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Published: Wednesday, July 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Everyone knows Boozer

is moving when the Jazz get the right offer. It will not hurt anything to play him up to Feb. If the Jazz are a top 3 team in the West they may even want to consider keeping him for the rest of the year.

I think it is best to let Millsap go. He is not the ideal PF for the Jazz for the next 4 years and is very expensive this first year. That hurts efforts to improve the team in other areas by trading Boozer.

By keeping Millsap the Jazz over pay again. They pay tax to rivals. They lose the chance to get the right combination of players for a championship. Sloan will insist on playing Millsap for the next 4 years which will insure no ring in the next 4 years. He and Okur together are weaker on offense than Okur and Boozer and they are not much better on defense. The Jazz will be a sieve for the next 4 years.

Millsap's back up numbers can be easily replaced for cheap. The Jazz have time to replace Boozer.

Neither Boozer nor Millsap are the right answer at PF. Lee might be.


Boozer a leader? Now that's funny stuff.

Sick and

tired of this story. Just move him already. He's obviously already emotionally gone anyways. And I don't even care if we keep Millsap anymore. If I were owner, I would do whatever DWill wanted me to do.


I really do want a trade for the Jazz, Evans from the bulls seems promising. But I am thinking the best thing to do is keep him for this next season, he will have no choice but to work his butt off and play well in order to get traded, then when his stock goes up we can make a great trade that will make fans in utah happy. Chris Bosh is one that comes to mind, or josh smith, if boozer has a good year we could trade straight up for a player of bosh or smiths caliber. just an idea.


what did you say Boozer "they(Bulls organization) are very professional there"? will you look in the mirror first before you said that.. Boozer you've been in two teams in your career, what happens? the fans hated you in those two teams, now you are talking professionalism?


Great point, what does Dwill think. He has been quiet. He is the real leader, and person the Jazz need to build around

Millsap's contract a value

I agree with you "Everyone Knows Boozer". Millsap is not a cornerstone PF. However, I think his contract is a great value giving us the opportunity to pursue a guy like David Lee using Boozer's contract. Regardless, a front court of Okur and Millsap is adequate if we could get more help at SG or SF. We also have to find a way to dump AK since his contract kept us from taking our roster to the next level while we had Booz.

Boozer Still Has No Clue

"Great organization, top-notch from top to bottom," Boozer, speaking to WMVP, said of the Bulls. "They do things very professionally there.

Right?!? I recall they were real professional to break up a championship team when Jordan was there.

@Sick and

According to some notes, DWILL wants Millsap in the team, i think he is not sure about Booz.

Dr Jazz

After the 1st yr Millsap will be a bargain. I think they will match and I wouldn't be surprised that in a yr they get another PF. Maybe even a starter and Millsap is the reserve energy Guy.

The whole thing improves in 2 yrs when A.K. comes of the books. This next two yrs are very important b/c if we haven't fixed this by the 3rd yr we will lose Dwill.

KOC's gotta go too

Fire KOC and bring in Stockton to replace him.


With his history of Matador defense isn't it ironic that Snoozer would be a good addition to the "Bulls"?


Dwill when asked if he has talked to Boozer said we have text messaged a couple of times since the season ended. His other team mates he seems to be in contact with him constantly including Korver, Milsap, Brewer, Price, and Miles. Not sure about Memo and AK.
But Dwill not even talking to Boozer I would think says volumes about how the PG feels about him. I think it also goes to the point that Boozer divided the locker room last year when he returned and I think it is hard to play basketball when you have a guy on your team you can't stand and does not deserve to start and yet he comes back and starts in front of Milsap. And the way the players have talked about how bad they want Milsap back I think you can see what caused the Locker room split.
And don't kid yourself that DWill did not have a say in asking management to ship Boozer out of here but you can't tell the press the the PG is making some of the choices. I like that he is active in those decisions.


I recall the Bulls blowing up the team, also. Reinsdorf (owner) and Krause (GM) let go not only Jordan, but Pippen, and practically the entire team. Reinsdorf wouldn't pay Pippen.

The Bulls have made the postseason a grand total of 2 times since then, I think.

I'd have to think Boozer's numbers would drop off in Chi-Town. Rose still likes to shoot more than pass.

re: Fire KOC

KOC had to wait and see who would opt in/out before he could really start to work some deals. DWILL said the same thing in his interview last Saturday.

Good Story

It's nice to see some good, unbiased reporting from Buckley and the D-News. KFAN and especially David Locke have been doing a shameful job of spinning things the way Jazz manangement want. KFAN's bias and inability to be critical have made it a station to be shunned.

Whats This T-Mac Thing?

If you get rid of one bloated contract why "O" why would you jump back into the same situation again? It makes no sense, T-Mac is not a team player flat out and you all seen how Houston did after he went down. If your going to throw out the baby get rid of the water too. I also believe that signing Milsap will be a mistake, now is the time to trim and shop. In other words get it right this time!

Who cares...

..its just Basketball. These clowns make too much money, while the rest of us suffer.


I don't understand why people are crying about Millsap being too expensive. Look at this as a whole! We've had him for 3 years and only had to pay $790,000 a year for his numbers! Consider this up front money a reimbursement. After the first year, he's going to be paid what I thought he should be. $7-$8 million. That's about the average for someone with his production. So, in a sense... Millsap is one of the biggest bargains the Jazz have on the team. Because if the Jazz match, we've paid him an average annual salary of about $5.5 million.

That's a bargain.

Jo Mamma

I hope Chicago has room on the back row for Boozer and his street clothes. Carlos 'I can't play with a hang nail' Boozer being a leader on a team. That would be a nice change.

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