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Published: Monday, July 13 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Lunch Meat

Jazz fans please start looking at the big picture here. Let Milsap go, keep Boozer and let him go after this year and then make a run at some big names next year (especially Chris Bosh ).
Think about it, we make a few sacrifices this year to solidify the franchise for years to come. In 2010 we pick up a solid free agent, we get the Knicks pick and we start building for the future.
Let Milsap go, he's a decent forward in a mediocre free agent market class, don't waste the money like you did with Kirilenko.
P.S. - If you are going to throw that much money out there, do it for David Lee, he's better than Milsap anyways.

Dear Paul

First and foremost, I want you to stay more than anything right now. If the Jazz match, please be happy and move on. Having said that, you have to understand one thing here. The Jazz are the jazz. They are probably the most responsible franchize in the NBA when it comes to money. You have to understand that. Look at teams like Portland...Where were they 3 years ago? In the TOILET...These teams that make lucrative offers obviously have no discipline. I understand that it is hard to walk away from a huge offer like that. But you also have to realize what its worth to be on a stable franchise like the Jazz.. Not many players experience that. Let the Jazz take their time and do it their way and then you should be happy either way. Don't worry....if Booz hadn't opted in, we probably wouldnt be having this conversation.

Go to

Portland Millsap. I think the Jazz undervalued you and apparently, Portland thinks you are will be a great with their program. 10 millions up front is not a bad deal at all...

to Millsap's Reps

Wow!! I have never seen such cheap car salesman nonsense talk. Get some class or at least a better argument. I hope they realize how ridiculous they sound.


This whole negotiation senario is car sales 101, if you don't think Jazz management and the Millers know how to make money and get everything they can, you haven't bought a car lately. I think they have years of experience in negotiation and some people buy and some don't but Larry Miller Inc. always finds a way to make money.


I like Milsap... his agents comments are stupid. I say trade Boozer for Hinrich... Sign Dwight Gooden to Mid level exception... let Portland live with that Contract.


Does anyone remember how hard and full of energy Kirilenko used to play BEFORE he got the big payday? I hope Milsap dumps his bonehead uncle and ends up back here with the Jazz.


Wake up people. Due to Boozer opting in the Jazz were in a financial mess with Millsap. They couldn't just go out there and set his value. They didn't have any money to work with. On top of that, with the recession, no one has been getting tons of money thrown at them. Simmons was asking for 10 million. Does he not remember that? This uncle is not too bright. He is the one who forced the Jazz to let someone else set the market because he already priced the Jazz out of the market with his demands. Marion is a much more rounded player than Paul. Don't compare the two. If Paul is so hurt then go to Portland and sit on the bench because you really don't want to play basketball if you are willing to be a bench player. Seems like it is all about the money for Paul.


There are other options available out there. It's not like Millsap is a team changer! He is a backup. Don't waste the money on him. Let him enjoy the pine in Portland while he spends his money. Let the youngsters play this year and give Jerry time to evaluate the long term potential of Fes Koufus CJ Maynor etc. With Dwill Brewer, Korver, AK and Memo we are still a playoff team without Millsap, harpring and boozer.


The collective bargining agreement should be modified to prevent deep pockets guys like Paul Allen (Microsoft founder and Blazers owner) from being able to front-end load a contract offer and thus make it 'toxic' to a team with NOT so deep pockets.

Something here seems decidely unfair.


This Simmons guy needs to tone it down. He seems to think this is personal. Good for Paul. He got a great offer. More than anyone expected. That is how it works now whether you're a basketball player or an accountant. But to make this an attack on the Jazz just because they didn't offer all star money is childish and inappropriate. Perhaps they should let Paul go just so they don't have to deal with this idiot anymore.


Lunch Meat
The Jazz can only offer the Mid Level exception to David Lee - trust me when I say New York will match that. There is not a team in the NBA who wouldn't match a player who averaged 16 point and 10 rebounds a games for a season at 5.5 million a year. Not one.

Second THE JAZZ ARE NOT GOING TO BE A FREE AGENT PLAYER NEXT OFF SEASON - as soon as they offered Okur an extention - 10 million was added to the books the Jazz salary went to 48 million next season (that is only 10 million under the projected salary cap - which is way too low to get Bosh.) Also the Jazz have a first round draft pick, and Ronnie Brewer resigns - really the salary will be full and the Jazz will only have the Mid Level Exception.

Millsap Agent did fine - He is getting a 10 million dollar signing bonus. How can anyone say he is a bad agent. The Jazz offered around 5 years 35 million but now they will have to pay 4 extra million over 4 year. They Will Trade Boozer of a contract under 5 million.

This NBA Salary Thing Stinks

Yes it is a business, does greed ever stop? I want all of your money regardless of where you are in the cap issuses, I don't care if there is any for my other teamates, I care only about ME! This attitude in these times my friends will end this tremendous climb the NBA has enjoyed the past 20 years. They get network contracts, who pays for the advertising? Right the fans and even non fans, they get new arenas-who pays for that- right the fans and citizens again, they sell junks clothing and sports items- who pays for that- right the fans again, the players sign endorsement contracts- who pays for that - right the fans and citizens. When is enough - enough? 75% of these primma-donnas didn't even excell in the free educations they recieved and now they want all of this money because they wear a JOCK? Give me a break!

Let him walk

Let him go, get rid of Boozer and get someone who can actually help D-Will win a championship. I really don't think a team with the main players being D-Will, Okur and Millsap inspires much confidence for the future. The Jazz have to get someone else who has some size (sorry Millsap) on defense and can carry some of the offensive burden.


Millsap and his uncle should go away...he's a second round draft pick that has improved his play...
he will never be a true impact player...just a nice NBA player...he doesn't have the skill set to be dominant player

Poggee is right...

There is no fire in the belly in the Jazzland corporate office. Larry H. Miller kept it alive by his personal interest and management style. He was in the middle of everything it seems. Now, with him gone, the fire is out. Greg has other options when they come around, and it seems that it is not running an overpaid basketball team. Wait and see. Poggee is right. Capital preservation is what it is about. Sanity will rule when Sloan retires. Right now, it is all about Sloan. We are in the process of serving up the third and last of a series of retirement dinners.

which free agent forward

would be ok shipping into utah/sloan? big baby - said yes, tyrus thomas - maybe, chris bosch - wishful thinking, david lee - no way. so many nba player bios list hobbies as "shopping & partying;" the only way utah works for most free agents is in a virtual reality game.


1) Jazz were clear throughout that they valued Millsap and would do everything possible to match any offers. How is this disrespectful? They should have offered a "fair" contract right off the bat? And what is "fair"? $10million/year that Millsap's agent was asking for?

2) Millsap has never even started an entire season. When he did start for extended period of time, his production declined with wear and tear. "Energy" guys are great off the bench but hard to maintain every game for an entire season.

3) Brandon Bass turned down Portland's offer to take less money from Orlando. Why? Because he wanted playing time that he wouldn't get playing behind Aldridge and Oden. That says something about Bass. That says something about Millsap.

jazz fan

the thing i look @ is paul has been getting underpaid for 3 years so in my opinion it equals out!!!! congrats to paul for earning this deal i have met him in person & he is a standup guy for sure.

Uncle Rico is out of his league

This Simmons guy sounds like he's walking around with a torch ready to burn any bridge he can. He sounds to me like a guy who is desperate and out of his league. I understand any agent will try to get all the money they can for their guy and that's what he wants but the difference between a professional and Uncle Rico here is how you go about getting that money. Lesson #1, get the fans on your side!!! That always increases your value. Simmons hasn't done anything to help in the #1 category of selling Millsap. Millsap was a lot better off before this guy started flapping off.

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