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Published: Wednesday, July 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To Olé

Well said:0)


I wouldn't trade Boozer. Let him finish out the year. That way the Jazz do not take on any other bloated contract in the trade. Boozer is more valuable to keep than trade at this point with his expiring contract. Same with AK, Korver and Harpring. If you trade them, you have to get a great player because you take on the same amount of pay.

Big Baby

Anybody have any thoughts on the possibility of acquiring Big Baby as a back up for Milsap. This of course assuming that Booz is gone. I saw that he should be offered between 3-5 million by either the Pistons or Mavs. Thoughts?

ha ha lol boozer a leader?!

he's been in the nba for a few yrs and it's obvious he did'nt realize what expectations there actually are when you sing a contract for 12 mil and don't ever produce. i would say that he produced for the jazz but never ever did. obviously had himself a few decent games where he was a machine but that very same 'machine' ended up being a recall because it is very defective. boozer came from a prissy ssa college and only knows $$ and not actual work. millsap came from karl malone's college and we all know what karl malone did for the jazz while he was here.

We all know

that the Jazz are going to make a stupid, stupid move. Even if they trade Boozer for cap relief, the Jazz are handcuffed even next year because of AK. This year is going to be a lost cause anyway--unless you can trade Boozer for Bosh, which won't happen--so you might as well take any trade you can get to unload AK. Even if we got TMac, he is off the books in time for the FA class of 2010, just in time to try and lure a very, very good FA. As it stands, the Jazz will be the same team next year as they will be this year; so get used to it. The Jazz HAVE to trade both Boozer and AK. THEY HAVE TO.


Gortat for Boozer?

Orlando just inked him and they could use some low-post offense and have all the big d-fense they need. It might put them over the top for a championship and it might give Boozer proximity to Miami.

Paul is devoted

Too bad you or your rep mentioned money in the press or to the fans in Utah. You really will be Boozers backup.... all the way out of town. With that you just fell out of favor.

Paul does not have the body to play starter PF in NBA and so when the team fails to score the necessary 90-100 points a game it will be his fault and the fault of his contract. If I were Paul I would run to Portland.

Sloan did not seem to care when we lost last year, KOC is being handled by the league and players, as in the tail wagging the dog. I would say the Jazz are ready to compete...NOT!!

This year we won't even be able to compete in the D league as our bright spot there (Almond) was picked up by Knicks.

When Almond gets a hot hand he can really score. On the Jazz we had Boozer who could really score but he is being traded. We did however sign Ronnie Price again and he averages 3-4 points per game. Does anyone wonder how or who is going to provide the offense?

Add a lot as a leader

and let me tell you about a bridge I have for sale in Brooklyn...

Like many other selfish people, Boozer doesn't understand that his individual production isn't the measure of his value to the team. Sometimes in optimizing a part, you sub-optimize the whole.


I'd like to see him in beautiful Sacramento or maybe Memphis where he call wallow around in street clothes and obscurity.
Cleveland , today, has no remorse that he back doored them on the way here.

Re: What's this T-Mac Thing?

Obviously you don't know anything about it. Kirilenko has 2 years on his contract while tmac only has 1 year left. It would be nice if he played but if he is hurt all season it doesn't really matter. It also gives our young guys a chance to get more playing time and experience. I can't stand when people make ignorant post like that. They are the ones that say signing Millsap is mistake. We need to do the right thing. Why hasn't KOC traded for Bosh? If KOC could get Bosh w/o giving up Dwill then it would take a blink of an eye to get the deal done

All about "Me"

Being "me" first is bad enough, being "all about me" is worse. Boozer is all about Boozer. I don't even buy it when he says "What's best for my family and me." People who are about "we" don't say "My family and me," they say, "What's best for my family."

Who in their right mind would want to be in a foxhole with Boozer with their life on the line? He has no character.

There is no "I" in team? There is no "team" in Boozer.

Boozer Strikes Again!!!

This guys incessant narcissistic behavior is thoroughly amazing.

His selfishness transcends even most athletes.

What purpose does Boozer announcing on the radio that "the Jazz said X and I agreed and I am going to be traded" serve?

It serves no purpose other than Boozer to force a trade and it makes the trade more difficult because now it appears to put the Jazz in a desperate situation.



He also tried to force a trade and how did that pan out? He also went public with his wishes and how did that work out for him?

MARK MY WORDS--The Jazz have a history of not trading players UNLESS they feel they are getting adequate value in return.

How funny to bring Boozer back and sit him on the bench behind Millsap!!!

He is pushing to get somewhere else so he can still "get his raise either way" and sign his extension to take care of his family that has left him.

Boozer is such a low-life loozer.

One day he will wake up and realize his legacy was just lies and deceipt.


the Jazz could trade AK and the NY pick for Bosh or Dirk or something and then turn around and do a sign and trade Boozer for Lee with NY....


Boozer has to go. If he stays, he will work hard to get his points at the expense of the team. He will be divisive in the locker room, and he won't play Defense. I would much rather have a happy Milsap who works hard and is a true leader by example, then Boozer, who always talks about being a leader, even though he doesn't know the first thing about leadership. Look at his history, the guy is an aloof pretty boy who wears an Armani suit to the games more than he does a Jazz uniform.

Blazer fan

Let Millsap go to Portland.


A Portland Fan


I'm glad to hear that the Jazz will not just take the first low ball offer that comes their way for Boozer. I lean towards just letting him finish out this year if there isn't a fantastic trade opportunity.

And to all you cheapos that think Millsap is too expensive...I think you are nuts. It's not your money anyway. He is only expensive this ONE year. After that the contract is very reasonable. Consider this first year as back pay for the years that he has been the lowest paid player on the team.

Sound like D-Will is in constant touch with KOC (according to a few sources). That is good. It is important to hear what he wants and thinks is good for the team. He would know better than all these dumb fans that are ready to throw away such a hard worker (Millsap)because of a stupid signing bonus.

This will all work out well.

i think

that ole's commennt has been the best so far :)


Boozer a leader, eh? That guy is a joke.

The Jazz don't want Boozer, and Loozer doesn't want the Jazz, but the advantage is to the Jazz. If they don't get a legit offer, they keep him and Loozer will be motivated to play well to get a long term contract next year, so they'll benefit from his play (hopefully).

If he's a cancer in the locker room and the team, then Sloan benches him and plays Milsap until Loozer shuts his hole and decides to play nice.

Him as a leader?!?!? Now that is funny. He's a great example of how to take an organization's money and screw them over.

We shouldn't be too surprised by his actions...just think back to what he did to Cleveland.



You don't have to take back the same salary. The Maximum salary the Jazz would even consider is taking 75 or 80% of the salary. The Jazz are not going to pay 13 million in taxes this year. It is not going to happen.

Even if Boozer, Korver and Harpring all come off the books next off season and assuming the Jazz are not going to match Millsap - The Jazz will not have any money next off season.

There is absolutely no Advantage for keeping Boozer


KFAN is getting pretty shoddy with their reporting. Locke and all of his anonymous sources always seem to be on the wrong side of Jazz news. Personally, I think Locke either makes stuff up or says what the the Jazz ownership (his boss) wants him to.

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