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Published: Monday, July 13 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hats off to Boozer. He gets way too much scorn from Jazz fans. (I count myself as one.) Why do some of us feel more passionately about basketball than we do about life and death, suffering and disease? Basketball is only a game. For Boozer, it's a means to an end. He can make unbelievable amounts of money for half a year's "work", and he gets to help other people in the process. He is using his talent to improve other people's lives who don't have the means to do it themselves.

Oh Really

All the way from Juneau to where I am today. Yes he's probaly worked hard somewhere, sometime, but he was blessed with a big athletic body and all he had to do as a youngster was play the game and I would think personal pride would drive you to success if your blessed with the tools. His lack of work and running at the mouth have also put him in the box he now lives in also. These camps are no more than a supposed star just showing up and relying on others to donate and do the work, I can't put much into the stars sacrifices!


Is the camp about "how to become commercially success"? Sign me in Dr Booz.


this basketball camp will teach him how to not run his mouth and how to play defense better than a 5th grader


Note: Its all about himself again.
Why charge youngsters 150.00 bucks for an appearance.
Howmany youths will he need to sign up to make a dent in the disease's programs.
I look at it this way. He just got 12.6 million.
If he donates 1 million and saves the air fare, the program will have mcuh more money and the youngsters will not look up to a malcontent and cancer.

mother of twins with scd

Personally, I would like to thank Mr.Boozer for thinking of others, those affected with the illness, and bringing awareness to those of us that are uneducated about the Sickle Cell disease. Ask your self the question, how much do you know about SCD, have you thought about volunteering at your local agency, it's not all about money, but as we know medical care is very expensive. Have you read the headlines lately of the daily news regarding health care how in many cases it has tripled. Instead of being on the side lines get in the game, and just remember it's us today it could be you or your family member tomorrow with any disease. Be careful how you point fingers, remember three are pointing back at U!


This man is trying to spread the word on a serious disease and all a few of you can do is put him down and make statements about is ethics on the basketball court. If you thought it was just a game you wouldn't care about what he did on the court.

If you knew how much little money was spent on SCD you would not be making statements about $150 fee & you don't know how much Mr. Boozer personally spends on the cause.

Educate yourself on the disease and the cause not the person. If you don't what to help that is cool but don't hurt the cause.

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