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Published: Monday, July 13 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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re: Wondering

Your question of how much money do they really get paid, taking into account taxes and agent fees?

The max federal tax rate is about 36%.
The max Utah state tax rate is about 4%.
The standard agency fee is 6%.
The collective bargaining agreement NBA fee is 8%.

So the total of withholding is 54%.

So in reality, that 10+ million up front is really about 4.6+ million up front.

His so called 36 million dollar contract over four years is really 16.56 million dollars over four years, or 4.14 million dollars per yer.


The new max tax rate will be 40%, and a 20% surcharge tax on millionares, will add 24% taken out from the contract.

So the total taken out of his check will be 78%!!!

His 36 million dollar contract over four years will yield 7.92 million dollars, or 1.98 million dollars per yer.

So all of you so people calling him greedy? He is just preparing for paying your "FREE" health care.

You should thank him, not chastise him!!!

Millsap Needs A New Agent

Yeah, Simmons needs a reality check. He can't alienate the fans from Millsap, but he sure is trying.


Why would the Jazz set a value and negotiate against themselves? This is a business. I love Milshap but his agent is just posturing. The whole "my feelings are hurt" or I am not given any respect is shallow at best. Utah gave Milshap his start and he came through for them. He will get his just reward one way or the other. The Jazz have every right to see what other teams feel his market value is before making an offer. There is little loyalty either way in the NBA so there shouldn't be any suprsie by the way this plays out.

No Brainer

In spite of the front loading, matching Millsap's contract is a no-brainer. The annual salaries are only around 6.5 mill a year, a real bargain for a player with Millsap's skill set. Basically, for the price of Matt Harpring, we get a young, improving player that contributes greatly to the success of the team. Don't blow this decision Jazz management!

RE: Grounghogday

Best comments of all - true and well put.
Also, Let Him Walk's comment above is accurate - DWill, Okur, and Millsap as your Big 3 is not good enough. My own point: The biggest mistake the Jazz have ever made was pointlessly paying AK max money - that is really why we are in this mess. And, everyone forgets that the Jazz elected to do this to keep AK happy - not because his contract was up or that someone else was offering him money - they were fools for not waiting "for the market to be set."

Fire O'Conner NOW!!!!!!

Our potential front line.

A short/undersized 6'7" Millsap and 6'11" SOFT Okur.

This is the future of our franchise?

Going up against:

Portland: Aldridge/Odem

Lakers: Gasol/Bynum/Odom

Nuggets: Nene/Kmart/Birdman

Mavericks: Nowitski/Dampier

This just a few in the W.Conference...never mind the East.

Who honestly believes our future front line has a shot to CONSISTENTLY defeat these Bigger/Longer/Tougher front-lines?

Fire Kevin O'Conner NOW!!!!

Unless he pulls a rabbit out of the hat by trading Carlos Boozer for a long/tall "real" big and lets Millsap go, then he is sealing this teams place MIRED in mediocrity for years to come.

What a pathetic GM!!!!!


His agent acts like he is his dad...he takes it way too personal. Just good business by the Jazz. They shouldn't expect the Jazz to hand out 40 million like it is monopoly money. If it were me, I would let Millsap walk. I hope he enjoys his 10 to 15 minutes per game of playing time.

Milsap is NOT greedy

Paul plays in the NBA. NBA players get paid a lot of money. Why should he be labled as greedy for wanting to get paid in his field of choice.

Mediocrity--We love it!!

With Memo and Millsap as our front line we are signing a 4 year GUARANTEED deal for MEDIOCRITY!!

There is not a snowballs chance in you know where that we will get past the 1st or 2nd round of any playoff series with and even more undersized PF (than Boozer) and a soft Okur.

This offseason is just a joke!!


It's a business

One side knows it, the other side is finding out. Forget the "dissing" that Millsap's uncle is spouting.

The Jazz will make a deal they think will benefit the team (meaning ownership who pays the bills and gets paid). Of course, the Boozer trade wasn't all that great years back, but there's always another year.

Millsap money

This fascinating offer from Portland is not an attempt to get Millsap--a good backup--it is an attempt to mess with the Jazz. Portland can afford to make crazy offers.

On the other hand, Millsap's people have made a much worse deal for their player than they thought they would make. He's getting much less than the $50 mil they wanted.

Do they really think he's better than Shawn Marion?

But the deal is clearly vindictive. Millsap's people want the Jazz to lose tons of money that Millsap himself will not make. Brilliant job.

Talk about a stupid way to keep a good relationship with a potential employer.

This is not business; it's personal.

I hope Millsap is happy playing 15 minutes per game in Portland. I hope his gimpy knee lasts the season. I hope he disappears in the playoffs like he did for the Jazz.


Millsap is good, but not worth quite that much. Portland is just trying to stick it to the Jazz because they know the Jazz have to match it.(why else would they pay that much for a back up!) What goes around comes around Portland, watch us let you keep him and prevent you from playing the free agent market next year and beyond!


It seems to me that Milsap needs to start thinking for himself. I think he wants to stay in Utah even if he were paid less, but his uncle and others surrounding him are pushing him around. You are the player Paul! You are the one making the money, not them!

I also agree with a previous comment about AK. As soon as he got paid, he stopped playing as well. How many times do we see that happen to a player like Milsap. He has fought his way up to a decent paycheck, but as soon as that money starts rolling in, the fight is over. It is a sad story, but a common one. I would be surprised if Milsap's stats went up next season regardless of which team he is on.


This deal isn't that bad other than the first year. The 2nd and 3rd years are in the 6 Millions!
I thought Greg Miller said he'd be willing to go into the luxury tax for Millsap. I say just pay the buttload of money the first year and pay the tax for ONE year. Then after next season that contract is cake. We can dump Harpring's salary and Boozer will 100% be gone by then. This is a no brainer for me.
The Jazz have been benefitting from the luxury tax in the past. They got three million out of it just last season. So just pay it one year... even if it's a lot, and then everything will be fine.


KOC is right about why would we bid against ourselves.

You offer him 7M per..Portland offers 9M..then you have to match the 9M

NBA is a business and I think loyalty isn't really held in high regard. Players are commodities. You want the best value for production.

BTW...CJ Miles had to wait a FULL WEEK for $16M from the Jazz. Wow...how rough can you get? Get paid $4M per year to play 15 mins a night! Anymore and you get tired...Why don't we trade him for 2 ball boys from Chicago and call it even.

Please dump Millsap

on POR. He is no better than Boozer in the PR department and not loyal to the Jazz or the fans. Boozer makes his own dumb comments. Millsap pays his uncle to say far worse.

I really do not care about the PR mistakes. I want a championship team. The PF position is crucial to that and neither Boozer nor Millsap can deliver.

Get over Millsap and go get the right PF even if it takes a year. Get a decent back up for now a 5 mill or less. The Jazz will get better not worse.

The worst thing is to keep Millsap and give away Boozer. The Jazz will be paying lux tax for a weaker team.

How dumb is that?

Both Boozer and Millsap are replaceable parts. What is wrong with the Jazz. Are they incapable of making good smart moves that will improve the team?

They know Millsap is inadequate. He is like a childs favorite toy. Grow up and let go and get something better.

Houdini: Maybe the best...

in the long run if they don`t match,I really want to see what Koufos has,and if we keep Paul around,Koufos and Fes will continue to rot on the bench,maybe AK will beef-up a bit and return to his old self,I`ll take my chances with the team we have,Williams,Korver/Brewer/AK or Boozer,and Memo with Koufos first off the bench,let`s see once and for all what`s he`s got

And the winner is...

Millsap's uncle!! Millsap is going to be stuck on the bench with no starter position in sight and Utah is goig to lose booz anyway. But at least Unc. gets paid. Come on Paul. Do you not realize that this would have been your team with D-Will in a year?

To Millsap's Reps:

It's really sad that you can't see your role in this whole mess. Right off, you put the Jazz in a bad position with your talk of $10 million a year or getting at least as much as Lee. If the Jazz had made the offer you're now trashing them for not making, they would have insulted you and Paul because the offer would have been less than that $10 million bar you set. So they do the honorable thing and tell you to go get an offer they can match, and you go and get a great offer, and now you're whining about how the Jazz blew it? No, sirs, YOU blew it with your talk of $10 million. I respect Paul and love his game and I respect how you've helped him over the years, but I think the Jazz should let him go to Portland so THEY can have the cap pressure. Look at how Okur and DWill and Korver's agents handle things - that's the model you should follow, not the "me first" or chest-thumping model.


I love the "rich owner vs. poor owner" argument some are trying to make. Get with the program people, because of the salary-cap strucuture it doesn't matter how much more money Paul Allen has comapared to the Millers. No team can sign free agents (FAs who haven't played on their team) unless they have money under the cap or unless they use the mid-level exception, and obviously Portland's offer to Milsap exceeds the MLE, so they're far enough under the cap to make such an offer. In other words, stop blaming Paul Allen's bloated checkbook and stop blaming their GM for smartly rebuilding and giving themselves the financial flexibility to make a play for FAs. Instead, blame your own team's management for putting all of their money into three guys (Okur, D-Will, Boozer) who can't and won't bring a championship to Utah, while simulatansously eradicating any financial flexibility the could have.

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