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Published: Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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We don't need to be in any hurry to trade Boozer. Luxury tax is not paid til end of next season. We have 6 months to trade him away. I still think we keep him all year. I am sure he will be injured most of it.


Just trade him already!!! This who is better, Millsap or Boozer debate is getting old. Let me tell you, I don't care how much "better" the team would be with boozer-which I happen to disagree with anyway. Paul has something boozer doesn't have-Heart, and a good work ethic! I would rather root and cheer for someone that gives it his all, then someone who sits out half the season and the other half doesn't even bother to play a lick of defense! Maybe I was just spoiled watching Stockton all these years, Stock was someone who gave it his all every night and he tried his best to do whatever the TEAM needed him to win, he didn't care about himself, I wish more players would be like that!!!

GO Paul, we believe in you, go out and show the doubters that you are more than worth the pay raise!

He is a goner

Carlos lived in my neighborhood on Donner Way until he sold what many in area called his "love nest" I never saw him to be honest and often wondered how did I miss a 6'10" black guy driving an Italian Sports car I was often walking or driving on that street.
Isn't his Florida house up for sale as well? Maybe the guy will be team less and homeless with millions in the bank for no work!

re todd

pretty hard to read your 2nd grade writing,on something...again????


Let`s bring back the same healthy team and see what happens,I have a feeling WE,real Jazz fans,not you todd, are in for a big surprize

Perfect Boozer Solution

So it hit me like a brick in the face thrown from 1 yard away. Do not trade Boozer. Start Milsap. Boozer then whines and mopes and creates dissention and contention. Then you suspend his rear end with out pay. You use the pay Boozer isn't getting anymore to pay that luxury tax. We come out ahead and Boozer sits a loozer on the bench. No raise Boozer. JAZZ all the way!!!!!!


To: Todd fromn Santa Ana 8:56 AM

You are very naive. Boozer has very little trade value, so you can't just wave your magic wand and wish a trade to happen. There have been trades available, but they are garbage. It is not good busness sense to trade him for no value in return. The Jazz need to keep taking the hard line until someone decides the Jazz are not going to cave, then you will see something happen. The Jazz just need to be patient and they will make the trade for good value. If Boozer isn't careful, he might get fired and lose his contract. Some will say, "that is not possible under the current NBA agreement", however, if he does not perform up to the rules of that agreement, he could lose his contract. I hope he is not that stupid. We'll see. The Jazz are playing their cards just about right.


I would like to have all the money Boozer has lost at the expense of his lack of public relations skills and a basic sense of ethics....

Chicago Trib reports that Boozer claimed last week he wants to play in Chicago, while the next week he claims Miami is his first choice!

Geez Boozer......you will be lucky to be playing for exception money next year, any thoughts of playing for $14ML are GONE due to your BIG MOUTH!

Just SHUT UP DUDE and play the game....no one cares whether you love Miami or not? They just want to see you defend someone as aggressive as you shoot-off your mouth!

Can't wait

for the season to start and see Boozer coming off the bench for 18 minutes a night.......next we need to find a way to get Obama relegated to part time....or traded to China!


Even if he has to stay and play for the Jazz this year he will claim he tore his taint diving for a ball or his roids are flaring up.....he will find a way to sit it out. thats the Kind of Steller NBA Stud he is!


we have 2 make a move b4 its 2 late.pickin up Pargo was ok but we still need a inside presence.we're making our moves based upon 2010-2011 free agency.i meen who is 2 know that the guys we want would still be there(c.bosh-d.wade and so fourth)those teams r looking 2 keep there all star player at home.we need 2 make move forward not backwards.com on BULLS!!!!

todd from santa ana


no comment...

To Searce: Garbage? Battier and Landry are garbage?

Lopez I would not do him.,

I would even think about Haslem unless someone else included.

The thing you are forgetting is Golden State has a Buffoon named "nellie"

He has all 5 footers and no big guys or few let us say-Anthony Randolph is probably going to be a real good #3 in this league. We should try the angle of having him take one or two of these high contracts or he will be in the lottery

todd from santa ana

Houdini, that is a statement you know is false. I am not a Real Jazz Fan?

No Houdini see only for 32 years. You may be suprised. All this team has to do is get at least to the Semi Finals and then I will say how wrong I was about most of the negativity. You know, because I do not agree with stand pat management-by the way Houdini, i caught your comment. You do not have to worry I am not or going to hint at boycott again. I have better things to do. What many do not understand is the reason are things the way they are is because the fans want what "you want"

So go for it. I gave up trying to convince the "minority" I have enough support. More than enough...If you or anyone thinks all of a sudden this team will play defense you need to prove it....

From this "outsider" out....


I cannot believe the criticism a great man like Todd from Santa Ana gets. I thoroughly enjoy reading him because he tells the truth and has tremendous Jazz Passion. It is unfortunate most do not appreciate his fine abilities. He probably growing up should have picked another team where the fan base would be in synce instead of the over loyal Utah people. If Boozer was in any arena I would boo him till my voice was hoarse. What all of you fail to see is most other cities in the country this complacency and accepting the same tired Jazz year after year would not be tolerated. I have lived in many cities including New York and Philadelphia.

Todd made a comment last week that he has not seen worse defense in pick up basketball leagues.

I see pickup every summer in Brooklyn and he is right as usual.


RE: Workinglate

Before this began, the Jazz brass told us they were prepared to pay the lux tax for a year to the tune of 12-15 mill, with the Miller's blessing, so that's really a non-issue.


...I've heard recently Jazz, Nets, Wizards in a 3 way deal.

Booz to Nets, JaVale McGee and Caron Butler to UT, Yi Jianlian, Sean Williams, Harpring, and K. Fesenko to Wizzards.

Wouln't surprise me..I know Jazz have always liked Butler and McGee is young inside shot blocker interior defense. But, like always...just a rumor..."pull the trigger Kevin!"

Boozer to Detroit for Plaisted

Can you imagine how awesome it would be to get Trent Plaisted back here for the Jazz? This guy dominated when he played at the Y and we need a dominant big man like Plaisted. Plus he would be so happy being back in Utah. I just keep holding my breath at the possibility, see you Boozer and hello Plaisted!


the Jazz have an identity crisis top dollar players that cant play. Trade AK, Mehmo, and Booz.. Mehmo cant play D, Booz cant play D, and AK only plays when he wants get rid of the three of em, put Price at PG move DWILL over to the 2 position start Korver, Millsap and hopefully trade for top dollar Center.. frees up a ton of money


I think the media in Utah is third class, minus Ron Boone, David James, Brad Rock, Craig (he popped the rim I'm gonna give stats all night) Bolerjack). My goodness Utah is now the worst media outlet in the entire league minus Dante and Galante in Orlando.


carlos arroyo is a great playmaker hes better than oders in the list

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