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Published: Saturday, July 18 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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RE: Basketball Mom

What makes you think boozer would help NY win any more games?

Boozer did NOT make much difference in Utah,

the stats from the last two years bear that out.

Did cleveland do worse without boozer? Nope.


As things stand NOW,

the Jazz management are just paying A LOT MORE,

for the same result of the last two years.

aren't they wonderful!

Change is imperative if the JAzz truly ever want to win a chamionship.

Sloan and system MUST go.

Boozer MUST go.

AK MUST be paid a lot less, or he MUST go.

OVER-valuing, OVER-PAYING, for medicocre talent bench players, supporting players, complimnetary MUST STOP,

PUt the MONEY in postions that make a REAL differnece,

like a dominant big man,

and/or a star 2-gruad, who can shoot, and is allowed to, and handlw the ball and make things happen, (a PF can NEVER do this)

other wise is just more of the same, and at a higher cost.

re: It's Amazing

Oh, the Miller Group executives try to break down my door for advice at least once a week. Don't you worry 'bout that.


Hahaahaahah......someone said "Lopez from NJ could be a good move and save a lot of money."

That is HILARIOUS. We'll get Boozer anyway, but Brook is on the same list as Durant at this moment....don't even THINK about it.

Brook is going to be on the Nets for a long time...


I here juwan willplay for the minimum. Trade Miles and Harpring juwan can help both positions.
Many veterans are willing to play for minimum as they spent all their millions. Now they need a new car and can't afford it.
Dikembe,choclate hunder,Ewing, Maye we could get Moses Malone to come back where he started( Utah Stars). Hey Booner can you stillknock down some shots,not golf shots.Horny is helping but I forgot that would hurt our defense again.


Biedrins is now being shopped by Golden State, per ESPN. Can you imagine a Biedrins / AK combo with D-Will, Okur, and Millsap! I'm not saying this should be the starting five, but having all five on the roster would be sweet!

Re: Old School

Let's be honest and Much to do about nothing are the same.
I am also a jerry sloan fan "small j, small s" but I can call him out when I see him struggling. I felt at the end of the year he would slap the team around for the amusement of the press preaching toughness and defense while giving the "no defense boys" all the minutes. That said I thought he got it right the last quarter of the 5th lakers game. I was truly proud to be a jazz fan when I saw that incredible effort.


Us Alaskans? I'm an Alaskan too and I want Boozer out of Utah! Maybe since no GM wants him. Maybe he can come and play for the Alaska Dream(D-league type team) next season! LOL

'10 draft

Let's just take the best deal that comes along for Booz and worst case scenario... we have two lottery picks next year to p/u a power forward and a big defensive center (NOT FROM EUROPE!!!).


I am a Nets fan. We need Boozer more than any other team because Yi is probably not going to cut it. Boozer wants to come to NY area. He has a home here and the medical care he needs for his family.

However, you can forget about getting Lopez. Lopez is more valuable than anyone on the Jazz.
The Nets are offering Simmons, who has a 11 million expiring contract. Simmons is one of the best 3 pt. shooters. The Nets have 4 1st Rd picks for the next 2 years, some better than others. The Jazz may also be asking for CDR, a SG/SF who has potential to be starter level.

The fact that Boozer would not be able to sign a new contract, means that any team taking him, would effectively be "renting" for 1 year. Therefore his value is much less. This, though is ideal for New Jersey, since they couldn't offer a long term deal until next year anyway.

The only reason the Nets aren't more involved, is that some believe they want to "tank" the season and get a top 4 draft pick.


The Jazz will not trade with NY Knicks, because they own the Knicks 2010 1st round pick. Why would the Jazz want to turn the Knicks into a playoff team?

Miami said they were only monitoring the situation. If they get Odum, then surely they will pass on "renting" Boozer for 1 year.

Detroit is already "set" at PF.

The NJ Nets are likely destination if Nets President Rod Thorn is willing to let their young CDR go, along with Bobby Simmons and a first round pick (likely the Golden State 2011 pick). Jazz can later trade that pick for a young contract.

Utah is not really in a good situation with Boozer, because no team can sign him past this year.

Chris Ingersoll

Anyone who thinks we are going to be a better team without one of the 5-7 20 point 10 rebound guy is ridiculous. Yeah he wanted more money- so do I, so do you, and so does ever pro athlete.

I love Paul- but he will NEVER be the player Boozer is.

The real problem is we have to get rid of Booz because of AK's monstrous contract that gets us a whole 10 points a game.

I have found in hillarious that Jazz fans have been upset with Boozer seemingly cause he got hurt. I remember in the 90's when people would complain about Malone- witch we would have been the Clippers.

Its pro-sports. Athletes want more money, they say dumb things sometimes, but the bottom line is: Do the make your team better? Anyone who watched the '07 playoff run can not deny Boozer and D-Will where why we were even competing with the likes of San Antonio.

fast forward

to this fall & the awkward scenario that boozer is still on the jazz team roster. under what circumstances would that work? what would he have to do or say to make that work - with team mates, management, media, fans? if you were a consultant hired to help boozer through that living hell, what would you tell him?

Mr Croman

The Boozer is cancer analogy is silly. If however Boozer really is cancer.... That makes KOC a snake oil salesman.

Silly Man

So does anybody not see the problem you have by having Boozer starting off the season on the Jazz's roster?


A trade with New Jersey would be interesting. Thorn has had a grudge against Sloan since their playing days. Sloan humiliated Thorn on the court.

annoying rumors

this trade issue involving Boozer is annoying already, speculations here and there, rumors rumors rumors.. I hope this issue will end very very soon..I'm tired of reading rumors everyday regarding Boozer status


Biedrins would be SIMPLY AWESOME.....I love this guys game..He could start at 5, Move Memo to 4, Milsap/AK at 3 (with either backing up the 4).. At 2, I really like Korver starting (as a pure shooter its easier to get into rythem), and then Brewer would be awesome off the bench, and Dwill...Develop Koufas /Fes with some minutes at the 5 and this could be interesting..Price will do fine...If we have this lineup...iTS ALL abot hustle and defense...no whining, probably let AK start just to appease...

Wow this would be some back to grass roots Utah/SLoan hard nosed basketball,,,,I like to see more fouls, more toughness, hell yeah keep Harpring coming at them as well...Back to the old ways...TOUGH...


Biedrens is soft....are you nuts?


he should go to the nets

boozer will totally help the new jersey

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