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Published: Sunday, July 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Inthewilds....Thanks.....My point is the Blazers did not sign Millsap to stick it to the Jazz. They signed him to get better and compete with the Lakers, Spurs and Nuggets. We are not the ones to beat out west. I still believe that for luxury tax issues we trade Boozer and let Millsap walk. Bottom line is Boozer didn't keep his word and now we are going to lose both PF's. In the long run, I believe it's the best thing that could happen to the Jazz as AK's contract is gone in 2011. Just play Koufus, Fez and AK at the 4 and tell Jerry to change his offense. Or let Memo and Dwill play the pick and roll and everyone else stand around.


Bosh has already expressed interest in playing with Wade, and walked off the court with D-will after the game in Toronto, also playing with D-will in the Olympics, so it's without doubt something possible, especially when D-wade has expressed that money isn't his biggest concern, winning is. And since neither team would part with Bosh or Wade in a trade that's a joke to even mention it. The only way those players become available is on their terms, meaning after their contracts are up and they choose to go to a team they feel will get them a ring. As far as TMAC, (Miles) your right he may be done, really it doesn't matter who we trade AK to just as long as it's expiring contracts to make room for some new big players next year. The Jazz need to rebuild for sure they can't compete unless they get a ton better the moves other teams have made... I think D-will has more pull then many people think, Lebron won't leave Cleveland so what other all stars would they want to pair with? Utah's a good choice.


I think that the reason that portland wanted Milsap because he is good and avalable. I think that they should get boozer back to Cleveland, and then sign milsap back to the Jazz and Everyone would be happy:) un less Boozer can really show that he wants to stay w/ the Jazz in this season.

to blazer fan

I'm glad you're so excited about possibly signing Milsap and finishing your predicted 3rd in the conference. No one will beat LA so you'll be out in the first or second round....if thats something to be excited about then good for you!!!!

oh and Greg Oden a BUST!!!!!!

Didn't Portand draft Sam Bowie before Jordan!!!!


BROTHER!!!! I believe that some of the people that post on here have no concept of the game of basketball.

Just because you pay AK too much doesn't mean you overspend again. Quit complaining about his contract..it's done...history..finished!!

Milsaps has great energy and is a very strong rebounder for his size. He is a below average defender, has below average jumpshot and cannot create his own shot off the bounce.

I have been a jazz fan for 20 years believe me when I say Milsap is a product of system. Remember Shandon Anderson..Byron Russell..Deshawn Stevenson..to name a few. All thought they would find success somewhere else..all were wrong. Antoine Carr, Danny Manning, Donyell Marshall, Calbert Chaney had good solid years playing in jazz system.

Wish Milsap the best but he will never be more than a role player in the NBA. He needs to find out what his agent is smoking because Portland only targeted him after they were rejected by 3 other players.

I too hope they find a way to move Boozer. I find it very difficult to watch him play. Go Jazz!!


TNJAZZFAN- Besides Turkoglu who was Portland rejected by?

Portland fan

BTW don't confuse me with the more confrontational "Blazers fan."

What THREE players did Portland target first???


PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS only want to better themselves and not giving up anything by offering Milsap a contract. They don't want Odom because he is not right fit. They needs a PG or PF who can defend (Milsap). By offering contract to Milsap they will accomplish one of their goals without giving up anything.

1) If Utah decides to match the offer keeping Milsap, Utah has to trade Boozer. One possibility (maybe the only one)to trade Boozer is to Chicago and that will gives Trail Blazer Kirk Hinrich, a PG.

2) If Utah decides not to match the Trail Blazers will get Milsap.

So no matter what Utah does, the Trail Blazers will get what they want. Are they bully? Stand up to them, match the offer.

It is a smart move, the Jazz only have themselves to blame for. The Trail Blazers simply takes advantage of the Utah's cap situation.

Now Utah only has only one decision to make Milsap or Boozer, either way the Trail Blazers will have the player they want all along.


What's funny, is all the Smack Talking that I have heard from Jazz fans over the years; about how much better Utah is than Portland. This puts a nail in that coffin. Portland will win the NBA Championship next year, GUARANTEED!


How about instead of matching the "Toxic offer" by the Blazers.. the Jazz put in their own "Toxic offer" for Lamar O or the Lakers. The Lakers are only offering around 5-6 mil which is the same contract as Paul's w/Portland. Lamar is three times the player as Millsap.. Something to at least consider.


I appreciate what Paul did for the Jazz and his work ethic. It was refreshing to see. Were we watching someone intelligent enough to know that was the way to the big ticket or is that really who he is? Once the big money comes, we'll find out, whether he's in a Jazz or Blazer uniform.

Looking at the dollars, I don't see how the Jazz can take the hit. Long term it will only force their hand on future deals. I'd hate to lose out on players in the future because of something they do to fix a small problem.

I dislike Boozer even more for sticking the Jazz for one more season. He absolutely needs to put up All-Star numbers, and perhaps he will with a new contract looming.

Perhaps the team can learn to set contracts so they don't expire at the same time, if that is even possible.

The worst thing that could

happen is for Utah to match this deal and keep Millsap. If they do they will swallow a poison pill this season. They will also be in the Lux tax for the next 2 years. That means they will not be getting good deals on great talent.

They will be stuck with an undersized PF who can rebound but who can't create his own shot, will not draw a double team and defends slightly better than Boozer.

Is that worth 2 years of lux tax and 5 years of mediocre results?

Let Millsap go to POR! Make a 2 year offer to Lee. If he does not take it get Gooden or another vet for 1 year. If all else fails trade Harp's expiring contract for a young promising PF. Harp will get released and come back.

Sometime this year trade Boozer for the PF of the future and also get a shooting SG thrown in.

That really helps the team. If the Jazz get the right SG they can let Korver go to save cap space and Harp if not already used.

Go get the talent that is needed. The next 2 years are great opportunities.

Millsap's agents

There are some agents that certain teams refuse to deal with. Most agents have working relationships with most teams. It is a two way street that works for everyone involved.

Millsap's agents do not understand relationship marketing. They are sending clear signals that they are clowns. They had nothing to do with Millsap getting this offer. In the long run the Prichards of this world will deal with them and take their fingers. While the decent organizations will avoid them.


do not sign paul.


If signing Milsap means keeping Williams happy. it's absolutely worth it.

Apollo Sun

I wish the Jazz management read some of these posts and took the fans view into account. Clearly the general consensus is that as much as we (Jazz fans) all liked and appreciated Paul Millsap's effort as backup to Boozer... we also have the intelligence and Bball knowledge to realize that he is not worth the crazy money being offered by our rivals Portland. As many have already said Portland made this offer to put the Jazz in a difficult position and force them over the luxury-tax to please their fans.

WELL CALL THEIR BLUFF! Let them have their backup for all-star salary. Turn the tables. Shame to lose Paul, but not worth financially crippling the Jazz for years to come. We all know the right move here:


ed in az

It's been posted elsewhere in this thread, but remember that Paul got paid around $800K doing Carlos job for him this season while Carlos sat in the Armani shade cheering him on getting his $12 mill.. If you average Paul's first 3 years at 800K with the next three years at 10 million... average is..what 5.4millions... High, but not an extravagant amount for what he's contributed and can in the future. Basketball, unfortunately is not a sentimental or very fair business.


people please use your brains!!!!! the contract for Milsap is not to much. Look at the money players make that are somewhat equal to him. Ariza,Mcdyess,come to mind but there is a bunch more.Besides if korver is worth 5 million then milsap is adleast worth a couple million more.Or has everyone forgot the last game of the year and milsaps 12 or 14 pts. in a row.Where was Boozer? oh ya, thats right, on the bench for the whole 4th quarter while Price and Milsap almost brought us back. To bad the Jazz arent smart enough to offer him a deal first,They could of made it back heavy instead of front!!!!!!!!! Then if you knew this might happen how about drafting Dejuan Blair to fill the need. A backup pg after how Price finished the season? unbelievable!!!!

Do or do not

"But bullies the Blazers are trying to be."

Thanks, Yoda.


3 players that blazers coveted much more than Milsaps are Odom, Lee and of course Turk. So for Paul's agent to be out there telling everyone how Portland targeted him is a bunch of bull.

The only player in recent memory that Jazz should have kept is Williams. Jazz made right decision concerning rest. So if they let Milsap go I have to assume they do not see him as power forward of future as so many of you do.

He truly is a scrappy guy but he lacks the quickness to guard small forwards away from basket and he just doesn't have the size to slow down the good pf's in the league. Namely Gasol, Duncan, Amare, Dirk, Garnett, Howard to name a few.

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