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Published: Wednesday, July 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Winning an NBA championship is 40% talent, 40% team dynamics, and 20% coaching. The Jazz advantage has always been team dynamics and to some degree coaching. I hate to say it, but Phil Jackson is the best coach in the league because he is a master of team dynamics. He can take a talented but sad excuse for a human being named Kobe and turn him into a team player and leader! THAT's great coaching.

So the moves the Jazz are making are not about talent. They're about team dynamics. D-Will is an outstanding talent and an outstanding leader. He can take us to a championship even without outstanding talent.

Sloan's is a mature player's coach. He forces rookies and immature, self-centered players to grow up or get shipped out. Who does Sloan like? Hint: he picks maturity over raw talent every time.

For great examples of mature players with a great team dynamic, just look at D-Will, Okur, Brewer, Korver, and Millsap. They're winners. AK-47 is the key - if he grows up mentally, the Jazz could win it by having the best team dynamic in the NBA.


Gortat for Boozer?

Gortat PPG - 3.3 RPG 3.2 APG .1
Boozer PPG - 16.2 RPG 10.4 APG 2.1

Seems like a good trade for us. bostonjazzfan, I am glad you are not in charge. I think we need to get rid of boozer but don't forget what he is worth.


Hey boneheads, educate yourselves a little on how the CBA works. Gortat can't be traded for at least 1 year by the Magic because he was a restricted free agent that was offered a contract by another team, but matched by his old team. Same applies currently to CJ. He can't be traded until 1 year from the time he signed his contract.

Adding to "thankyoucard"

In addition, Orlando cannot trade Gortat until Dec 15th because of the rules surrounding the match of Restricted Free Agents, and when they can trade him, if he doesn't like the deal he can veto it until this time next year. Even if Gortat were a good option, The salaries don't match and Orlando is WAY over the cap so another team would need to get involved.


Boozer for Amare Stoudemire. Stoudemire has one year left as well. He's coming off eye surgery, so Phoenix is a little nervous giving him an extension. I would love to see D-Will, Amare and Okur on the floor together.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there is no way that a trade for Bosh will happen! We don't have anyone of enough value to get a deal like that done unless we give up DWill. Like I said It just won't happen. I don't think we really stand a chance next offseason when he's a free agent either. If you really paid attention to what is going on in the NBA you would realize that there a million other teams who have been dumping players for the last year and a half to make salary room in preperation to sign Bosh. We don't have the capabillity to keep up with those teams financially in order to get him. Not to mention Utah is the least desireable place for players to come to. We need to look into someone who isn't being targeted by every other team in the NBA! I think that a guy like David West would fit in great in our offense. it would be awesome if we could somehow trade booz and someone else for him and then let millsap go to Portland. Just wishful thinking though.


@ Ol

"With his history of Matador defense isn't it ironic that Snoozer would be a good addition to the 'Bulls'?"

No one will try to convince you that Boozer is a good defender, but luckily for the Bulls they have a guy who could potentially make up for his defensive shortcomings in Joakim Noah. I think the Bulls would be very comfortable telling Booze to focus mostly on scoring and rebounding because of what Noah offers defensively. It's a perfect combination of bigs, one offense, one defense. That's the thing Boozer Haters just refuse to wrap their head around. Boozer's defense is bad, but it never helped he had someone equally as bad playing next to him in Okur. Yet, Boozer is the one who will continually be maligned for his defense, while Jazz fans will continue to cheer Okur for playing offense like a guard, being a mediocre rebounder, and playing the regular "matador" defense himself. Go figure!


Ya Right a leader always hurt on the bench!!!




I think that we should package AK and Boozer for Howard and Pietrus of Orland. Ir would give them immediate cap space. I am sure that in this economy they would jump on that deal.


I think it is quite funny how ya'll hate Boozer so much yet you have put up with Sloan for so many years.


I partially agree that KFAN's coverage has been biased, but Locke does his homework and at least trys to put on a good show. Even if the Jazz front office makes him say things for spin control, he is still better than the alternative.

Buckley does a better job though than both radio stations. Interested in your own show T-Buck?


Would be nice, but because gortat was signed as a restricted free agent, he cant be traded for a year. Kind of like last year where we signed CJ and couldnt include him in a trade after that.

todd from santa ana

rock, buckley and gennessey

The best 3 in the business


Milsap will make an excellent starting PF. I always liked him. As for Booz, Utah can ship him because he's good trade bait, you have a reliable fill in, and he's costing a bunch for someone you can get cheaply in Millsap.

Chicago for Tyrus Thomas would be a good trade. Even Joakim Noah and Thomas will make the Boozer trade happen.

millsap's great, but

not at that price! let him go. trade boozer and AK (can't we at least send AK to europe??). Try to get someone like BOSH, Odom, Tyrus Thomas, etc to start. how about David Lee or Big Baby as a backup (i think they'll both be cheaper than Millsap)? i love Millsap, i just don't see him as a starter.

Resign Korver

lock him up for about 3 years,he`s in his prime,works hard and is a credit to the Jazz and our city,GO KORVER,GO SLC,GO SLOAN

re JR

why don`t we just trade miles straight across for kome,would give todds team some money for 2010

louisiana jazz man

idtazz 12 mpetrie ditto paul is devoted what are you talking about? agent talks about money to the press and you want him gone? agents are payed to talk about money.


Re: Everyone knows Boozer 12:54 AM

the Jazz " . . . can replace him for cheap . . ."

With who? You say the Jazz can, as others have similary said. But, with whom? And how can they do it? Why hasn't it already been done? I think the Jazz organization are experts in this area and know what's best for their team. It is apparant to me that they are doing their best. I don't think they want to throw money around just to be spending it, without getting someone that would be good for the organization. When they got Boozer, everyone was elated. Now, after some bad luck with injuries, many are criticizing the Jazz for getting Boozer in the first place. Come on, guys, lets give the Jazz organization a chance. They have done very well over the years - they are trying to have a good team, stay profitable, and be competitive every year. I don't think we can ask more for a small market team. If the taam gets lucky, perhaps we'll win a championship one day.

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