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Published: Thursday, July 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utah Mann

Hair Thompson said it MWC....you must win your out of conference games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means you BYU, NM, UNLV, WYO, SDSU, CSU, AFA.

TCU and UTAH cannot hold up the entire conference. Win some dang games guys, come on!!!!!!!!!!!


Wealth is centered in the hands of a few.

He who has the gold makes the rules.


I will believe the ALTRUISM of the MWC when they RE-DISTRIBUTE THEIR WEALTH with DIXIE STATE.

All of this WHINNING just gives STOOPS more reason to CRUSH UTAH COUNTY'S MARQUEE TEAM!


any word on The Mountain coming to Dish Network?


Given the Conferences partnerships with CBS collge sports, what makes the most sense is to pursue bowl agreements with the Sun and Cotton Bowls, since those games have had agreements with CBS for years.

BCS berth

Why not, its not like it hasn't happened try just last year. If my memory serves me right wasn't Utah in a BCS bowl..Some in the MWC act like it never happened.

Dear Utah Mann

You must have a short term memory.


I am concerned that the MWC's BCS hopes are on a guy who made the The Mtn. TV deal. I hope he does a better job on this.


I love how Utah has one good year in 4 and all of a sudden the fans think they're Atlas - holding up the world.

As for Thompson getting the MWC into the BCS in the next 5 years, don't count on it. Look at how well he's done getting the MWC on television.

re: Dear Utah Mann

Yes, someone suffering from short term memory would have no recollection of BYU doing anything on a national stage.

Thank you for pointing that out.

25 years and counting.

To Belgie: If Utah isn't holding up the MWC conference on their shoulders to the national stage, who is? BYU and their pathetic 1-10 record versus ranked teams since 04, or their 12-14 record versus teams with winning records since 04, or their continued losses in bowl games?

Please, enlighten us ole wise one.

then try replacement

"As for expansion, Thompson acknowledged its been discussed but that no specific institutions have been pinpointed."

Here's an idea. Send Wyo to the WAC and bring in Boise St. But I'm sure the WAC wants to be as strong as possible and not get weaker so that type of upgrade may not sell.


Utah has 2 of the 3 #1 picks noted and all of the MWC BCS berths. Utah has the bulk of the conferences NCAA basketball tourney wins too, even though most of Utah's basketball glory days were during the WAC years.

Without Utah, the MWC has very little to claim about any football or basketball sports achievement. Actually, if Utah left for the PAC-10 the MWC would drop to the level of the WAC or lower.

Yes, Belgie, Utah is the Atlas of the MWC world.

Utes and Cougs

We need to stop fighting among ourselves and focus on the real enemy...Commissioner Thompson. Nothing good that's happened to the MWC was his doing.

Is anyone really "excited" about the MWC bowl arrangement? I realize access to the BCS bowls is something we're all focused on, but why isn't negotiating a contract for the MWC champ to go to an upper mid-tier Bowl like the cotton bowl, capital one bowl, or the Holiday bowl at the top of his agenda? Even the Chick-Fil-A bowl pays out $3M per team, but no, our champion gets a whopping $500K in Vegas. This is in the bottom half of bowl payouts. We can and should do better. Thompson has tried to make up for lack of quality bowls with quantity. I'd rather have one legitimate bowl with two consolation tie-ins in vegas and san diego than five crappy bowl games. What a joke! At least we should require the Vegas Bowl to pay out $750K to keep first pick among non-BCS qualifying teams. And don't even get me started on the Mtn.

Re: Atlas

That's funny how Utah became the focus of the MWC in one year. I'm pretty sure BYU and TCU would still get plenty of national attention without Utah. I'm also pretty sure BYU has finished the last three seasons ranked and won all but 2 mwc games in three years of play. But thanks for holding the MWC up so that BYU can dominate it for another year in 2009. If that's the case then it's about freaking time after Utah did nothing in football before 2004 for some thirty years. Thanks for holding it a couple years when BYU was down. I'm sure you'll drop the ball early and often this year so take it easy.


The Utes Inferiority Sports Complex has expanded to include the Huntsman Center - not just Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Re Atlas.

Ha! Yes of course, because the BCS would NEVER have let BYU play in a BCS game had they run the table last year... hell, Max would probably have had the Heisman in his back pocket if that had happened.

To Atlas

byu on a national scale is nothing. Keep dreaming byu fans. I would say that it is byu holding back the utes. when byu produces #1 picks, talk to me.

re: Atlas

I'll give you TCU, since they were chosen over BYU to be upgraded last year to play an undefeated Boise team.

But a team who is 1-10 versus ranked opponentns, and 12-14 versus winning teams, since 2004 has absolutly no national respect.

Utah is 6-5 versus ranked teams, and 16-8 versus winning teams, in that same time period.

That gap seems to be expanding as we speak.


To Atlas | 3:09 p.m.

"when byu produces #1 picks, talk to me"

When Utah produces something more meaningful than a trophy that shows they won a bowl game, then you can talk. I second a prior comment, Thank you Utah for finally doing something in football after 30 years of nothing. BYU has it under contol now, you can go back to mediocrity. We'll see you in 2012 since your good years only come around every leap year.

selective bragging

Please utah fans don't make me pull up utahs daffy duck offense. You are doing nothing for the mwc if you haved a stellar season once in a while. How bout winning double digit games each season...consecutivley. You're a bunch of one hit wonders, do something consistent, not like beating UCLA and then getting punked by UNLV!

re: ME

"When Utah produces something more meaningful than a trophy that shows they won a bowl game, then you can talk."

We have more than a trophy that shows we won a bowl game. Since the MWC's inaugural season, we have EIGHT bowl trophies (2 of which are BCS-level) SIX Beehive Boot trophies, FOUR conference championship trophies, TWO Top-10 plaques, ONE Nat'l Championship trophy, ZERO embarassing "Quests", and a jealous little sister in Provo.

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