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Published: Saturday, July 18 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Best option

Lee is the best PF option but he is also pricy. Lopez from NJ could be a good move and save a lot of money. The Miami deal is bad. A Ty Thomas type player can be had for Harps contract later in the year. Big Baby does not have good wp48 nor EFF48 numbers. He is also short.

The Jazz need to see how good Koufos is. He is up to 280. If his shot has improved and if he has developed his left hand a little he could really help.

If Millsap starts, there is a good possibility that he will average no more than 13/10 and do worse against good teams. He should get better as time goes on and he learns moves.

However, if Millsap is not putting up Boozer numbers the Jazz will need to get a PF or a shooting SG pretty fast.

Even if they have to use their MLE or trade CJ I would like to see them get a shooting SG early in the year.

Then they can wait for the right PF and dump salary before the deadline.

Basketball Mom

Trading Booze to NY would be a mistake because we own their first round pick next year. We wouldn't want to make New York have a better season than they ought to have, would we?!

Much to do about nothing

I know pursuing the Clippers strategic plan of trading all their super stars for role players can be enticing but there is merit in the Jazz's strategic plan of being patient and holding the course. Jerry always said the simple keeping the team together was good for an additional 5 or 6 wins.


Makes a lot of sense if you are LA, POR or DEN. They already have the right players.

Keeping the team together on the Jazz makes no sense at all. It insures the Jazz do not deal with their problems on both offense and defense.

That idea of keeping the team together was just coach PR. It is pretty plain that the team chemistry (the primary reason for continuity) is negative if Boozer stays. He can perform but the rest of the team won't. That is what happened in the playoffs and in the last 10 games of the regular season.

It becomes the Boozer show and that does not win 70% of your games. I have no problem with Boozer playing to Feb or even all season if the Jazz are one of the top 3 teams in the West. However, I doubt if Boozer wants to be in camp and I doubt if Sloan really wants to deal with the headaches.

Boozer's contract are very valuable come Feb. A contender in the East will dig deep and pay big for him.

The Jazz could get a good player (s), a pick and cap relief.

Bye Boozer

The most talented players don't always win championships. The best teams do. And trading Boozer, a talented player, will make the Jazz a better team.

1) Even without Boozer, we have an excellent offense. We have D-Will, Okur, Korver, and the still-improving CJ for 3s and 20-footers; Brewer and AK47 for the dunks and layups and short shots. The bench is OK to good as well.

2) Without Boozer, our defense can only get better. Look for Koufos and Fesenko to be getting many more minutes this year, especially if Collins and maybe Harpring aren't coming back. One good thing about paying the bigger salaries we are to fewer team members is that Sloan will either need to use younger players more, or give more minutes to the core players.

3) Hopefully, Boozer's absence motivates AK and moves him back inside more on offense, where he can be a lot more effective. He's just not an outside shooter - if Hornacek can't help him, nobody can. He should just give up on taking 3s.

Didn't think I'd ever say it, but losing Boozer will be good for the Jazz.

Re: Basketball Mom

I agree 100%. I'm amazed no one in the media seems to have brought up this point. New York is on the brink of being a VERY bad team next year; adding Boozer to their roster would virtually guarantee the Knicks make the playoffs, even with Boozer only playing two-thirds of the season as he usually does.


Leave it to the "Cheap" Jazz to trade someone that might actually get you a player and not get anything in return.... No, don't get any player that can help you, get "CAP" help... This is how you wind a championship for sure.... What a freaking joke these guys are!

Last 2 Championships have gone

To the best players. We don't have them so I would say best this season 5th seed in the playoffs with just going on what we have right now.

Patience-Patience Please

The Jazz have alot of time now to move Boozer. The luxury tax doesn't come into play until the end of the season, and you can always depend on other team injuries, and performaces to get serious just before the trade deadline Feb 15, 2010. I believe the Jazz know exactly what they are doing, and now that Milsap is on board for a terrific price things will play out fine. After all after Paul gets his bonus for the past 2 years his contract is only 6 plus mil per year which is a steal. Go Jazz.


I don't think any of the other teams want him. Seems as though he comes across as undependable and over extends his welcome on the injury scene.


We aren't going to move Boozer anytime soon! Kevin O'Connor is creating a perfect storm that will tear the Jazz apart. At the moment the majority of the teams are proposing unacceptable trades in hopes of stealing Booozer. They believe the Jazz will breakdown with panic as the season nears and will cave. Guess what they won't! We will begin the season with a disgruntled Boozer who has been told he is not apart of the future plans and will have to face the flame from the media and fans about opting out. He will destroy any existing unity in the locker room and tear the team apart. My guess is that we won't move him until the All Star Break. We should be hovering around .500 by then and in complete disarray. Way to go KOC and GM. Another job well done on managing the team.

Interesting how...

Milsap's agent changed his tune in so little time. A week ago he was dissing the Jazz for being disrespectful and saying how Milsap was happy to be leaving. Not this week...guess it all depends on who's signing the checks. Honestly though, the agent of Milsap's that was quoted in this article (the one that's not his uncle) said some of the dumbest things the last couple of weeks. Paul needs to send him packing.

And on the trade front, just send him to the Bulls for Tyrus Thomas. I don't think they are going to find any other deal by waiting it out any better then this one. In Thomas we get a young, athletic talent to develop and save a ton of money also.


enough with all the bashing,boycotts and other stupidity,they matched Millsap,which is what most real Jazz fans wanted,good grief,give em a break,no matter what the front office does some of you cry and moan,lets give it a break,GO JAZZ

Jazz fan

Re: Chicken Little ... er TicketHolder

Don't let your vivid imagination run away with you. If the Jazz start the season with Boozer, Boozer knows he'll have to be on his best behaviour and play hard or he won't get the big contract he wants at the end of the season. My worry is that the Jazz will be too good and then everyone will be wanting the Jazz to keep him and not get anything in return.

Boozer better than Millap

the fans are getting what they want. the jazz should have done everything possible to keep boozer long term and let millsap go. I think jazz ownership reacted to the fans on this and kept millsap. This whole mess will show the jazz made a big mistake with boozer.

Can you say contract year?

Hanging on to Boozer wouldn't be the end of the world. He's in the final year of his current contract, which means he'll be on his best behaviour, do his best to stay healthy, and play his hardest ball this year. We've seen how self-serving he is. I think Boozer is out to get his, and to "get his", he will need to be a model citizen in the locker room, too, even if he's faking it. Any let down in ANY of those areas I've mentioned, and he sees his paycheck for coming years drop dramatically. I say hang on to Booze for a few months, and ride out the risk that he'll show us his best stuff, then we can get someone decent for him in return

It's amazing ...

how smart some people think they are about somebody elses business. As a fan, you're entitled to your opinion and the DMN has given you a forum to spew it forth unabashed. However ...

I don't see the Miller Group executives breaking down your doors to hire you as their next GM. So, check your 'I absolutely know what's best' attitude at the door and remember ... the next time you get your 4-figure paycheck ... you're not in the same league as the Millers or KOC. You have an opinion, and you're welcome to share it but it's only your opinion ... no matter how valuable or correct you think it is.


Do a trade to Detroit for Rip Hamilton, holly crap everybody knows that the Jazz want boozer in a different uniform, and things aint working out for Rip in Detorit. Its not rocket science for heck sakes, it also works on ESPN's Trade Machine I mean heck do it if will improve you chances at winning a title. Then sign Big Baby Davis to a contract, Koufus still needs to develop, and can anybody tell me where Almond went? He would be beter than Kirlenko in the lineup.


OK, here is my prediction (nightmare): Boozer does not get traded before February, plays his heart out and says all the right things to up his value, Jazz fans fall back in love with him again and cry the blues when he leaves. Fickle are we! I just hope the chemistry in the locker room will be OK, no matter what transpires. Go Jazzboys!!

Re: Jazzfan101

Rip Hamilton is the trade of all trades. Then you slide AK to his "true" power forward position like he plays in Europe as a backup to Millsap.

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