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Published: Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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KOC, a chance to redeem yourself

Trade Booz while we can still get something out of him. I would not be surprised however if KOC kept him. Can we trade O'Conner?


Booz's trade value is at an all-time low right now whether he likes it or not, and all the jabber-jawin' isn't helping his case any.

Time to put it aside and get ready to play your butt off, big fella.


the way to read O'conner's comments is that he's trying to tell potential suitors that the Jazz are considering keeping Boozer do he doesn't look as desperate as others are perceiving him to be. It's not working, IMHO. There's no way in this economy, in the Utah market, that the Jazz are going to pay that $15M tax for going over their budget by having AK, Okur, Boozer, and Milsap - other team may be willing to do that (e.g, the Yankees) but no one in the Jazz organization is interested in doing that. My guess is that if they do end up paying the luxury tax, O'conner will be out of a job (after forfeighting his salary to help pay that tax).


Obviously, Boozer wants out of here any way he can. By him saying that the Jazz have agreed to trade him, he makes the Jazz look like they are willing to dump him without getting very much value. This takes bargaining power away from the Jazz and is a final "thanks for nothin" special delivery from the BOOZ. I bet the best thing about Utah for him (beside the fortune he was able to amass) will be seeing it in his rearview mirror. Get this mercenary out of town and bring a pro in here so we can finally get excited for the new season. Otherwise, we have to go through this soap opera one more time.


I say trade bozer to the clippers for coke and a cheerleader.

Congrats, O'Connor

I disagree with the previous poster. I hope we don't give Carlos anything he asks for. He is under contract, and needs to be quiet about trades. He is under contract until he is traded.

To me, this is simply another case of Carlos only looking out for Carlos and not worrying about commitment or the team. Good job, Kevin, sticking to your guns. Don't trade Carlos until a trade gives the Jazz someone worth having...


dump andrei and booz. who is our scorer? dump the coach and front office and get modern day execs that know the players


The games go on. Blah, blah, blah.


keep booze on the bench and give his minutes to others. have him sit in street clothes behind the actual players. boozer isn't an nba player, he is just a con-artist and has ruined his relationship with his second boss now. good job booze. why dont you click your heels together three times and go back to alaska


the Philadelphia Daily News – are open to bringing in Jason Hart, Brevin Knight and Carlos Arroyo, among others, to provide veteran backup point guard.

Don't intertain the notion of adding Hart, Knight and Arroyo to the 76ers, especially Knight! What a bunch of useless point guards!! Heck, go after Howard Eisly. You'll get a great back-up p. guard with him.


Ever heard of Deron Williams? Memo Okur?
Who had the most consecutive double-doubles in the NBA last season? I'll give you a hint...it wasn't Carlos Boozer.

Offense will not suffer that much with Carlos gone. Millsap is capable of averaging 14-16 per, with the other starters all increasing their avgs a bit. And the defense will improve. So no worse than a wash.

Re: the front office...who was the exec that brought in Memo and drafted DWill, Millsap, Brewer, Miles, etc. Yep, dump the bum(s). One losing season in what, almost 30 years? Yep, Utah sucks and all the execs should be run out of town.

Booz is definitely hurting his trade value. But he doesn't care. He's only looking out for himself. It's almost laughable. He goes from city to city, trying to pimp himself out to the highest bidder.

But no one is buying. His "disease" has already been exposed for all to see. No one trusts him anymore. They know once he signs a big contract he'll immediately pull a hammy. I hope he has to sign for the MLE next summer.

el rey

No one wants him.... including this Jazz Fan. $12-$15 million for half a season and half an effort on defense is way to much


The Jazz have 50 Million committed to Williams, Okur, AK and Millsap for then next two season. The Jazz cannot sign another player for multiple years contracts at 10 million plus. They also want to keep Brewer locked up to a long term deal, and they have a lottery pick from NYC.

That is why they did not offer Boozer a contract extension. The Jazz would like to trade Boozer for a young player that is about 5 million a year, but other teams are offering junk. (it is not that they can't pay the Luxury tax this season, but they can't lock in a player like Hamilton - next years salary will be over this year salary)

Had the Chicago/Portland/Utah Trade went through the Jazz would be thrilled. OConner is trying to tell the other teams that the Jazz are OK with keeping Boozer, but they would like to trade him for another player that would help the Jazz win wit a contract under 8 million a year.

Boozer is not longer in the Jazz's long term plans - therefore he is trying to find a team that can trade them.

Carlos Boozer FA Tour

I look forward to the next stop on the Carlos Boozer free agency tour. It has been extremely entertaining thus far.

Too bad he opted to NOT become a free agent.

After he pulled the wool over Gordon Gund's eyes in Cleveland, I am guessing this free agent tour by Boozer, while under contract with Utah, has got to be winning him fans with GM's throughout the league.

Wait until Feb

Expiring contracts can bring back some great value in February. Anyone who wants to get in on next summer's free agent stuff and get under the cap will look to shed deals at the trade deadline. The Jazz are right to be patient, because a 12.7 million deal could bring them back a real nice player or two from a team that needs the expiring contract.

todd from santa ana

John, great job while TB on vacation, but frankly this is the biggest joke going on in sports.


O Connor could have made "ample trades by now" How does anyone with a straight face buy a ticket, even houdini, watching Dan Roberts announce the lineup "CARLOS BOOOOOZER!" and the boos cascade from the rafters down to the floor.

It is humiliating more the Jazz do nothing and get red of this guy. It is a farce....

Maybe someone that wants to win such as "Haslem, Landry and or Battier" would be a threat to SLoanie and the SLoanaholics" so it is SAFER to keep SNOOZIE...

Then this will happen boys and girls: Boozie will have a good year and sign a new 5 year contract with the Jazz and all will be good again....

Reality being,

I say there is about an 80% chance he stays. The jazz have pretty much said if they don't egt an all-star or a potential all-star in return they won't be trading him. Player like Tyrus Thomas or Udonis Halsem won't get a deal done and rightfully so.


For all of Boozer's poor judgment in kissing up to every other team in the league and wanting his raise, let him sit on the bench for the season and not play a minute. Then let him go.

Dixie Dan

If the Jazz have any hopes of advancing beyond the first round in the play-offs, they will need Boozer.
End of story.


"Offense will not suffer that much with Carlos gone. Millsap is capable of averaging 14-16 per, with the other starters all increasing their avgs a bit. And the defense will improve. So no worse than a wash."

The only problem here is that Milsap gets a lot of his points by hustling, picking up loose balls and rebounding missed shots. But he's not a very effective scorer when he's being defended or when the Jazz run plays for him. Look at how often he gets his shots blocked. Boozer is a far superior low post scorer who can pretty reliably score or get fouled in go to situations where the Jazz need points, much like Karl Malone.

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