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Published: Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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One gets the feeling that Carlos is not going anywhere, any time soon.

He will be in a Jazz uniform to start the season.

He can't afford to be injured as he needs to look good for the other GM's.

Jerry will bad mouth him every chance he gets to the media.

Dwill will not dine with him.


Keep boozer, why not he a better player then whoever we are going to get? why trade for less and come up with a lame player then boozer/ boozer better than millsap

do most..

jazz fans lack common sense? some of these ideas or ridiculous. I mean honestly.. Trade booz, memo, and ak. Put price at the 1 and move dwill to the 2? Honestly. Unless you are 3 years old you shouldn't be posting because you are making yourself look like a complete fool.

Henry Drummond

My guess is that Carlos is going to be unhappy wherever he goes. He obviously has an inflated view of his accomplishments. I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed in Utah simply because nobody else is willing to put up with him.

Careful So-Called Jazz fans

By running down Boozer you run down his value. Regardless of how you feel about his comments that were way overplayed in the media, he is a 20/10 All Star. He will play his rear end off this year because he wants a new contract. The roster will have 3-4 All Stars in Memo, AK, Boozer, D-Will. This will be a good team unless the ungreatful fans mess it up! Welcome back Carlos..... Let's win a championship and then you can write your ticket elsewhere.


Boozer the Loser needs to go...he's disruptive and only for himself...he had some nice games for the Jazz, but no it's time that he take his tired act to some other team


Are you serious? Trent Plaisted in the NBA. ha ha ya right he is the worst! not worth a dime for the jazz to get him


I am now going to change my name from Miles to Boozer. Just like CJ, Carlos is getting picked on and needs me to come to his defense!!


ref: Can't wait

Best posting out of all today (I really liked the part about trading to China)....good job!


Without Carlos, the Jazz are mediocre.

He is the only player who can score in the post.

He is the only player who can run an effective pick-and-roll with Dwill and score off the pick.

He could play defense if Jerry forced him to do so.

No one we trade him for will be better.

With Boozer, Memo and Dwill on the floor we are impossible to stop offensively.

With Millsap, Dwill and AK on the floor we can't score.

Jerry needs to change his defensive position and turn this team into a championship team.

Isn't that what a coach is hired to do?

Keep Boozer...

but PLEASEEEEEEE get rid of CJ,he`s actually the one dragging this team down,I don`t understand how Sloan stuck with him all year,of course by the end he`s was getting 7-8 minutes per game,which were about 6 too many

comma man

i love korver,he is cute,fire sloan,trade dwill,trade miles to jr.jazz,


Bring back ostertag!

Still a few Dellusional Fans

A title? With Boozer? Where have you been? The sooner he's gone the better.

louisiana jazz man

keep boz because he wants gone. make him back up paul like he should have last year. i belive thats what is going to happen.

#1 jazz fan

get rid of boozer for tyrus thomas is what i think the jazz team should do boozer is always out with injuries he has missed 2\3 of his games tyrus thomas is probably the best things for the jazz team cause we would probably win more games and get cooler plays

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