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Published: Wednesday, July 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I just heard from a Lakers fan here in the dirty south Boozer for Bynum. That would be good with a draft pick thrown in the mix. PULL THE TRIGGER UTAH!


better take the Blazer's offer. Can't beat the 10 million up front. He would be crazy not to take it...

Hey moron

that posted on Milsap taking the Blazer's offer, Milsap has already agreed and signed the offer sheet from the Blazer's so maybe just maybe know what your talking about before something dribbles out your mouth.


dont expect any fireworks guys. jazz are gonna keep boozer and millsap and see how good they are till february comes


I'll miss Boozer and Millsap if or when they leave the Jazz for sure, but life goes on. Perhaps the Jazz will have some special tricks up their collective sleave for this up and coming season with the current line-up. Fingers crossed, I's dotted and T's crossed too.

KJZZ Lover

Boozer for Udonis, great back-up PF for Paul Milsap, great price.

Still Jazzed

Trade Boozer FOR Millsap!!!
How cool would it be for the Jazz not to match the Blazers offer and then turn around and trade Boozer to Portland for Millsap. That would be the deal of the year. Mark my words, that's what they are working on right now - or at least should be.


The Jazz Lose a Great Player in Boozer, Booz is 10 times the player Milsap will ever be. Thank You Boozer, Your a hell of player, Jazz fans dont realise what they have, until reality smacks em up side the head

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