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Published: Monday, July 13 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Well.... that was an informative article!
Any chance of elaborating on who the Miami Heat are supposed to be trading in order to get Boozer??

todd to above

to matt, minor detail. As i tried to explain last night before being edited, NBA Tv felt that the Jazz would keep Boozie and match Millsaps offer. Insiders reported that O COnnor will meet with the MIller family this week and get approval, as basically felt the Jazz could go with the tax for this year.

AS I predicted all along it would mean basically the same great formula that led us to a title in 2009 being the same roster for 2010.

This article, of course does not point who the Heat player would be so I say

Another false alarm. I will not be fooled this time

Season Ticket Holder

I just shelled out $5,000 on my season tickets for next season. I hope its worth it.

Apollo Sun

Exactly Matty G! What a pointless, speculative article. The Heat trade rumor is purely based on DWade saying that he would like to play with Boozer (when asked if he would like to play with Boozer). Wow what a groundbreaking revelation! So to make up for the lack of concrete information to report, the rest of the article tells us of the by now well-documented trade rumors earlier in the summer (Detroit and Bulls). I mean i'm no journalist, but surely as a local newspaper with press access you'd be able to actually find out stuff we don't know. Reveal WHO the Jazz are still thinking of trading for. Give potential ideas of WHO the Jazz could still trade for within the salary-cap. Question the Jazz management on a daily basis like ESPN and others seem to do!

STEP IT UP!!!!!!!

Rumors and more rumors

How many times do the rumored trades actually happen? Not that often. More often than not, real trade deals are put together that no one hears about.

Sounds like the Jazz are starting to get really desperate. Hopefully that doesn't cause them to do something really dumb.

Diggity Dave

Miami has a trade exception for $4.2 million dollars. They can't pair that with another player, but they can do two seperate trades.

Let's say the $4.2 million TPE for C.J. Miles, then Mark Blount/Dorell Wright for Carlos Boozer. At this point, everyone knows Utah is desperately trying to dump Boozer and match Millsap's offer sheet. No way they get anything resembling fair value.

If the Heat can add Iverson and Boozer, it'll make Wade happy and absolutely allow them to compete this year.


That comment by C.J. left me flabbergasted. A professional basketball player, fresh off a fairly substantial offer (and pay raise!) from Oklahoma City that the Jazz matched-with months notice that he had a chance to start- only trained to play 15 minutes a game?!? Wow. C.J.'s mentality in letting something like that come out of his mouth speaks volume. He doesn't have what it takes and should be shipped out with Boozer. In 20+ years of closely following the NBA, and playing team sports my whole life, I can not think of another example where I have ever heard anybody with maturity and pride take on that philosophy.


Diggity Dave,
The Jazz would have to be stupid to make that deal. That is not even remotely close to fair value. The Jazz essentially get nothing but a tiny bit of tax relief. The last time the Jazz did something purely motivated by money they ended up passing on Tony Parker. Hopefully they learned from that.

Plus, if it is still possible to turn Boozer into Tyrus Thomas, they need to do it. It is not a fair trade to be sure, but at least Thomas has some upside and plays defense. I say keep working with Chicago and see what you can come up with.


Rumors, rumors and more rumors. Just go with the flow, folks.


Boozer to Miami

Bealey and Blount to Utah.....

By the time the rumor starts floating/reported.....its already a failed negotiation!

Boozer to Miami

Thats a real stretch out of what DWade said. Somebody is really reaching trying to find a way to justify his job...........Just another media freak stiring the pot.

Boozer for Deng!!!

Let's offer Carlos Boozer for Luol Deng straight up. The salaries match up and the Jazz would get a couple of million in relief. The Bulls have John Salmons now playing the 3 spot so Deng becomes expendable. Move Kirilenko to the 4 behind Millsap and play Deng at the 3 with CJ off the bench.
Starting lineup:

What a solid group that would be!


Lucas Learn to read. CJ did not say he trained to play 15 minutes. He like all players in their first full year of playing, hit a wall. Now he realizes that he has to get stronger (no revelation there) and push himself to the next level. That is a positive thing unlike your bad spin on the matter.


THE JAZZ ARE GOING TO TRADE BOOZER AND TAKE BACK 5 TO 6 MILLION IN SALARY. Their goal is to get to around 76 million salary. The team that is going to get Boozer is going to have 2 contracts of valuable players. Boozer will go to that team. One of the salaries will go to Utah the other will go to a team that is under the cap.

This is how the Utah Portland and Chicago trade went down: Boozer goes to Chicago - Tyrus Thomas goes to the Jazz and Heinrich goes to Portland.

Right now they do not have Millsap so any trade would be like trading Boozer for what ever cheap (under 5 million piece) and Millsap for Boozer. Tyrus Thomas and Millap for Boozer is a smoking deal Salary goes from 12.5 million to 15 million - +2.5 million in salary.

Now Deng and Millsap - is great on value but it adds nine million in salary


trade boozer for bosh! trade ak for tmac!
starting line up
that line up has 5 potentil allstars


I would love to see the Boozer/Rip Hamilton trade go through. He would be an excellent fit for Utah.

the trade

The trade would be Michael Beasley for Carlos Boozer! a potential all star for a 2 time all star. I love the trade and i hope the jazz get it done!!!


Trade Boozer for Beasley & cash.

DONT resign Milsap...Save money & Start AK at 4, use Beasly to back-up AK, and than pick up solid 4 next free-agency with saved money from this year...such as AMare Stodamire, West, Bosh or any other great player in the 2010 class.

And than with one year remaining, trade AK for a solid player.

Re The Trade

How many times do you people need to be told that to consumate a trade today by the NBA & Players union you have to take back at least 75% of the value of your man? Beasley is in a rookie contract staus therfore there is approx 8 mil difference, now what are ou going to do? Let Jazz management figure out what to do they are the ones that did the digging.

Regarding Boozer

Tell him to stay in Miami until something is worked out regarding a trade or whatever. He is dissention, and cancer that is not needed in SLC. Just bite your bullet Jazz.

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