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Published: Wednesday, July 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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L.A. Jazz Fan

Kind of interesting I suppose to see what different people have heard. But it is all fluff until it really happens. I have a feeling the Jazz will match Millsap's offer and then trade Boozer. I don't see how you bring that guy back at all after his comments to the radio hosts in Chicago. I read the transcript at the Salt Lake Tribune and he pretty much started talking as if he were a Bull and were put in charge of recruiting Dwyane Wade.

Go Jazz!!!

Udonis Haslem for Boozer? Not

Udonis Haslem is only 6'8" and its doubtful he could be anything but a backup power forward. Beasley is a possibility but he's already had off the court issues so there are red flags that way. I like Carlos Boozer going to Miami where his kids are and think he'll be happier there. I would like to see him stay here for one more year. I really don't think Boozer wants to go to Chicago, Detroit, or New York but he's willing.

Make Blockbuster Trade

I've been speculating trade ideas for weeks now, but I think I found the winner.

Bulls get Boozer
Rockets get AK and Brad Miller
Jazz get TMac, Landry and Chicago's lottery protected 1st

The Rockets supposedly have an offer on the table of TMac for AK. Why we don't do that, I don't know. And you know the Rockets want a one year center to replace Yao while he's hurt. This proposed trade frees up over $3 million for this year, and almost $15 million for next year because we dump overpaid AK. Instead of being in the luxury two years in a row, it's just one. Plus, Landry is like a young Haslem and makes only $3 a year. He'd be a great backup to Millsap.

If we get the Rockets involved

The Jazz don't want T-Mac because he might not play at all next season. If we're going to make a trade with the Rockets, let's just send them Boozer and get Battier and Scola. The salaries are close enough, it gets the Jazz a little payroll relief, and then we have a hard-working power forward in Scola (Millsap can back him up or the other way around) and the defensive stopper in Battier we've needed for a long time (plus, he can hit the 3). Of course, I have no idea why the Rockets would make this trade...


We are better off just keeping Boozer for one more year. We are not going to get a better player back for him. And anyone we get back will cost us just as much as Boozer and for more years. It's better to let him play hard for a new contract and keep him for the year and let him walk at the end. When Boozer wants to play, he can be pretty good.

Re:Scola and Battier

The Rockets will not be foolish enough to send Scola and Battier to Utah for Boozer.

Besides, assuming Scola and Battier are in Utah, they will most likely soon end up becoming tenants of Sloan's doghouse.
Sloan is a master DEMOTIVATOR among NBA coaches.


Gortat for Boozer?

Orlando just inked him and they could use some low-post offense and have all the big d-fense they need. It might put them over the top for a championship and it might give Boozer proximity to Miami.

Rockets trade

Rockets are in great need of a scoring threat without Artest, Yao & McGrady next year, so it is believed they would have great interest in Boozer for that reason. Unknown is how much they covet Scola (who always seems to dominate against the Jazz) and Battier who everyone loves for his defense and 3 pointers. If they would do this trade, the Jazz should jump in NOW!


It seems to me that nobody wants him or the trades would have been made. What if we get stuck with him here nad another injury riddled season of poor attitude develops.
I just thin we're stuck with him.

re: Scola and Battier

Both of these players are exactly the type that Sloan likes--hard working defenders and no nonsense.

Your comments just demonstrate your blind stupidity towards Sloan.

The reason the Rockets WOULD make this trade is they have absolutely NO SCORING on their team right now.

What is their plan to score with no McGrady and no Yao?

Let me guess, throw it into the "3-point post" and let Ariza light it up? Be serious. He is nothing but an opportunist who totally relies on a low post presence for all his wide open looks.

The Rockets do not have any player left that even resembles a serious scoring threat--Bozo is a perfect solution 1 year deal for them.

Best trade?

Boozer for Hinrich!

Hey, Miles

The reason we don't just keep Boozer for the year is that he walks next year and we get nothing. I'd like to see Odom come here, give the Lakers Boozer and AK or CJ.

todd on re"scola and battier"



bad news new york likes morris almond as he scored 17 points last night, i was so thrilled when we drafted him a couple of years back but the jazz brass didn't like him maybe big mistake as would be funny if he helped them win a lot of games and we would not get a good pick with new yorks draft pick. sloan is a loser.


There's no sense in trading Boozer unless we get something decent in return. He is in a contract year, which should extrapolate to a great season. Then, he'll come off the books in 2010 and he'll be in a saturated free-agent market.


Boozer wants to be a Bull, and could be the primary advocate for luring 2-guard Dwyane Wade, eh?

Sounds like a perfect opportunity to nab John Salmons in a deal, from Chicago.

No rockets trade

"Bulls get Boozer
Rockets get AK and Brad Miller
Jazz get TMac, Landry and Chicago's lottery protected 1st"

Doesn't work for salary reasons. Each team, if over the cap (which all 3 are in your scenario) have to take in a similar amount of salary as they send out in a trade. Houston getting AK & Brad Miller (combined $28 million next year) is far above Chicago taking Boozer's $12.7 mil deal. Try using ESPN's trade machine next time.


@Hey Miles.....If we don't trade Boozer we do get something in return. We get 12.5 million off the books for next year to sign a free agent. That's a lot of money to convince a great player to come play in Utah. Boozer is worth more to us a Jazz player than to trade him. Plus with Korver and Harpring's money off the books, we would have over 20 million to play with for free agents. I say keep Boozer.

Henry Drummond

I bet he gets traded for a first round non-lottery protected draft pick and cash.


Here's my thoughts. Trading with NewYork is a bad move because, despite how much he's been a pain for Utah, he still can score & would help them win some games. We have their pick this year & don't want them to win any more games. Lee is a nice, athletic, rebounder. However, the Jazz need someone who can hit a J in the pick'n'roll at the PF spot. Lee isn't too strong there. Same goes with any deal they make unless they re-sign Millsap. The PF has to have a mid-range shot. The guy who I'm interested in is Okafor. Shot blocker, decent post game & an OK jump shot. If there was any way to grab him AND sign Millsap, I think that would be the way to go. I believe we should either use Boozer to get a starter or trade for a guy who will be gone next year for cap space. No sense getting someone like Scola who would just use cap space and not be a high quality starter.

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