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Published: Sunday, July 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I live on Socal. ESPN radio reported down here, that the Jazz have told Milsap that they (The Jazz)have matched Portalnds offer. ESPN isn't always correct, but the do seem to know things before anyone else.


I think I speak for every jazz fan when i say, i just want the jazz to do something. There has been tons of talk of them doing something, and they have been trying to make a move, but until they actually do something, and make a move i will be upset. If the jazz waiting and not actually doing something then there will be nothing left for them to do, cuz all the free agents will be gone, and all the teams that have cap (detriot, NY, Portland, OKC) won't have any more cap so we wouldn't be able to dish off boozer. So just do something jazz! please! and do it quick before there is nothing more to do!

Milsap too expensive

Milsap is a double double guy only because of the structured system the Jazz use. The Jazz should let him go and he will soon find out he is not worth 36M....no way. Reconcile with Boozer and give one time all-star AK the ball more so he can show us some skill with the 16M in compensation. The shots need to go more to D-will and AK and forget about Milsap. Create space for the following year to even possibly resign Boozer or a better player.

Blaze the Blazers

The Blazers are just trying to tie us down fo the future! Millsap is good because he is in this system. I want to keep him here, but I honestly wouldn't mind letting him go and forcing Portland to pay him while he sits on the bench and does nothing for them! PROFESSOR: Are you Kidding? Did a Portland fan really just say that? this might be a news flash for you but...even if SLC isn't the hottest NBA city...Portland draws even less starpower... the sole reason you have any quality players is because you were so bad for so long that you got a bunch of good draft picks that have panned out OK for you. Portland is about as attractive to NBA players as a fat chick with a mustache is to Brad Pitt! But keep dreaming bro....keep dreaming! GO JAZZ!

no one is worth it

Lets get this stright........no one absoultly no one is worth this kind of money. I wont care if he is gone, nor do I care if the jazz ever wina title, not if it costs this kind of money.

Boozer can go right along with Millsap. The Jazz should put a team on the floor that wants to play, have fun and love the game. Go away cry babies. The rest of us are having financial issues in these times. People that play games for a living should suffer along with the rest of us.

Paul, Fire Your Agent!

Hiring your Uncle as your Agent is about the WORST choice ever. He almost ruined any chance Paul had at getting a contract demanding more than $10Mil, gets lucky when Portland tries to stick it to the Jazz for spite otherwise Paul is looking at mid level exception money. Then, with the Jazz supporting Paul and singing his praise his entire career, his agent bad talks the Jazz organization and Utah to offend the fans & organization that WAS likely to match an overpriced contract and make Paul the Long Term STARTER, not bench player!

PAUL, NEVER HIRE FAMILY! FIRE THIS CLOWN! He obviously has no experience as an agent and even if he did, he can not separate good business and over zealous family support!


DON'T MATCH. The Jazz are not considering their options carefully if they match. I know we love Milsap, and he is awesome, but he's not $10-million-right-now awesome. There are other guys on the market that can give you what Milsap gives at a much lower cost. Why don't the Jazz make a push for Odom, spend less money, and actually have some length on defense?

we need paul

ah heck no, i know you guys don't seriously mean that. you guys can seriously tell me that letting paul milsap go is a good decision. so let me get this straight, first we chase booz out, and now pauls leaving, and now your sitting back and saying, "don't spend the money, hes not worth it." wow, this is why you guys don't run the jazz, thank goodness we have o'conner


Give me a break. You've got a team that pays Andrei Kirilenko as much as Lebron James and pays Carlos Boozer 12 million per year and some fans are calling Millsap overpaid? Paul Millsap is probably wondering why he worked his butt off but his team might not pay what the market will bear. Why? Because the Jazz overpaid other guys while Paul was still in college. What were Boozer's numbers in Cleveland? About the same as Millsap's now. Millsap's getting much less than what Boozer got, and the contract is only for 4 years. What's more, you know Millsap plays well in the Jazz system--we didn't know that with Boozer. If this is a rip-off, it's no where near the kind of rip-off that Boozer and AK were.

How about we admit all NBA players are overpaid? Sign 12 scrubs to the league minimum so the Jazz can go 0-82 while we all cheer on the Miller family bank account! That's something to root for!? Thankfully the Millers don't run their team that way.


Milsap was drafted in the 2nd round and therefore recieved a minimum rookie salary in the neighborhood of 3/4 mil per season for 3 years. The guy worked his butt off and made a contribution his 2nd & 3rd years to the success of this team. He has been drastically underpaid for 2 years now, I believe it's time he was rewarded with a decent contract that is front loaded just to pay him back for the 2 years he was underpaid, and then after that you only have a contract that is basically 20 mil for 3 years, and that isn't over paying for his value. Bite the bullet Jazz your still not over extended with Paul. Bye, bye Booze. Go Jazz!

On Second Thought...

I was one of those who that the Millsap offer was way to much, but you have to admit the guy played way outside his contract and elevated his game each year instead of whining about more pay and down shifting as a protest. He's earned his signing bonus and midlevel pay. Ship off Boozer and make this happen!

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