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Published: Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It's amazing how this story just won't die. Whether O'Connor admits it or not, we all know the Jazz are looking to trade Boozer. Which we've all known for quite a while now. Nothing has changed. They got Millsap back for cheap after paying that signing bonus, which also was no surprise due to the lack of teams willing to give him more money. So, even though new "developments" come out almost daily concerning Boozer, nothing has changed since Boozer decided to opt in; the Jazz were going to match for Millsap and try to trade Boozer.


I say we do to him what the Knicks did to Marbury and bench to destroy his valve in free agency next year until he is begging us to let him out of his contract just like Marbury did. Or we can play him and he will get another season ending injury and destroy his value on his own.


Milsap is good but boozer is better, i still don't see milsap worth 8 million a year.. If the jazz want to bring their cap down they need to move AK first. This guy gets paid like max player but in no way is he an elite player. I say move AK and then boozer second if he really doesn't want to be here, but get some type of value in return and not the scrubs for our top players.


I agree with Dixie Dan. Keeping Boozer will be the only way the Jazz even make the Playoffs. Maybe O'Conner wants the Jazz to head in a different direction and the direction without Booz would be south. Maybe this is what the Jazz need. Have a couple of bad seasons, get some high draft picks and start fresh. Sloan couldn't win with two Hall of Fame players, in fact, he hasn't won with anyone period! I know what direction the Jazz need to go and that's with a new coach.

Boozer 6th man

Make Boozer come off the bench. Make Milsap play like he is worth his signing bonus.

If Boozer could man up and play hard off the bench his trade value would improve. Then the Jazz could trade him before the All-Star trade deadline. Utah and Boozer would win.

However, reality sets in and egos take over. Utah and Boozer will probably go through a costly and ugly divorce. If only they would do what's best for the kids. Sigh

Thomas for Boozer

I am really surprised to hear people say Thomas and James for Boozer is not a good trade! Thomas is young talented and has puts out great effort. James saves us alot of money next year. How can the team lose. We played well w/out Boozer so add another talented played with our young guys returning and we at least have a chance to grow As a team. If that that is not good enough switch heinrich for James and throw in Miles.

Gosh, what a surprise!

Boozer's statements to the media outside Utah contradict the truth? None dares to say it -- Carlos Boozer is lacking in moral turpitude. There, I said it.


I will take a bag of ice and towel boy and a new stantionary bike, cuz he wore it out.

Henry Drummond

Boozer has an expiring contract and motivation to play hard. I don't think he could help noticing that nobody was willing to "give him a raise" and it looks like nobody is even ready to take him straight across. I think that tells you something.


There has never been a trade.

It has all been orchestrated by Boozer's machine.

Opening Day, Boozer will be playing for the Utah Jazz, with a chance to prove his worth. All-Star or bum.


Boozer is the backup to Millsap now. simple as that. Boozer will be on the injured reserve again in no time anyways for which the Jazz likely have an insurance policy to use on him to recover monies lost on the Dukey.

I agree (jumpinjax)

Thomas for Boozer is a great trade. Thomas is young and cheap. Not to mention he does something the Jazz desperately need. He blocks shots!!! and plays great interior DEFENSE, ya that D word Boozer can't pronounce.


I for one am exited to see a redo of the disaster that was last season...see what this squad can do when they don't have to deal with massive injuries. If Harpring decides to hang it up they are going to need a verteran enforcer but other than that I like this team.

As far as a Boozer trade goes, here's a scenario that I could see going down....

The heat are in a holding pattern right now untill Odom makes a decision, if Odom decides to join Miami then Miami goes hard after Boozer, if he doesn't, then Miami does nothing.

Why? Because Miami is positioned to make a play for a top tier FA in 2010, if they get Odom they lose some of that ability, so they go after Boozer because tehy would be able to keep him using his bird rights even if they are over the cap.

So if Miami wants Boozer, what do the Jazz want?

1) Cap releif
2) Beasley

the deal

Boozer for Beasley and Jones (plus Miamis trade exception)

If Miami won't give up Beasley, no deal.


"he only problem here is that Milsap gets a lot of his points by hustling, picking up loose balls and rebounding missed shots. But he's not a very effective scorer when he's being defended or when the Jazz run plays for him. Look at how often he gets his shots blocked. Boozer is a far superior low post scorer who can pretty reliably score or get fouled in go to situations where the Jazz need points, much like Karl Malone."
Have you not looked at Paul Millsaps stats? He put up 27 against New Orleans (David West) 20 against Houston (Scola) 32 against Boston (Garnett!!!) 20 against Phoenix (Stoudamire) 18 against Toronto (Bosh)And had 3 double figure games against the Lakers in the playoffs! As a backup to our little baby Boozer.. With Paul Millsap starting he will be one of the top 5 or 6 power forwards in the league. end of story.. Ill trade the number 3 power forward with no D in order for Millsap to play! Everyone will be surprised with how well he can play starting a whole season!!


I have found a VERY interesting rumor picking up MAJOR steam. The rumored deal is a follows:

1. Lakers recieve Glen Davis/Fesenko.
2. Boston Receives: Boozer/Jazz 2010 2nd rd pick
3. Jazz recieve: Lamar Odom/Boston 2010 2nd round pick, cash considerations

It is believed Kevin O'Connor has run out of options and risks keeping Boozer on the roster the entire season, a "PR" move the Jazz organization wants to aviod, if he does not move Boozer in the next few days.

Goodbye Boozer, Locke, Oconner

Things would be bright if Carlos Boozer, Kevin Oconner and David Locke left town.


Thats the problem with Jazz fans! Is all you think about is winning now!! How long did it take the Lakers to win a championship? About 4 or 5 years.. You have to put it together with the right pieces! Quit thinking we are going to win right now cause its not gonna happen! Its not gonna happen with Boozer and its not gonna happen without Boozer! So why dont we trade him for a good young guy and develop the team? Its pretty simple! But you all think Thomas is a bad trade because he only averages 12 points and Boozer is more! WHO CARES!?!? He is young! He is still developing! That is how that process works people! Some people develop sooner than others! Its a good think Kevin O'Connor doesnt take advice from jazz fans


It's the deal you don't hear about that gets done.
On another note. What does the murmuring herd think about Allen Iverson? He's available, has matured, is not as fast as he once was but would upgrade our guard position, and would show our younger talent how much money an 8 time All Star should be expected to make.

Iverson - Worst Player Ever

Iverson = Cancer. He is Boozer only older, shorter skinyer and more selfish. I think trading Boozer and Miles for Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Heinrick would be a fast way to improve and a great way to prepare for the future. Williams, Heinrick, Kirilenko, Milsap and Okur could put up big offense and defense. Heinrick could guard the point and williams is strong enought to guard off guards. Then Kirilenko, Milsap and Okur are the bigs. Plus we could get rid of Miles who is obviously not working out. He does nothing except maybe make three pointers at the end of a blow out.

Excellent Org

KOC is doing the best job possible given the economy. He cannot leverage a trade by saying Booz is worthless and to other teams a two time All Star is not worthless. He commands a price. The jazz front office is as good as it gets and even if Boozer does opt in this will likely be my first year of season ticket purchases. Boozer will be motivated if only playing for a contract. Boozer will be judged by how the team does.

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