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Published: Monday, July 13 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Millsap's agents need to take a few courses in PR.

They've promised Portland that they're about to get a 3-point-shooting, Charles Barkley-reincarnated player up there. At the same time, they're alienating the Jazz fanbase and management by their comments here.

It might make more sense to wait until your client leaves Utah to start doing that - DUH!


The agent is greedy. Give him a million per year, as should all players, and give the rest to students neediing college tuition. The sports world is a greedy bunch of spoiked brats.

Justice Jericho

Simmons, shut your mouth. You have been doing what has been in the best interest for Milsap, or at least that is what you say; and the Jazz are doing the same thing for themselves. So please end your talk about how the Jazz have not treated Milsap good.


Wow! Reading previous stories and comments, I thought only Boozer was interested in getting the most money possible. I thought Saint Paul was all about the team, not all about the money. Guess maybe that "professional" part of pro athlete means something after all. Of course Boozer gets verbally beaten up for taking the most money, while for Saint Paul, it seems to be a different story.


hmm millsap's picture kinda looks like a mugshot, jailblazers anyone? just sayin. Never higher your uncle to be your agent jeez. Who's the other rep? Uncle's friend? Seriously it's fine if you want to help out your family, but dont give them a job they have no business doing, higher a real agent, they'll get you more money anyway, they know how to do it.


Why should Simmons shut his mouth. What he says is true. It amazes me many Jazz fans don't get it. The NBA is a business!

Don't be bitter

Even if the Jazz don't and or can't match Portland's offer consider this. The Jazz by making a statement that they would match any offer helped Millsap. 1st any suitors would need to come in big. They did and 2nd it kept him from getting sent to a not serious team aka thunder or grizz. If the Jazz don't match at least you will know that they did the kid a favor. always want to keep your own but at least you get to see one of the better (work ethic wise) kids in the NBA for a while if not.


The NBA may be a business, but there is one rule in the business world. It would be, don't involve family in your business deal. They will screw it up. In this case, screw him up. His so called agents are just "Yes men", and nothing else. The Jazz allowed him to assess his value. Both sides knew that the Jazz had a lot of scenarios that needed to be weeded out, and still do at this time. I think the mistake is that Paul needs to tell them to shut up. Besides, Portland is trying to be a run and gunner, and his game doesn't fit run and gun. You can't rebound, or play off set offenses, if all your doing is running, it doesn't work in the playoffs. It would be normal, for the Jazz to analyze what they can and can't afford. They are a small market team, the smallest, Portland is slightly bigger. So even with their owner with a bigger bank account could be shooting his foot, when free agency happens the next 2 years.


Simmons is 100% correct. Millsap should get the money he has earned. Millsap for basically 8M a year is a bargain. Now 13+ for Boozer is a crime.

Let My People Go

Good bye. The Jazz will be better off without Milsap. Cut payroll. Trade Boozer. Draft and trade for some real players next year and build for the future.


Simmons is a family member and it obviously is difficult for him to separate the business from the personal so why didn't Kevin O'connor adjust to that? Maybe Milsap is right. Why should others be setting his value for the Jazz. The Jazz could have made an offer. If Milsap could beat that offer with another team the Jazz still had the option to match. That obviously is how the Milsaps wanted it to go down - I don't see much wrong with that.

Sj Bobkins

The Jazz have to get rid of high money-low value guys such as AK. To have your highest paid player, a non physical stick with an inner 3 year old child's temperament, sitting the bench, makes no sense. If you sign Milsap and let Boozer go on a sign (extension) and trade, you are then depending on a guy who has never come close to showing he is worth that kind of money and can be depended on to led the team. What was his scoring average when Boozer was hurt??????? Not very great, do you think he's going to blossom into a Julius Irving or Magic Johnson if given the start? Fat chance. You have Bosh next year coming out who will be ideal. Let Portland overpay, get rig of #47, keep Boozer, and next year get Bosh and a hot shooting @ guard, Utah drafts grrrrrrrrr................almond boo what a waste.

@ Anonymous 6:10

Yes, the NBA is a business. But a big part of business, as I am sure you know, is PR and at least trying to appear diplomatic. Simmons is beginning to irritate me to no end with his ranting and crying. The Jazz made it very clear how they intended to proceed and if they had no interest in Millsap they would not be trying to ship Boozer out of here. So please Simmons, shutty with the martyr act...


I agree....the NBA is a business nothing personal. The Jazz don't want to cross that luxury tax threshold well guess what, other teams in the NBA have already fortified their positions and already on the luxury tax bracket. Jazz are so cheeaaapppp!!! Jazz won't be able to make the playoffs if they don't take the risks! oh and also Greg Miller is not a true bball fan he's waiting on the wings to sell this team once he gets the right offer coz' right now Jazz is a losing business. Can you hear it? Seattle couldn't wait to buy this team....for all you Jazz fans, the Jazz team days in Utah are numbered!!! marked my words.


With all due respect to DeAngelo and Anonymous(that's not much), Paul needs to hire more competent representatives. I don't know DeAngelo personally, but he talks like he has no business sense. The Jazz were unwilling to overbid. That makes good business sense. They indicated their strong interest in, and respect for, Paul early and often. They simply do not want to overpay.

DeAngelo indicated early that they were expecting ~10M / year. He was obviously delerious. The market has now been set for Paul. It's approx 7.7M per year (spread the 5.6M over 4 years and add it to his base salary).

His other rep (Ana?) talks like this was a potential prom date and Paul's disappointed. Paul need to be taught about business. He can't be disappointed in the Jazz's desire to only pay market value. It's a business. Paying market value provides more $ to pay other talent which increases his ability to win a championship.

Paul, take a line from the Donald and tell DeAngelo and Ana ... YOUR FIRED!

As a Jazz fan, I want you to be a Jazz man next year. I hope the Jazz pony-up

louisiana jazz man

number 1 his agent' uncle took him off the football field and taught him basket ball. so now he is getting paid for his hard work too. number 2 everything he said is true. they told the jazz they had a offer sheet and give them the chance to match it. jazz could have signed him long tme ago for 7 mil but offered i mi. and just like them ;fans should be upset but they threw him under the bus along with his uncle and boz. and you think he should show up with a smile.i would call them and tell them please dont match i dont want to be here.


So Millsap is greedy you say? All the Jazz had to do was make a fair offer when the signing period started and Millsap would have signed. Instead the Jazz told Millsap to go out and try to get an offer from another team and they would match it. So Millsap did what the Jazz wanted him to do. I don't see why it's Millsap's fault that the offer he received from Portland was more the Utah was willing to pay. The Jazz wanted to let another team set the price and now the price has been said. I honestly believe that Paul wants to stay in Utah, but he was told to go out and find an offer and that Utah would match. Sounds to me like he went out and did exactly what Utah told him to do.


They aren't alienating me. This is just a part of the business side on the NBA. Before any one becomes to excited about the HBA they need to recognize that first and foremost it is a business. It is not about the fans, it is about money. Anyone in business knows that playing the "game" is a part of life. Milsap and his agents and the Jazz can say whatever they want. If Milsap comes back I'll cheer for him. If he doesn't, then he doesn't. You can't blame him for getting all that he can get.


Simmons is an idiot. He said MARION NEVER GOT A REBOUND FOR YOU. Marion was a damn good player who could rebound, score and play good defense. Look what happened to Phoenix when he left. He was also a starter on a damn good team. Milsap addmitted himself that he broke down during the season. As soon as free agency started, Simmons was boasting about Paul deserving 10 million a year. All Simmons could think about was his commission. All Jazz fans like Milsap but, if you overpay for a player it comes back to haunt you. The Jazz were reluctant to make an offer because Simmons was telling everyone he was worth 10 million a year. Look at Bass, he signed for a lot less and is going to be a starter for a team that played in the finals. Congratulations Paul you were able to get more than you were worth and Portland made a stupid mistake.
Please Jazz do not Match. Sign Wilcox and Dwill will make you a star.


I have always wondered how much money these players who sign for all these millions, really receive? For instance a player signs a $50 million contract over 5 years, how much do they get to keep and how much goes to Uncle?

My bet is that they pay in excess of 50% to the government. Can anyone help?

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