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Published: Tuesday, July 14 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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That is COOL!

Amazing...I don't care who you root for--that mural is incredible! THANKS FOR SHARING!


That was amazing. Creative piece of work, and a good choice for a picture!

Really Fun...

I don't think that's gonna be great for the re-sale value of your home, but I assume someone who drops $15K on a wall of golf tees with kids in college isn't planning on moving any time soon. It looks like a fun project nonetheless.

Boise State Fan

Just what I thought: A BYU player has the ball and the Utes are chasing him. Just another Cougar win!!!


As my dad would say... "money wasted like that is obscene" You couldn't just put up a picture and then help the homeless? So many ways to help people and we do stupid stuff like this. WOW.


Very very cool. Well done!


Wow! Amazing work!

BYU 33 utah 31

Another great Cougar win! yewts are still our little sister.


Just the wrong teams on the mural, but cool looking.

Great Wall; Lame Writing

This is amazing. Great idea to highlight it in the DesNews. However, one more freakin' golf clich and I might puke!


You earned the money spend it how you want that is a beautiful picture.

Matt in VA

I don't care if the picture was of Harline in the end zone (for BYU fans) or the Sugar Bowl victory (for U fans). I think these people need to get a life. Creative and interesting, but way, way over the top. It says loud and clear: my life is watching football and playing golf. At least the art student got something out of it.

re: Boise State Fan


Another Cougar fan parading as someone else to make their jab look more impressive. After all how could a Cougar fan talk any smack to a Ute after watching them accomplish your goal last year.

So basically the equation now goes like this:

Utah > TCU > Boise State > BYU



Big projects like that are worth the effort (the expense? Well, that's another story...). They bring people together and unleash creativity towards something profound and lasting.

Very nicely done.

TO: Anonymous | 7:28

Mr Righteous,
Get off your high horse. You contribute much less to society by complaining about what everyone else does, and I'm sure you do complain about EVERYONE!



What was BYU's goal last year?


Of all the football scenes they could have chosen, they picked a very....interesting one.

I'm not sure a fumbled snap would have been my choice, but to each their own.


Here is a brief economics lesson for you. A man has $15,000 dollars. Instead of giving it away so that it never amounts to more than $15,000 (as you suggest) he gives two people a job creating a mural for his wall. The makers of the tees, the paint, the drill and the artists themselves get paid. They in turn buy things with the money earned and the cycle continues. More people are benefited than if the money was just given away. The effect of the $15,000 spent is, in effect, limitless.

I APPLAUD this man for providing jobs for fellow Americans and doing his part to stregnthen our economy.

re: homer

"Quest For Perfection"

You've probably still got your shirt on as we speak.


This is a great project idea. I need more info on how to do this. Do the tees go all the way into the wall? Do you have to glue them in place? I'd love to do this with a favorite family photo.

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