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Published: Sunday, July 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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PLEASE!!! Glen Davis is da boss

Davis for Misap?

This might be a situation where the Jazz go possitive with a little subtraction.

The Milsap offer is indeed "toxic." As hard as it is to say, and as much as we all love Milsap, he has to go. Good luck and best wishes.

One of the big problems this year was the "bottleneck" at the PF position. Davis could be as impactful as Milsap and would open things up for Okur's offense.

Chuck Nunn

Glen Davis? Geez, just match on Millsap!

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!


I like Big Baby D! Though those numbers seem just a little weak for 21 minutes. I'll check out his other numbers. On May 12th he had 22 points and 7 rebounds in 42 minutes which is pretty encouraging. Sure. Let 'Sap go and let's pick up Big Baby. Don't get me wrong. I love Millsap but its just too much money.

todd to chuck

Chuck there is no bigger homer on these boards, these are the reasons why The Jazz are where they are tonight as the ESPN report last week showed,

I will let you be the apologetic spokesman for every thing they do. No pressure from people who could be huge in impacting change.

You can call us pessimists haters, outsiders. COuld care less. The truth these people love the Jazz more than the opposites do. We care so deeply it hurts us beyong comprehension. SOmeone that has invested buying merchandise, programs, listening to static radio stations and back to 1979 in New Orleans knows Jazz History.

I am tired of watching "same ol" I have never in the history of professional sports (history) seen such a conversative, refuse to change approach if a coach that acts as Mr Hat on every issue and gets away with us. I do not care about his "system"

I care about every year feeling chance to win the title playing the reg season in playoff mode, establish your identity and tweeking as needed.

Sloan never never does this.

It is the fans that allow this to happen.

The rest care deeply and pray for change

todd from santa ana

How many rings do Jazz players have

1 by a player who did not play much Mehmout

GLen Davis does

He was a project until Kevin Garnett and coaches helped make him much better

I would take him for that salary in a New York Minute.

He has a ring that would be a "threat" to current Management and "sloanaholics"

Lets just keep the same roster. That is better



Just match for Paul, Big Baby is a good talent but I think Paul has more going for him. Just Match Paul then send Boozer else where for the cap space.
We've got til the deadline, and since Boozer will be playing this year for his next contract I'm sure he'll work a bit for it, more than he did last year. Let teams see him for a few months and there will be someone biting for a an time all-star. Someone will get hurt, it always happens, a team loses a key player midway through the season. They panic and look for someone to fill the void til the team is healthy. It's bound to happen.
Bottom line stick with Paul, the true talent he has and the nasty attitude he brings is undeniable.


Re: Chuck Nunn (the Jazz Oracle)

Sorry Chuck, but I've got to disagree with you on this one.

Davis is BIG body that would help the Jazz. He's taller than Paul and at 290 he's a lot tougher to move. Initially, he isn't likely to score at much as Millsap but he would definitely plug up some of the holes the Jazz have defensively.

He's only been playing about 20 minutes a game for Boston averaging 7 points and 4 rebounds. Extend his time out to 40 minutes and you get respectable numbers. (14 points and 8 rebounds) And in the Jazz system, I'm certain those numbers will go up.

Besides, I'd love to see the Jazz get somebody who can be described as "BURLEY" ... as in Idaho.


How would Sloan feel about Davis coming in to camp at 289 pounds? I see work ethic controversy a mile away with this one. You can't swap a guy like Millsap with a guy who can't stay away from the buffet table.


Baby Davis is a pretty large body. Watching him develop his mid-range game (something Millsap is sorely lacking) was fun to watch last season. He can stick the 17-footer with complete confidence.

I'm not opposed the idea.


Big Baby is 6'9" in media guides, but in real life he is 6'6". Still a good young player, and he uses his wide body effectively, but if he was 6'9" there would be no question about the Celtics matching any offer.

No-No No More Louisana

Let these guys eat their "Gumbo elsewhere.

Nevada Fan

Milsap,Boozer,and Ak are not the answer. Milsap is good but not great and under sized. To be at least competitive in the west and I mean just competitive we need bigger, longer, and defensively minded players. The only one on that short list is AK and he is over paid. Too bad the fans have too suffer for poor management. I been saying Artest (gone to the lakers) THERE IS 1 MAJOR BEATDOWN in coming next season, and the Celtics get Wallace and the Suns get Shack.I getting tired I am done.

louisiana jazz man

if you got davis it would be for the sam,e money as millsap. the reason he has no offers. no rebounds better take millsap while you can. or not and see what he does in portland. by trade deadline you could probly pick up one of the starters with portland because millsap will be starting. just like in utah once millie started playing it was booooooo for bozer and lets get rid of the allstarr boz. next is alrige moving on why you think they signed him 6.2 mil alrige wants 20 mil see who plays better. you jazz fans need to pull your head out.before its too late i can watch portland just as easy as utah its going to be sad for me to watch millie kicking butt against utah. probly sad for him too.

Just wondering...

Not that it would happen....Could AK restructure his contract for less money and more years. Or is that against the CBA.It seems like the NFL players are always doing it, but that might be because they dont have guaranteed contracts?

Vintage Jazz

Remember "Dinner Bell" Mel Turpin? The Jazz don't need another fat kid who won't work hard after signing his contract. Utah is one of the fattest states in the country...why tempt the poor kid with the endless buffets and all you can eats around town. Bring back Gentle Ben Poquette.


is useless he will NEVER be good again we should somehow trade him to another, team and if it means to a team like the warriors then so be it, if we keep him its same old same old, no championships!!!!!!!


AK is NOT the reason why the Jazz can't win a championship. The reason is JERRY SLOAN. End of story

todd to 105 pm

best post of the day, truthful also..Glen Davis I feel would be in shape. He would know coming here he has to be in good shape and frankly even now he is in much better shape than when he came in as a rookie. I feel he may a better talent than Paul. Certainly, Paul is a harder worker at this stage in careers.

No no no no no

Glen Davis? Great, just what we need, an overweight, out of shape, and overrated big man. This reminds me of someone who played for the Jazz a few years ago...Mr. double-zero himself.

If we're choosing between overpaying Millsap for a year and overpaying Glen Davis (Ostertag, Part II) for several years (to which midlevel money is ridiculous!), the decision is a no-brainer. Once Millsap starts getting paid his worth ($6 to $7 is about market value for his talent), we'll be glad we kept him.

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