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Published: Monday, July 13 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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@ Steve-O

I obviously had a brain lapse. How could I forget Kirilenko when discussing a lack of financial flexibility? Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

Jazz Cop

Has there ever been a more obnoxious agent? The comparison of salaries between varejao marion and millsap makes me think millsap is getting overpaid, for what millsap does--you're not suppossed to pay that much for hustle, marion can drive and score and varejao is bigger than millsap, a better defender, better scorer, fouls less, has a better jump shot and makes less mistakes. Talking about the player you represent is one thing, but his uncle has insulted jazz managment and fans--not just by saying the jazz dropped the ball when they literally had their hands tied behind their backs, but by proposing that the jazz were trying to go cheap on millsap, and creating hype that millsap has the same kind of impact as varejao and marion, which isn't the case. Seven mill a year which the jazz offered is the high end of millsaps worth, midlevel is what he would've gotten from any other team that wasn't trying to punk the jazz. His uncle talks like the jazz owe millsap, the jazz gave him his chance, developed him, and then offered a good contract-and his uncle talks like there isn't loyalty?

portland fan in provo

Ya'll just got pritch-slapped by the master. Very toxic offer. Here is the deal. To dear paul: the blazers had 9 million in cap room and wanted to make a good deal, that isn't financial irresponsibility, it is in fact the smartest thing the blazers could do. you guys shoul seriously let millsap go, trade or keep boozer for a year. just let ol' paul go. The only downside is how good the division rivals in portland are going to be. He adds so much versatility to their lineups. plus, potland is the slowest offensive team in the league (for those of you who don't know) so millsap's big body will help with rebounding and so much more. Their smallball with millsap will still be a huge body. This is seriously perfect for portland so get scared all you fans here in Utah.

Sloan Quote

"We want everybody back," Jazz coach Jerry Sloan said. "We think if we can keep everybody healthy and learn how to do some things a little bit better after being together for a year or so, hopefully that will help us become a better team."

80 million plus luxury tax penalties for a team that can't contend.

How does Sloan fix the defense? A healthy Boozer does not do that. How does Sloan fix the back to back problems. He won't change his rotations and use his depth so why overpay Millsap? How does Sloan fix the bad road record?

The Sloan philosophies like "continuity", "talk only defense", "rigid rotations" and "veteran biases" plus over paying are why the Jazz will never get a ring no matter how much they pay.

Keep drinking the Sloan "snake oil" it will cure all of the problems.

There will be injuries and there is no reason to believe Sloan has any solutions to the above problems that have been obvious for years.

Don't destroy the Jazz by signing Millsap. He can be replaced. The market is dropping. Stay out of debt.

Change coaches and get a championship.

We focused on the wrong

criteria. Instead of being worried about the luxury tax or being able to move Boozer or if it is a good deal, we should evaluate the following;

1. How does the defense get improved without sacrificing the offense? What players can be replaced/added under the tax who will solve this problem?

2. How to solve the back to backs? Is this a player problem or a coaching problem? Even with depth Sloan will still not alter his rotations to win the second game.

3. How to get a winning road record? This seems to be a leadership problem both in coaching and the players. It also require a different approach to the game, intense defense and scoring with fewer fouls.

The team is a system. Changing a player or two may make some difference. Changing the coach would make a great difference.

Next years problem

At the end of last year, teams were disrupting the PG play and preventing the Jazz from getting into their sets. I am not sure but Millsap's lack of skill and Boozer being less than 100% may have been a factor.

However, if the problem is in the PG and not the PF how do the Jazz fix that major problem?

The Jazz seem to be fixated on paying the luxury tax for a mediocre team when they should be making the changes necessary to fix years worth of problems plus this new problem.

There is something wrong with the Jazz organization. They focus on the wrong problems and refuse to address their real weaknesses. They delude themselves by insisting that "continuity" will solve the very real problems that have been intractable for years.

What is wrong with the Jazz? Why can't they address the real weaknesses instead of pretending that they will go away by doing the same thing over again?

Organizations have personalities just like people. Some have dysfunctional personalities. The Jazz are very competent in some aspects but they seem
schizophrenic (divorced from reality) in others.

Who is responsible for making a better team?


would be the logical choice to replace Sloan. Not only does he know the strengths and weaknesses of the Sloan system but he knows those of every other system. He had to run or defend against every system out there and he knows them in a way (from playing) that Sloan does not.

He is smarter than Sloan. He will demand defense and intensity from the players or he will replace them quickly. He is less likely to over pay. He should be more flexible and adaptable than Sloan. He will go for the juggler of other teams quickly instead of ignoring opportunities and insisting on continuity. If it is not working it will get fixed quickly.

Sloan is only part of the problem but he is a big problem. He will get you into the playoffs and that type of security is seductive to management. The probability of him winning a championship without changing his ways and enough players is like winning the lottery.

Greg seems to be serious about winning. Doing it Sloan's way will financially break the Jazz.

Millsap is not worth 2 years of luxury tax. It will prevent the team from good players.


You complain endlessly about Sloan yet he has taken his team twice to the NBA finals and would have won twice if it not were for THE BEST player ever named Jordan.

You complain he can't develop talent and yet the Thunder offered decent money for CJ last year. Portland offers big money for Millsap this year. Who can argue that Brewer has not panned out and developed well (except for his jumpshot--arm issue). Deron Williams has turned out fairly well also.

Strange we have so many teams that want all the players that you claim Sloan has not developed.

Last season basically everyone believed we had a decent shot to contend. Injuries decimated the team and prevented that. We still were talking about a chance at a 2nd seed with 10 games to go in the season!! Even with all the injuries to our key star players.

Sloan may not be the best but he is obviously top tier of what is available.

Many of you ignorant fans immediately equate trades with improving. What they are is "attempts" to get better that statistically more often than not do NOT work.


Has anyone said that Millsap earned less that $300,000 a year the last couple of years. 19 double doubles in a row,(an unheard of feat)and he was one of the least paid players in the league, let alone the lowest on the Jazz. So would $10 million up front sound good to you? This is the first real money that Millsap will have in his bank account. I think he has earned it, and deserves it, but his uncle hasn't done anything but run his mouth. Millsap should hustle and gag him.


Simmons talks like this is a done deal! He talks as if the jazz have wronged millsap for paying him so little in the past. He talks about a guy who was drafted in the 2nd round without many takers out of college, like he is a perennial all-star. hes a great back up whos proven he can put up good numbers in the first unit for half a season. jazz did the right thing in assessing his value, milsap did the right thing in seeking an offer. simmons needs to learn how negotiating works. it is clear that the jazz value paul, or they would not be moving boozer. its a numbers game and everyone knows the jazz never showthere cards till the last minute. finally, so many players w/ pauls talent are drafted into the wrong situation and never even make it this far. as much as the jazz should value milsap,likewise simmons should recognize that paul very likely would not be in this situation if the jazz hadnt been the team to draft him in the first place!

business or personal

Millsap's people got him a great deal. He gets a great payday whether Utah matches or not. So why does Simmons have to spill this vitriol about the Jazz in the media? The deal is done, and this guy is spending effort for no reason whatsoever.

Anderson Varejao?! Simmons *wishes* that he could take the Jazz for the kind of highway robbery that Varejao and Fegan are committing against the Cavs. Sorry, man, your client signed a contract stating he'd be a restricted free agent at the end of it. Yes, it's probably nerve-racking. Deal with it. Ask David Lee if he's happy that inferior players are getting nice paydays while he sits there emptyhanded. It's not his team's fault.


Brandon... Not to pick nits... but Paul has been paid closer to $800,000/yr. I agree he deserves a bonus, and it's very nice of Portland to be willing to pay it for us. I think if Jazz make a decision from their heart they'll match for Paul If they make a decision from a balance sheet he's gone. If it's a question of going deep into the playoffs this season... ..Depends on how good the basketball geniuses employed by the Jazz evaluate his upside. Paul is ahead of Malones record at this point in his career.. and will get paid more too.


Most of you guys kill me on here....yes if it was a perfect NBA world...we would have a team of tall,lanky 6'10" ball handlers that could pass...shoot midrange and 3ptrs. Rebound and Bloack shots...they woulkd work for the $300,000 per year and not complain.

Reality is that there are only so much top tier talent available...we never sink low enough in the draft to get a superstart (dwill is it)..so what do you do? Build your team around decent..not great guys and win games.

You have hits and misses...

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