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100th anniversary of Mormons' arrival was party of the century

Published: Monday, July 20 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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For crying out loud!!! What on earth kind of Mormon wagons are those in the first DN picture? LOL! You Mormons will try most anything to get some big reaction and emotional laughter out of us nonmembers. Those are about the funniest covered wagons that i have ever seen in my entire life.


I like the cardboard oxen pulling the covered-car-wagons.




Motorized covered wagons??? That is not too pioneerish and its NOT FUNNY!.

Get a life . . .

You are whining about something that happened almost 62 years ago. Did you even read the article to realize these events and pictures come from 1947?

re: ANON

It ruins your birthday? Can't you just enjoy your birthday because it's your birthday?

No One of Consequence

In 1947 the automobile was considered to be one of the blessed wonders of the modern age, not a destructive scourge on the environment as the extremists want us to see it now. Nothing at all unusual about blending the modern with the primative as a way to show how far they had come.


Laugh out loud, and i'm rolling around on the ground! You gotta be kidding me? The pictures here on this post are the best yet! and they get a Grammy award for too FUNNY! Those covered wagons are the most hilarious ever!!!! Thanks, Deseret News.


Oh, for heavens sake we are talking about a parade. A parade has floats,usually floats are vehicles decorated for the theme of the parade. Relax people.
Celebrate July 24th as a great day. A lot of people sacrificed everything to come to the west. Best to look for the good rather than dwell on ones negative feelings. Just think of the celebration as your birthday party. BE HAPPY!!

Card board OXEN :-)

WOW, we got a grumpy old Mormon on here who can't find the humor in the funny wagon train cars. Lighten up man.

TEEEE hee hee heeeee

To vk,.. Usually floats are of a different sort and variety, not one hundred and one Conestoga wagons which are made out a vehicle car, and running down main street with a paper steer glued to them.

I used to live outside of Utah

But now I am thrilled to be here where I can take my kids to parades and fireworks almost throughout the entire month of July! Quit yer whinin' and enjoy the shows! and the candy thrown, and the little town celebrations, and everything else.

When I lived in Virginia I attended the events remembering the Civil War. I never agreed with the culture of the south, but I could still appreciate their ardor for their history.


I also find the covered wagons, put over cars, a real hoot. I'm a LDS person who finds real humor in all this. I suppose those people back then (1947) laughed just a bit over this too. Come on folks"-- it's pretty funny just to say the least, and nothing to get upset over. LDS people can be a pretty funny bunch of people now and then. I prefer the covered wagon cars of the clowns.

Motorized wagons 1847

I think my Mormon ancestors would have appreciated having wagons with headlights and taillights. I can just see them now, coming across the mountains all in a roll and with plywood oxen attached.


I wish the folks in 1847 would have had motorized wagons; perhaps they would have continued on to Oregon. Utah would be a much nicer place.

Go have fun...

I wonder if the parade this year will have a motorized covered wagon in it? Oh yea, and don't forget the ox pasted on the side of the car. This would be so neat and it would make the kids laugh.


You people are too much for me tonight. This is good reading and you made my evening cheery. The wagons are way cool.

To, 7:21p.m...that was really nice and thoughtful you...you ole' sour-puss.


If the pioneers had gone on past Utah, I can pretty much guarantee that Utah would not be the great place that it is.

Re anonymous 6:06

Your right, Utah would have been more spectacular than ever if the Mormon pioneers would have made a swift turn to the right on BIG MOUNTAIN. Starting with their leader.


Hello and Thank you for this historical 1947, 24th of July, 100th Pioneer Day Celebration. The photo's are a trip back into time, and so very interesting to see how things were. What a wonderful celebration of a great people who came into Utah and built up a wonderful state, filled with people who strive to live their lives with honesty, integrity, and love for their neighbors. A state filled with patriots, and citizens who recognize this great nation as an Ensign for the world to come and see, and take home all that we have established with our freedoms. May God continue to bless all of this great nation to remember her God. And thank you Utah for never forgetting. Happy 24 of July Celebration along with our wonderful 4 of July Celbration of independance. Thank you Again, for this enjoyable article.

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