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Published: Sunday, July 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Millsap is not a starter by any means in this league. I guarantee his body will break down during this season. He didn't even make it a whole season at Utah. Let him go and save some cash for next season's spending spree. AK could you just leave your contract and go back to Russia, you are killing the Jazz...why don't you seek a new deal!

CJ3 Re: Todd

Always enjoy your comments, Todd.

Here's the thing about Dallas:
Yes, they should do well in their division, because NO and Hou are headed in the wrong direction, but there's a very good chance they'll at least have injury issues.

Literally half the team is 30+ years of age. Nowitski, Kidd, Marion, Jason Terry (all key guys, the core if you will), Devean George, another key rotation player I can't recall at the moment, and yes, even Erick Dampier who is having a birthday here real quick, will be 34.

3/4 of the roatation are geriatric, in NBA terms.

I like Carlilse, but I don't know how much he'll have to work with this season.

RE: O'Conner

Let's see here, Millsap gone, Boozer gone after one more year at best. A center that can't post up in church ball. AK a head case who only shows up when he wants to. We are in trouble folks. The cause, O'Conner. Other that Williams his first round picks have been suspect. He overpaid for AK putting us in to this mess. He got lucky with Millsap. O'Conner has to go. He has put us near the luxury tax with an average ball club. How is that possible.


we have ny draft pick next summer and there are some nice pf. coming out. one more lottery year next season and we will be ok. we will have two number one draft picks and will be in the top five pick also and a extra pick to move into the top two if needed. will get a superstar.


read next years mock draft some great power forwards in the top ten coming out, we will get one of the best with new yorks draft pick. they are holding money for next years free agents so they should have a bad bad season which is great for us.


I strongly suspect that Portland's management is smarter than to make a less than serious offer for any player, only to cause problems for a single team.

They no doubt are aware that matching the offer could cause the Jazz some problems on a short-term basis. However, to do that without helping yourself in both the short-term and long-term would not be a smart move. Portland, like every other team in the league, wants to do what is best for them, not just what is worst for one other team.

@ Louisiana Jazz Man

I think I get the meaning of your comment, it's just hard to deciphere with your penmanship and spelling. Paul was drafted in the 2nd round and that has NBA contract limitations as to salary, thats the reason Paul was somewhat under paid in his first years. He now has shown he is a talent, but nothing more than a good sub. He is and will not be ever a starter in this league unless it is for the same reason that he started last year. The player he was subbing for went down and he had to step in as the starter, otherwise he's back on the bench where he belongs filling in as a reserve. He's not and I repeat not athletic, he is just a hard worker who will stay in this league for a long time because of his work ethic. Portland has over paid now let them decide how they are going to use him! I'd personnally take Gooden or Nocioni any day for less money.


I disagree that Utah is not trying to get the right combination of players. That they have not yet made a significant move towards that end this year does not mean they are not trying. Having read and heard comments from so-called fans for years, I know that there will be complaint regardless of what the Jazz do. Indeed, some individuals will be angry about anything they do.

This is not to say that I don't want the Jazz to win a title. I simply realize that it is a difficult goal, and that, like any business, will make unpopular decisions in the pursuit of its goals, and that those decisions may even prove to be wrong, in hindsight, or at least not the best possible.

I'm not trying to make excuses for the Jazz. I'm just trying to point out that running such an organization is more difficult than critiquing from the sidelines like so many fans do.

Jazz Cop

No boozer trade means no matching millsap offer. No way the jazz should match if they can't make a trade first. I love paul, and everything, but he's too undersized to ever be great, besides, the jazz are better when booz plays and millsap backs up, koufus can back up. Booz might play up to an allstar level for a new contract. Trade ak for mcgrady

louisiana jazz man

he went back to the bench alright but shouldnt have. he was in the game at the end when it counted tho boz was on the bench. same as it will be in portland alrige, not spelled right fire me, will be on the bench right before he is traded and millie starting. millsap 6.2 alrige wants 20 mil. worse than boz. why you think they signed millie?


time for the Jazz to be sold and move on to another state or country so college basketball can once again thrive in the great beehive state!!! the Jazz have no desire to win. the Jazz have a proven track record of that. they get marginal allstars on the roster, overpay once an allstar and done players, and now Millsap is going to be overpaid. Portland stinks! let them have him. get rid of Boozer or let him play the season out but play for the #1 pick next year. lose all of your games this year. it's the only way. you gotta know when to fold em, know when to hold em...like Kenny Rogers said. with the NY Knicks pick plus the Jazz' cellar dweller pick that means the potential for two first rounders that can really help Deron do something.

Millsap worth more than MLE

I can not believe people are saying Millsap is only worth the MLE. Krover gets paid close to 5 million this season which is close to the MLE. Do these same people think Krover is more valuable than Millsap?

Krover is a hit and miss player who should only be paid the league minium. Millsap has the potential to be a great player. The Jazz should bring in Malone who first turned the Jazz on to Millsap and pay Malone to help develop him.



Portland is trying to get better, without giving anything up. The Jazz will match - but this simply makes it almost impossible to for the Jazz to get something in return.

For example the Jazz send Boozer to Chicago, they get back Tim thomas and Chicago finds a team under the cap (memphis, detroit, OK city) that will take Tryus Thomas without giving up anything. The Salary Millsap (with bonuses) with Thomas is only 2.5 million higher than Boozer - Then the Jazz have 3 years at 7 million


Honestly, if i were Millsap, i'd bounce. Not such a bad thing if the Jazz keep Boozer, trade AK for TMac, and have 2 lottery picks and LOADS of cap space for next season. I'm ready to be patient. Heck, I have been thus far. What's another year before a true opportunity to be a champion arises???

Kevin in the Terrace

Look, here is what you do, let Millsap go, he is good but not that kind of money good. Make AK your back up PF, rotate Kouf, Okur, Fes in the 5 and 4 spot and you won't even miss Millsap.

Wrong Game

The Blazers are playing chess while the Jazz & KOC is playing checkers, and the Jazz got just what they deserved by not locking up Millsap. KOC should be sent packing.

broaden the sweep

I don't understand how this is an "either/or" scenario. If the Jazz are going to pay the kind of money it will take to retain Paul, I am sure they are looking at what they can get for similar or slightly more money. For example.. Odom, who is a little erratic about always mentally showing up for games, but massively talented, and great at attacking the rim.. which is a major deficiency in the current Jazz players. Boozer will either play or he won't. History suggests he'll dog it for yet another season.
I was against trading him for Hamilton, but now I'm not so sure.

ed in az

The Milsap contract was described as "toxic" by the Portland management. As much as I like Paul, and would like him to stay in SLC, I have to say that the contract is much more toxic to Portland than to Jazz. Paul would be crazy to turn down the money, and will have a decent run in Portland. Jazz have to focus, right now, on bringing another franchise player to the team.. Carlos has shown he does not want or deserve that role. Stockton to Malone is more than a phrase.. It shows that you need at least two franchise players to be a serious contender.. A roster of "very good" players and one star and you have the Hornets...

Good riddance...

If any player leaves our great city, I say good riddance. If they dont realize what a great place salt lake is then I dont want them here.


I think the reason Portland made a run for Millsap is that he is still available and not locked up already. I think that this is probably option 3 or 4 for Portland in the off season. NY made it clear they would match any offer for Lee. Portland lost Hedo - hurray for small markets like Portland & SLC - so that fell through.The Chicago, Utah and Portland deal where it seemed no one really even tried, thusly leading to this offer. Portland has cap space THIS year only. Utah is in luxury tax territory. Millsap is a great back-up who will help Portland's bench, why not try and land him, and put the money on the front end when you are $8 or 9 million below the salary cap???

And if you want to blame anyone, blame Boozer, for not having the guts to bail like he said back in the spring - weak.

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