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Published: Sunday, July 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Chuck Nunn

I'll believe there's a Boozer trade when I see it. Nobody with cap space really wants to take a guy on their roster they may not be able to keep, and other cap-strapped teams don't want his salary either. Still, I reckon you never say never ...

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!


Deron obviously isn't even on speaking terms with Carlos, so thats not a good sign for team chemistry.

After all that's happened this past year up til now I really don't know how Boozer can play in Utah anymore. With the fans not supporting him his lack of desire would only get worse. Who wants to play hard for people who want you run out of town?

I struggle with all of this because while Boozer is an amazing offensive and rebounding machine when he's healthy but he's also very rarely healthy, and doesn't seem to have winning a championship on his mind near as much as his next payday. Which though true of many NBA players I honestly believe that there are some out there who think about winning almost as much as the dollar signs.

At the same time I don't know if Paul has the offensive skill to be the starting power forward for the Jazz. He needs to work on his shot and get some more post moves.

What about Lamar Odom? David Lee? Or even Drew Gooden?


If you're not going to match Millsap, make nice with Booz. If you're moving Booz, quit acting like you won't match Millsap.

If this all works out that, in the end, the Jazz lose both Boozer AND Millsap, it will have to be the greatest blunder in Jazz front office history. Forget drafting Curtis Borchardt. This will take the cake.

B fest

As a Jazz fan I always felt like the organization was in control or at least had somewhat of a handle on the situations in front of them. Right now I don't feel that way. I am sure that they will handle this in the usual nonchalant way just waiting to see what happens. And to be honest I'm kind of getting sick of it. Here's to jumping off the cliff and seeing what happens.

KOC what

KOC says a frenzy. If I were in a business frenzy I would go golfing where I would be seen by media and other team members. One of the better ways to handle a frenzy.

Get over it Kevin, somebody finally called you back and so you say that is a frenzy.

You got an offer for a backup so you are dumping a starter all in the name of money.

You are paid to bring together a winning team, instead you are busy trying to break one up.

We can trade AK, CJ, Brewer, and every other non-shooter on the team or we could trade the guy who brings us 20/10 cfonsistently. We are striving for mediocrity when we trade our good players and garner money for the wannabe backups.

todd from santa ana

I reported this hours earlier on these posts.

Read O Connor: As usual talking out sides of his mouth. Course the other teams are waiting for us. They are not going to help us. Again, O Connor is the cause for much of this. He is probably the worst GM and Makes Elgin BAylor look "mahvelous"

Talking about "why not keep them both"

Let us see you just wasted millions committing early to sign a finesse shooter who last year deliberately let his man score to new money

This situation with the Jazz is getting sadder and sadder by the day

I predicted all of this would happen

We need Snagglepuss to come here back with a statement. We need Cowboy's wisdom and the other true fans on the board who will tell it like it is and not sugarcoat.


If they wil trade Boozer, Deron Williams will surely look for another team.

az jazz

Boozer took Jazz to West Finals. What is the negativety about, he is elite and wants to be healthy. Boozer stays as needed if you understand. Cavs miss him too. Congratulate Boozer and apologize because, he wants to stay in Utah. But u are literally booing him. Boo-Ya.


Boozer has been great. But Millsap showed that he can do all that Boozer does and Paul does it at a much younger age. Millsap will definitly be a better long-term investment for the Jazz. It would be nice to see the Jazz pick up a defensive center with some heighth to add to the lineup


Jazz brass vs Carlos Boozer reminds me of LHM vs Karl Malone, The Sequel.

There were trade rumors seemingly every offseason.

I really do hope Boozer's back and ready to tear up the paint like he did the couple of years before the last!

Stop with the Odom thing already. There are exceptions that make it very difficult. And Gooden?!?! Seriously, folks...


Anyone who thinks that Millsap can do what Boozer can do is nuts. I like Paul and what he does, however, he is NO Boozer. First of all, Paul never demands a double team even when he gets the ball deep in the post. I can count on one hand the number of times others teams doubled Millsap all of last season. Also, you cannot go to him when you need a basket and expect him to do something. Boozer does all of these things. Boozer always commands a double team, which makes playing defense against the Jazz much more difficult. So many fans feel because the stats are getting close between the two that they have the same effect on the game. Paul has nowhere near the effect Boozer has. I am not sure Paul is worth the money he was offered and to compare him to a 2 time all-star in Boozer is just dreaming.

Keep Boozer

Keep Boozer! He will be in a contract year, since he is all about the $'s, he has no choice to be healthy and play the best since he has been here. He might still bolt, but worry about that next year. WIN NOW!


anyone who thiks boozer has been great is being way to nice.he only plays 60 percent of the time and he really is the most one sided player in the league. his lack of defense is pathetic and last time i looked even without boozer the jazz were still one of the highest scoring teams, if you cant see interior defense is what the jazz need your blind! that is why the thomas deal would of been nice! The sad part is this is probably the one year boozer will play hard because he wants his big pay day!!


The problem with Boozer is he lacks heart. He is a talented player, but lacks team committment. Making the announcment he was going to opt out, when the team was in distress due to injuries was very untimely. Yes, he is a guatenteed double-double when properly motivated, but his unwillingness to play defense should be an embarrassment if he was a legitimate "All Star." True, we all must work to benefit our families, but in Carlos Boozer's case, he is more interested in "Cha Ching" than a "Ring."


Anyone who thinks that Boozer can do what Millsap can do is nuts. I like Boozer and whe he does, however, he in NO Millsap. First of all, Boozer never plays defense even when he stumbles into good position. I can count on one hand how many possesions Boozer played good defense last season. Also, you cannot count on Boozer to even be there in the clutch because he is hurt all the time. Millsap throws himself to loose balls which makes it much more difficult for other teams big guys to compete for loose balls with him on the court. So many fans feel that because Boozer has better offensive stats that means he is more valuable. Boozer has nowhere near the effect Millsap has on the entire game. I am sure Boozer isn't worth the money he is paid and to compare him to a all-around young player in Millsap with a better contract is just ridiculous.

ed in az

Having great talent and potential does not make you a great player. I think the difficulty in trading Carlos is more directly related to how the league GM's view the player in question than to whether they care much about helping or hurting the Jazz. If Pritchard is clever enough to put the Jazz into this scenario ( and I doubt he is ) how does it possibly benefit Portland? With Milsap they remain a Pacific Division also ran.. They should be figuring out how to get Carlos... which shouldn't be that hard right now.


Marc Stein has it correct when asked the question, "why would the Jazz be trying to trade a 20/10 All-Star". Part of his answer was to say that it appeared the "Jazz fans had turned against him".

It serves no purpose to continue bagging on Carlos. You're gonna get your wish people. BOOZER IS OUTTA HERE! You've helped make it happen! Now find somebody else to assasinate!

ed in az

MacNamara... Boozer left the Jazz and fans LONG before they "turned on him". He permanently checked out emotionally and physically in his first Jazz season. The fans turned on Ostertag not because he couldn't play, but because most nights he just didn't play. Similarly, Carlos has seemed to not care about being on the floor, not care about defense, not care about winning, not care about getting better,and not care about team-mates or the franchise. His Olympic experiences seems to mirror those attitudes.

The whole Carlos era has all been about Carlos. The fans have reacted to him, not turned on him.

Keep em both

3 guys in contract years,plus Millsap,all healty..I`d take my chances with the team we have...minus miles of course GO JAZZ...GO SLOAN..GO SLC


ed in az... I'll say it again. BOOZER IS OUTTA HERE!You've done your job! You've helped make it happen! Feel good about yourself but you're a broken record! Whats to be gained by regurgitating it. Find some new fodder!.... You'll find a new whipping boy. Guys like you have a NEED for it!

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