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'Kiss-in' held near Temple Square to protest incident

Published: Monday, July 13 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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who cares

bleh...waste your time however you want


What this article didn't explain is that the couple were handcuffed AFTER they started yelling profanities and creating a scene. There was nothing peaceful about their objections to being asked to leave.

Hollow Protest

The individuals were on private property, and were asked to leave (for whatever reason) and they refused. That is when Police had to be involved. As stupidly politically correct as we are becoming, I still can't do whatever I want on your property.


Wow... More hypocrisy at it's purest.

We don't have to be tolerant of your beliefs, but you should be tolerant of ours!

the LDS church had a right to kick those two men out. They were on the church's property. Now, to further be an annoyance, people do this....

They aren't going to change the church's views on this matter. It's just an annoyance.

Robert - St. George

I commented Friday on the Seminary Teacher who was arrested but I was rejected by the Deseret News. I would comment on the kissers but I would probably be rejected here as well even though I am siding with the Mormon Church on this particular issue, though not on the general attitude towards gay people by the Church.

Protest Ineffective

All that this protest shows is the gay communities' intolerance of others' beliefs. They are exposing their need to have it their way in every situation, even on someone else's property. But I do thank them for showing their true colors so willingly. By the way, the LDS church will never bow to their protests (large or small).

Property Rights

Yeah, it seems heavy-handed, but it is private property after all. If it were some other organization owning it, I wonder what reaction a similar incident would get.

The article doesn't show both sides of the story. What is church security's explanation? They saw them pecking, so they ran up with handcuffs? I doubt it.


Gay people kissing on Temple Square is a provocative gesture designed to up the ante by the gay rights community. The Church is right to protect the conduct on Temple Square consistent with Church principles. Sadly, opponents of the Church's position on gay marriage have not shown the same decency as the Church has. Nor do they reserve the right for the Church and it's members to affirm their beliefs even though they seek the same respect for affirming their beliefs. Leaders have consistently issued public statements asking for respect for each other - regardless of what side you take on the marriage debate. Unfortunatley, the gay community has crossed the line thinking their position will gain sympathy with these latest tactics. What they hope to gain in media attention, they will lose in sympathy by open-minded individuals who will see such tactics for what they are: an attempt to embarrass the Church.


This kind of bigotry is why I resigned from the LDS church. When you proclaim your membership numbers, know that I will no longer be among them.

No you didn't

resign from the LDS Church because of bigotry. You resigned because you do not have a testimony or belief in living prophets and the Divinity of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Sorry you don't but now you are free from it's obligations upon its members.


Did the church not promise "public access" during this whole debacle back when the property was sold. Don't promise us public access if you aren't going to allow the public to access it the way they would any other sidewalk downtown.


I am a New Yorker, where everything appears to be accepted but the folks commenting here about "unfair, bigotry etc" are missing out on a key element. This was private property, a church, a club etc all have rules and that are to be followed or leave. Simple response. You folks that seem offended should just realize what you are doing, you want to disobey and be glamorized for the action. As we say in the bronx "forgetaboutit"


Once again a couple of individuals sought to get away with violating the law. Thanks to the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for standing up for what is right and wholesome once again!

@ hate

Bummer man-- we'll miss you.. maybe....
I guess if you can live the standards there is always an excuse---- you now have yours, use it wisely.


Do whatever you want. Just don't do it on church property. You don't purposely go in someones home and try to offend them, do you? Show some class and maturity. Nobody takes these 'jr.high school' protests seriously.

to "hate":

No, the reason you resigned your membership is because you coundn't/wouldn't live the standards of the church and so now you feel obligated to take down others as well. The day I question my membership is the day that the church starts to loosen its standards because individuals and groups complain that the church takes a stand about certain things, when in fact it has every right to do so. You dont see the church staging protests on the property of gay home owners to make a point. Instead they use the legal system to express their concerns. They vote their position which the yhave every right to do and which is 100% constitutional. And now we are told that we cant even vote our position. Unbelievable hipocracy.


From what I've read, the couple was walking across the Main Street Plaza holding hands and then one briefly kissed the other on the cheek. They were told to leave because public displays of affection are not allowed on the plaza. If that really is the whole story (and it's hard to know when the story is basically only coming from the couple), it just seems like a ridiculous reason to be asked to leave. Public displays of affection? Come on. I've passed through the area with my husband before holding hands, and I'm sure I've pecked him on the cheeks while viewing the lights at Christmas. A kiss on the cheek is just not a big deal and is barely noticeable.


If anyone is doing something contrary to the belief of those on the private grounds, security has every right to cite them to police. Let us not act like these two peaceful men were detained for no reason. I find the kissing display on Sunday to be disrespectful to the LDS church and the security who originally cited them. Why do we have to live in a world where if someone asks us not to do something we feel WE MUST gather a bunch of our friends and get even by disrespectfully going back to an area we were asked to leave and practicing the same action again. Disrespect to other beliefs will get the LGBT community nowhere.


let's just resolve the issue by posting signs at either end of the walkway with the international symbol for "no" and silhouettes depicting hand holding, kissing, walking arm-in-arm, hugging and proposing. The "no proposing" is for the convenience of the proposer and proposee who may, after the proposal, be inclined to engage in taboo hugging and kissing while still on the property.

Do photographers get chased away for engaging in commercial activities on the plaza or do they pay a fee for posing their clients there? Would a photographer posing a same gender couple for engagement shots by the beautiful reflecting fountain be chased off?


What a delightful to get their point across--wish I'd been there, too!

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