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Published: Saturday, July 18 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Let's be honest

The last 6 weeks of the season melt down we all blame on boozer, the truth is that both he and AK were not 100% when they came back from their injuries, they should have been coming off the bench and Sloan should have continued to start Milsap. When they told Milsap that boozer is the man and he is 2nd hand garbage he played like it. I think it is Sloan's fault the team's chemestry went to pot at the end of the season. I know he is a great coach but at the end of last year he struggled.
The funny thing was that everyone was happy with the team through most of the year except for their road games but at the end they simple feel apart. All Sloan could do was moan about the team's toughness.


Boozer better put up, or shut up by February. That is all that matters. Trades don't mean anything until then, so why is everyone freaking out?

Brett Farve

I am sick of the media talking about the same thing over and over. When will it finally happen. By the time it does the fans wont care anymore. Thanks stupid media.

Re: JazzFan101

The Jazz are trying to get out of luxury tax hell, not extend it for years to come. A Boozer for Hamilton trade is insane!


Do the Jazz really want to wait on getting rid of Booz. The longer a cancer isallowed to go with out treatment the worse it gets. Allowing the cancerous tumor(booz) to even enter the locker room is highly questionable.
Everone is worrying about NY playing itself out of the lottery picks. Come on folks in the Jazz system no first rounder gets ptpt in the first year.Who is the last 1st rounder to get 25 or more minutes per game all season long ,with the Jazz? How many 1st round picks have even stayed with the Jazz longer than 3 years? How many 1st orund picks are playing for other teams?

Too much emphasis on the possible lottery pick. We need quality player now for the next 3 years, to be competitive.

Frank are you feeling OK? The Jazz and KOC need some guidance. Scotty is doing well either.Time to wheel and deal. Before it's tooooo late.

OldSchool in Augusta,GA

To: Let's Be Honest - Compared to the rants of so-called knowledgable BB (Jazz) fans, your comments are insightful and thus interesting (@ least to those that can see & reason).
There may be bigger Jerry Sloan fans than me, I don't know ... except that when Jerry leaves, I'm gone too.
That said, I agree with your assessment of the last 6 wks ... with the addition of what Jerry said himself about using Ronnie Price.
I also agree with the comments of "It's Amazing".
Are you the same person ?


I would trade Boozer for a bag of moldy basketballs. Hes a injury prone weakling with no desire to win. Please bring in David Lee, Tyrus Thomas or a blind mute. Boozer can go milk some other team for millions of dollars this time.

todd from santa ana

Those of you that leave when Jerry Leaves, I say "thank you" that will make it much easier to have a team, that actually can be one better representing the STate and nationwide fans without the worry of public opinion. Such as Korver is good looking and the girls love him, Okur hits a few outside shots a game but better defense is played in Adult leagues than what the Jazz plays.

To have the audacity to come back with this same roster is what I predicted and what happened due to the ESPN report and fans that were "afraid" Of any change. I do not call losing Knight and Collins for Maynor and Sutton change.

O Connor could have done so much by now. He is not alone New Orleans, Phoenix has done little either. I do not mind Paul so much being resigned, however, he will need a good backup. There Thomas or Glen Davis could have figured or Haslem. That was not good enough for many.

Signing Okur to 2 more years was not needed. See how he does this year. The more you committ the less will be available $ wise in 2010


Want 15 minutes a game of defense?Shot blocking? A player that Shaq admiited was one of his toughest foes? And cheap? Call Tag! Since Mark Eaton's great career, no other center has offered the same defense as Tag. Despite humilation from Sloan Tag tried to play on. Sloan treated tag as an unwanted slave. He was brutal in his unwarranted attacks much to the demise of more successful seasons. Had Tag been treated better his performance would have been even better than his stats show. If Collins had been treated in a like manner do you think he would be as quiet as he is? Oh wait Collins never played cause he couldnt.

Go ahead Tag bashers. The fact is he was the last defensive presence the Jazz had at center.And if it were not the fact that Jerry made sure Malone got stats for rebounding Tag's numbers would have been even larger.Hard to get rebounds when you have to play above the foul line.

todd from santa ana

This current roster will make the playoffs. It will be in a 3 way battle with Denver and Portland. If it would go 21-20 or so on road, it could be a a top 4 seed and a chance to win 55 games.

I am happy with all that. However, if this team could have at least improved the interior defense and help defense, mostly fault of Boozer and Okur than with the rest of the team mostly, I would have felt a lot more confident we could be a serious title contender.

I have unlike many of you more aspirations for my sports team than making the playoffs and going out early.

For many that is sufficient. They blame small market.

That is the main reason this comes off bashing and boycott like my other friend here on this post states.

Management thinks this is fine, they are doing a great job.

If any of you truly believe Paul Milsap can be a main go to go power forward and focal point of Jerry's system, You will be disappointed. He might get 15/10 will not demand doubles, he is short znd needs game to improve

todd to pastor 88

Greg could come in right now and provide more defense than anyone on this roster.

You know the posts will come knocking us for saying this,

actually Suton I feel could be pretty good more so even than Eric. I hope he is on this final roster unless we see real improvement from FEz this will be his last chance.


Yeah it is sad that an aged veteran like Tag would be a major improvement for the Jazz defense. with all those youngsters nobody wants to play the full game. Just my points. Sadly Ak is being treated the same way, as of late. If he goes elsewhere he will be an allstar. Is it against the rules to play white guys who want to be part of the offense as well?

Re: Annie

Are you freakin crazy fall back in love with him? Have you been reading how many people in Utah can't stand this guy. Let's face it we never loved him and he will go down as the most hated player in Jazz history. Good ridance your pathetic defense will be easy to replace.

Re: Re: Annie

How many of you malcontents are there really?? It's the same ones of you that continually supply these blogs with all manners of vitriol, writing in time after time after time. If we dropped all the multiple posts by each of you, you probably don't add up to two hundred. Which makes you a distinct minority!!


I know it is not in the Sloan system, but over that past 10 years what have championship teams had? An above average or star SG, (Not to sure about Miami's roster though...anyway. What I am getting at is Boozer for Rip Hamilton. Brewer is average, he will get a bit better, but imagine him backing up Rip. As for the 4 spot. We have a great 4 spot player on our roster, he makes 16 million next year. dollar for dollar he isn't worth it, but AK and Millsap fighting for the starting 4 spot isn't a bad idea. Okur's style makes him a possibility at the 4. Koufus and fes at the 5. We may have "shifted our talent around, but over all I think our D would increase well enough. The only problem is that I see a great team, but not a championship ream.

With all these trade rumors this is really the only one that would better the clubs talent. Its a power shift on the starting 5.

PF struggle

I see Milsap getting 14/10 this next year. People are griping that it is still down grading from boozer or that he isn't worth the money we will be paying him. If you think about it, it is a great thing the the contract is so front loaded. We pay him MUCH less his 2nd 3rd and 4th year. It makes Milsap happy and makes great cap space for the Jazz.

Few people average double-doubles and they cost a lot. I like great defense. Don't compare Milsap to Boozer, compare Milsap to his opponents and Boozer to his, there is a big difference, you don't see PF like Villanueva having 35/12 night against Milsap night in and night out.


Hey, Carlos, why don't you go where you are appreciated, play in an environment that is more relaxed and perform like we know you can. Us Alaskans are always backing you up and, we hope you make the right decision.
Who ever gets you will appreciate the points you put up and the rebounds you retrieve.
One note; I hope you decide on a West team where you belong.


Boozer was a huge part of the Jazz team that went to the Western Conference Finals. He's a great player, but he is always hurt and his defensive liabilities show playing next to Okur. He'd be a great 4 next to a shot blocker, but I'd rather have Okur at the 5 so I'm not devistated that he's leaving.

I hope the Jazz look for cap relieve first and foremost - Koufos will be a fine backup to Millsap and provide length against taller teams i.e. Lakers. Plus, the Jazz can get a younger prospect in the draft next year. Big Baby is not the answer and will be too expensive.

Finally, Almond is playing for the Knicks in their summer league and has a sweet dunk clip on NBA.com


lot of good comments out there. The way I see it Milsap is a better defender but worse rebounder and scorer, however Jazz have a ton of offensive power what they lack is defense. Depending on how well Koufos and Fesenko play this year I doubt we will see much of a drop in performance. The benefit is this will put them in position to get a decent shooting guard of small forward in a couple of years which might put the up there in the upper echelon.


I appreciate Carlos' game!

It was pretty clear that he was out of sync when he came back after last season's surgery, but hey, so was the entire team with all 400 different lineups they had to field.

The effort was there (see the playoff numbers people), but running into a determined Laker team was just too much with no one hitting the side of the barn while Memo's back acted up.

"Bye Boozer," the Jazz O is no better than the bottom of the top 1/3 of the league without Booz. With him it was 3rd and 1st, the last 2 seasons.

You NAILED it Re: Re: Annie!

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