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Published: Monday, July 13 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This is as clear a case of agents working AGAINST the best interests of the player as you're going to find. I'll bet the agents don't even understand the intricate details of cap space, trades, and luxury tax and think that Portland is offering Millsap all that money strictly because Millsap is a decent player and hustles and has earned it.

The truth is that Portland is playing a risky, high-stakes game based not on how much they need or want Millsap, but rather to take away something their enemy the Jazz has clearly stated they wanted. It's a no-lose for Portland - either they get a backup PF for a million or two more than he's worth, or they stick the Jazz with having $10 to $12 million more than he's worth. What most people don't recognize is that these off-season maneuvers with restricted free agents are as much about not helping (or hurting) the other teams as they are about helping your own team, ESPECIALLY when one team has cap space (Portland) and the other doesn't (Utah). Be smart and let him go, Jazz.



I agree with what you said. You just forgot to mention one more Jazz GM blunder... AK's salary!


@ re: wondering

Thanks for your math!


Thank you so much for your contributions to us getting the healthcare we deserve. I work in healthcare and have the insight and knowledge to realize that all the people who come into my emergency department without insurance are actually costing us taxpayers billions of dollars a year! I hope you can somehow live with the two million a year left-over post taxes. I know that I might struggle only getting that much.

That being said, I am a huge fan of yours. Your hustle and determination should be imitated by everyone that puts on a professional basketball uniform. However, you are not worth that much money. I hope you have a great career in Portland. I don't know how the Jazz can justify paying you that much money when far superior players like Ariza, Artest, and Marion are getting paid less than you.

Adios amigo y buena suerte! You will be missed.


Groundshog Day
Millsap Starting were 16 and 10 in 31. His contract averages at 8 million a year.

Memo and Okur as your starting lineup the Jazz won over 60% of their games - including 8 out of their last 10. This was their first season together

As far as anyone saying Millsap is signing this contract because Millsap hates the Jazz. You are crazy. Portland knew if they offered him an 8 million a year salary the Jazz would match. This was the only way they would offer him a contract - Portland would only offer him a contract if there was a signing bonus. Millsap Agent did fine for him. He got him a 10 million dollar signing bonus - after 3 years in the league where Millsap only earned a combined 2.5. The Jazz would be crazy to not to sign Millsap. His contract (when he is in his absolute prime (25 thru 27) The contract is between 6.8 to 7.5 million a year. 16 and 10 as a starter. You have to be crazy not to want him at that price. Absolutely nuts. This would be the biggest mistake in the history of the Jazz


What professional athletes get to play is a crime.
They make more in a year than 10 people make in a life time. I have always maintained that the best
player on a team should get no more than 2 or 3
million and the least l million. If they can't live on that then they can quit and find a job in the work place like everyone else and see how much they can make there. I love sports but ALL professional sports are out of control.


the bottom line here is the money. if you cant get trade boozer without losing to much money, then let milsap go. boozer will looking for a similiar contract next year and have to show up this coming. let him go after next year, and then rebuild. if boozer stays he is going to have to play defense or his next contract wont be near as good.


Wow, Milsap's uncle is just flat out obnoxious. It's hard to sound like a guy who knows how negotiations should go, when everyone in the world knows he's never been an agent for anyone before.
He's the questionable one...


Here is what Luke Byrnes of Hoopsworld had to say about trading Boozer.

"Boozer is going into free agency next season so there is going to be a great deal of reason for Boozer to play hard and play well next year regardless of what takes place with him and the Jazz before the season tips off. I see Utah favoring fairly well either way. If Boozer is in a contract year, you have to be excited about that if you are a Jazz fan. If he is gone, then Utah will have some other pieces to play with. If Utah is smart, this is a win-win.

The key phrase there is "if Utah is smart".

Millsap is a nice player. He is not a franchise player. Go get one and don't waste the money on a back up.

We want a championship and Millsap can bring one!


That should read can't bring a championship. Everything we have seen of Millsap suggests he is a great back up and can be a starter on an 8th seed.

However, he can not carry a championship team. Further, his luxury tax implications for the next 2 years ruins any chance of getting the players needed for a championship run.

I like Paul. I like winning better. Please use the money to get the players who can win a championship. There is no hurry. Wait for the right deals. They will come to you.

AK and Koof can back up Boozer until the right deal is available. They will put up numbers just as good as Millsap in a back up role.

Or go get a cheap promising back up at PF now for the MLE or under. Or rent a vet like Gooden for a year to back up. Or trade Harp for a back up PF.

The lux tax can be fixed on the Boozer trade late in the year. That trade and the 2010 FA season are the future of the Jazz for the next 3-5 years.

Get a championship not "continuity" (same old same).

read it and weep

Two faced KOC cannot figure why Portland would pay a backup over 6 mill a year, oh please KOC you pay our AK backup 16-17 million a year and that is for one backup not 3 or 4 of them. You pay another backup in excess of 5 million and he cannot play over half the season yet Matt tries hard so we reward him. Paying Millsap 8 million a year is a bargain based upon YOUR performance.

If you wanted Millsap then you could have had him in negotiations, now you have created hard feelings.

You are the designer of the team and now we are going to toss Boozer out with the bathwater because you cannot do your job. Just make sure to replace him for 12 million which YOU may find challenging seeing you cannot get us backups for less than an average of $9,000,000 each.

If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen KOC. Many lesser men could do better.


Sorry about youre luck Jazz fans.KP has youre management over the barrel, either you pony up way to much or you lose one of youre best players. The sad part about it is the Jazz build through the draft and what a steal Millsap was to land in the second round. I feel for you guys being a Blazer fan because Portland isn't a huge free agent gathering place either. But you're management has one thing wrong.Millsap will find plenty of minutes being that Aldridge likes to float around the outside he could play sf against slower bigger sf.Mcmillan really likes Paul too. I can asure you he'll find him minutes for Paul, aldridge and Oden with Priz coming in as the enforcer.THat will be the most dominating frontline,starters and bench.


I don't see why the Millsap camp is so upset. RFA's get offers from other teams, and the orginal team can match it. Its always been that way. Why make a high offer, when we couldn've waited until the offseason to do so? Millsap is good, no doubt.. But that's it. He is undersized like Boozer, and we still don't have a defensive center. Booz put up great #'s during the season, but struggles against twin towers(which every contender in the West has) I hate to say it, but we're going to be the same team, with or without Millsap. The playoff teams all put the smaller guy on the perimeter with Okur, and give our power forward a hard time.

POR gets around the cap

by buying a lot of draft picks, developing them, keeping the best and trading the rest. They also trade the best when they become to expensive.

If the Jazz were better at developing young talent they should follow the POR strategy. 2nd round picks are relatively cheap. The Jazz should have moved up and got Blair before SA did. That is what really bothers me about the Jazz. They are too passive and get zapped from time to time because the can't or won't be more proactive.

Create you own luck instead of waiting for something to happen (usually bad). Where is the leadership for the Jazz organization?

Sloan had veto power over

any trade/acquisition. Blame him not KOC. I am not sure KOC is the best GM available but he is really a water boy. Sloan and L Miller made all of the decisions. That is why the Jazz don't make the changes they need and why they over pay back ups like Harp, GG, and AK.

Sloan is still running things so we will see if the new Jazz management are dumb enough to over pay Millsap.

That is the primary reason this team will never win a championship. Sloan hates change and won't make necessary changes to win.


Simmons can't you see the logic of the scenerio, Utah has the right to match, now how can the Jazz match something if there's nothing to match? now you are saying the Jazz should have made the initial move? that can happen but if not,so what?.. I know Paul's agent is his uncle but "hired another agent please!"

In need of stress releif

Some of the people pouring out their sorrow over Millsap and his contract desires need to invest in a punching bag or some sort of therapy. "Good riddance, get out of town you greedy player" and other sentiments reflect that too much of their energy is invested in the offseason transactions of the Jazz.

I'm a die hard fan, but ultimately, the NBA is a business, and if the Jazz decided to just let some other team swoop in and offer a lucrative, front-loaded contract that they can't match, well, that's their own fault; they shouldn't have short-changed him if they were that serious about keeping him.

I sincerely doubt a single one of you "good riddance" people would sing the same tune if a competitor swooped in and offered you a year's salary payable within a week of starting your job.

I for one am not worried; the Jazz either have a large amount of money rolling off the cap next summer or they retain Millsap's services. So take a few breaths and take CJ's advice to Millsap and "find something else to do."

RE: Panic?

Boozer is NOT a franchise player either.

maybe a complementary player at best.

and CERTAINLY NOT a dominant big man,

not even a mediocre defensive player.

Millsap is just a nice mediocre player, and you DO NOT give BIG money to supporting cast.


Simmons is a horrible agent. My opinion of Paul is actually going downhill because of Simmon's comments. Simmons needs some PR courses for sure. His comments to the media are far from professional. If the Jazz let Paul go, I won't be too dissappointed. I don't think he has proven himself to be worth the money Portland is offering. If Paul turns out to be an all-star in the next few years, then the Jazz will look dumb. If he turns out to be a hustle role player type, like he has been in the past, then I think he will be getting overpaid. I'd put his fair market value around $6kk/year. Sorry Paul, you're a great role player, but you will not take Portland to the next level.


I can't understand you Jazz fans. Millsap, for 3 years, was the lowest-paid player on the team. Yet, he was one of the most productive. Now that he's gotten a great offer, you turn on him at the drop of a hat. You wouldn't be in this position had Boozer opted out like he threatened (promised?). When you compare the two players, who is the better value? Clearly, Paul Millsap. He's much more valuable to the Jazz than Varajeo is to the Cavs, yet the contract Millsap signed with the Blazers isn't even worth as much as Varajeo's new one. The Jazz should eat the luxury tax for one year; if they can't trade Boozer, then let him walk after next year. Millsap averaged 16 and 10 as a starter, and entering the prime of his career, he'll only get better as a full-time starter. Plus, he's durable. Millsap is a major player in Utah's future. They can't afford not to match Portland's offer.


With the Luxury Tax added in it will cost the Jazz $42 million to retain him, almost all of the experts say he's worth about $24 million that's $18 million he' overpriced, don't tell me you can't get a Chris Bosh or Brandon Roy to move to Utah for an extra $18 million. Compare them to Millsap, No Contest. If we pay him the money and get rid of Boozer we will be worse than last year and still in a financial mess for years to come with no hope for a Championship type team.

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