the state. The only sad thing is that we don't also pay less for being more thrifty.


We are not getting enough money from the Feds for all the land they own in this state. They need to give it back to the state so we can generate taxes and develop parts of it.

Re: Anon

While you use this as an opportunity to put a feather in your liberal hat I look at it completely different. I DONT WANT FEDERAL MONEY!!! You can have it bleeding heart. Look at other states ran by liberals, check out their "state" deficits?? What do you see? Deficit, deficit, deficit! Is this a surprise that Utah balanced the budget AGAIN with Republican leadership.

You look at the worst run states economically and 12 out of 13 are run by tax loving Democrats. While Bush could be viewed as a failure on the federal level UTAH has proven it doesnt need Obama or Bush to run its state.

Utah has always done more with less and this recent study just proves it. You can have your grants, entitlements, blocks of cheese, whatever you can rip off from the Feds, go ahead. Meanwhile Utah will keep running with low unemployment and an economy that puts the majority of the nation to shame.


Invisible Hand

We need to elect more Democrats so we can get our rightfull place at the trough. After all, bringing home the pork is much more important than silly notions like the good of the country.


Let's keep it this way. Can we keep all the federal money out of the state, and all the federal demands and coercions that go along with all that money? I'm for independence from the federal government. And I quite dislike the, "Well, look how much everybody else is getting," silliness. This isn't Christmas morning, this is real life. I think we're getting along just fine without more federal intrusion.

LDS Help

The LDS church also provides vast food and shelter resources for its members and non-members alike, taking the place of federal food and housing assistance.

The amount of money the LDS church places into it Bishop store houses, utility and rent payments is massive.


You want less federal dollars, yet you fight to keep Hill AFB and Tooele Army Depot from BRAC, you love federal dollars on the reconstruction of I-15, you are proud of SL International Airport, paid for by federal dollars, and the list goes on and on. Then when the Administration (and the military) wants to cut the F-22, which is a pork-laden project, you scream like crazy. You preach states rights, then support a gun bill that takes away states rights. You want a national law defining marriage, overruling state laws. The reality is, you conservatives LOVE federal money and intervention, when it is on your pet projects. Clowns!

8 yrs. of tyranny?

Under Obama's socialist's America, I will soon have no choice on Healthcare, Energy, the car I drive, education, less disposal income..... I never felt so free!

You idiot liberals still complaining about Bush and is "assault" on the constitution are deluded. Obama is doing what you blamed Bush for the last 8 years.

Utah Breath of Fresh air.

way to go Utah!! I'm willing to bet that most conservative voting states are near the bottom of the list, while most liberal voting states are right at the top beginning with New York and California, which is very unfortunate considering the budget mess that both states are facing.

However, its always been the mantra of the left to throw our good money after bad.

Welfare Sucks

The dribble from the government teat soon becomes a firehose. Best stay away.


Maybe you're missing the point of this article.
Did you, or did you not pay any Federal Taxes?

What the report is clearly stating [and you are obviously missing] is that Utahns are paying MORE than they are getting back.

So just keep on giving yourselves a big old slap on the back. I'm sure all those unemployed folks in places like Mississippi, Alabama and Kentucky will be sending us here in Utah all a bunch of "Thank you" cards!

hebwew randel

in utah fed spending appears to operate within it's proper realm - roads, airports, defense, parks - the people appear to operate within their proper realms - family, fidelity, health, low poeverty, education - Americans should learn from UTAH'S example of WE THE PEOPLE


If all other states started acting more fiscally responsible, they would not need as much money from the federal gov't and the fed can then put that money toward balancing the budget and paying down our deficit.


To LDS Help, the Church does not pay for every need a family may have. Great things are done, but they cannot meet all the need. The Church just is not big enough even for its own members, let alone the 97% of America that does not belong.

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