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Published: Sunday, July 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Who is this Vartanian?

This Ara Vartanian character is quite ridiculous. I mean completely ridiculous! I went to the Oregonian website, and Vartanian is going off on how Millsap has 3 point range, but never showed it because of Sloan. If crashing the ball off the side of the glass from the elbow is considered "3 point range" so be it.

sigh.....just match it

the salary cap # and what he will be paid can and in this case are different numbers. even though he gets the bonus upfront, only 25% counts on this year's payroll. T-Buck needs to get with the program. I'm tired of emailing him when he inverses numbers on stats and doesn't do his CBA homework!

"Who are you? And why are you here?"

No way

Great guy.

Hard worker.

Good team mate.

Good rebounder.

Good hustle guy.

Limited low post game.

Too short to be a starting PF.

Bye Paul.

No you know why AK announced the other day he is not playing on his national team and is instead "working on his body". The Jazz have likely told him they will be losing boozer, millsap, or both of them.

Whoever gets Millsap now will be overpaying....UNLESS we can unload a big contract. I guess we have until the trade deadline. We can match now and take months to unload Booz or AK if we want to.

As long as we don't finish the season with this much salary then we won't be paying all that tax.

Paul becomes much more affordable without the tax.

Tick tock!!!


Now the Oregonians want this small-market team to go bust and wind up as their new I-5 rivals: the Seattle Supersonics, Mach II. :p Portland is definately bullying Jazz management right now.

I still think that Milsap has shown that he is more consistent than Boozer at this point; however, it is a lot to ask. Will it be worth it to keep him? We'll see. Let's just hope that we can keep (or find) another PF for a while to fill in the void left by Milsap.


maybe Karl will come out of retirement.

Blazer Nation

From a Blazer fan...I just want to say that this whole thing is unfortunate.

I want Millsap on the Blaers (he would kill on that team), but I really wish our sports enviornment supported more loyalty to the team who drafted them, developed them and brought them up through the system. I know that I want to keep our key guys.

There has to be a better way. There should be some kind of clause allowing special privleges to the incumbent team. That way we wouldn't see players jumping all around every year.

Jazz - you guys are class all the way. Stay that way. Stockton to Malone forever. I'll feel great if we get Millsap, but a little underhanded at the same time.

Let Paul Go?

I'm a Millsap guy, but overpaying an undersized four is what the Knicks do. Look how bad they are. Brandon Bass got, what, 4 years 18 mil? He's a very similar player to Millsap.

Maybe the move is to let Portland have that toxic deal. Good luck resigning Roy, Oden, Aldridge, etc!!

todd to cj3

Dallas not much better?

Hee hee Hee Hee

Another greg disciple and Sloanie

It may not mean more reg season wins but they likely will get back to 2nd round of playoffs and would do well in the east.

Gorcat and Dampier the 2 of them are better defensively than OKURRIE

Dampier even hurt the JAzz in that loss late season at Big D

Marion says and I believe him, he is healthy, confident, fired up and ready

31 is not washed up.

MArion will be great on the Mavericks. No doubt

Also much better coaching led by Carlisle and an owner that least tries to win succeed or not..

the village people

that means you are crying over Paul like a bunch of rednecks.

32-36 mil over 4 years is 9 mil per year with signing bonus averaged in. With 10 million you get Odom who can dribble, can defend and has a nose for the ball.

With Odom and Boozer and Dwill this team can surprise a lot of teams...OR we can keep scratching in the dirt like a bunch of chickens never daring to look up.

Derek Fisher said the diff between Jerry Sloan and Phil Jackson is Jerry wants the team to play hard each game, and Phil expects a win each game.

I think Paul can play hard but he doesnt' expect to win each game. Dwil, Boozer, and other winners expect to win it all the time.

Something else to consider is that poor management will have us pay AK and Harpring 21.5 million this season. What have we changed since then? Our expectations? I hope not.

Bye Millsap

Millsap is not worth that kind of money. It's a dumb move by Portland as they will never win a championship with their current roster (including Millsap).

Teams around the league don't want to do business with the Blazers and nobody will want Millsap at that kind of money. They have to resign Roy and Aldridge which eats up all of their cap room to sign any quality free agents in the future.

Millsap is not going to put them over the top to compete for a championship. Let Millsap go and watch the the Blazers dig their own grave on a 15 minute per game backup forward.

Like the Blazers, the Jazz aren't winning a championship with their current roster anyway. They will have the New York pick next season and some cap room from Boozer, Harpring, Korver and Millsap coming off the books. Lots of options to work with for next season.


Portland has no need to have a bench back-up paid the second highest salary on their team. They did this "toxic" manuever because the Jazz have to keep Millsap if they can shop Boozer or they have NO PF. The luxary tax hit to Utah could be around $20 million this year to sign Milsap ( matching the salary, huge front-end bonus, and losing their perpetual pay-off for always being under the Cap). Larry Miller dies and his family is devastasted by this move. If they match the Milsap ransom, The Jazz become the highest paid salary team in the NBA, and they still need to sign another player, yet to be acquired. I consider this a dirty blow against a team in the same Northwest Division that has ruled Portland's butts for years. Portland can "kiss goodbye" any future cooperative trades with the Jazz for players they actually need by burning this bridge with Utah. This was a sleazy, vindictive act by Pritchard.


Make a run at a big free agent in 2010??? I'm sorry, is there a big free agent next year who went to BYU? Maybe someone who has secretly converted to Mormonism? I don't think D-Wade is leaving South Beach to take up snowboarding. The Jazz better realize that drafting guys like Millsap in the second round is the best way to add talent in SLC, and if you find a diamond in the rough, you'd better do what you can to keep him. No free agents are coming.


As someone who's in the PR business, Kevin O'Connor at his interview yesterday for D-Wills charity golf tourney has exposed the Jazz intentions by saying that the Jazz don't intend on overpaying Milsap but a match offer will be considered carefully.

That's a technique in the PR world most politicians use to prep the audience for their decision and playing up the magnitude of the end result. In this case, Kevin is playing coy but mentioning ONCE again the Jazz won't over pay Milsap but what he's really saying is that they will indeed match the offer because it's not overpaying Milsap.

Then again maybe this is just a ploy to get a sign and trade with the Chicago-Portland-Utah trade senario with Boozer again. With Milsaps signing bonus, will this enable the deal to go forward so the Blazers get Hinrich, Chicago gets Boozer and the Jazz get Milsap and Thomas?


Lottery is not an option. Those saying lottery is better are stupid. This team could be in the lottery and picking 13th or 14th at best. With d-will, they will never be a bad team. Tell me how many great players in the last 10 years came from the bbottom of the lottery. Now tell me how many busts. I don't know the number but it is more busts than all-stars

I don't see what the big deal is all about. The real contract is around 6 to 7 mill a year. That is what the jazz valued him at anyway. The only killer is the signing bonus and some speculate that not all of the signing bonus counts against the cap. Milsap as a starter averages 18 & 10, and that is with an undeveloped offensive game and no plays ran for him. I can think of a lot of players that get those same numbers and they make more money.

The differenc between LA

and Utah is obvious. When Ariza tried to stiff the Lakers they replaced him in a heart beat. They had plan B in place and ready.

The Jazz on the other hand are getting mugged because they are incapable of changing. Supposedly they were prepared for all contingencies. They can and should replace Millsap with a player making the MLE.

Shopping Boozer frantically may just be media hype. Are the Jazz really dumb enough to make two major mistakes at the same time. Panic never results in a good deal. They know that. The Boozer trade represents the future of the franchise. If they blow that we will all know the problems are hopeless because the are in the front office.

It seems to be part of their corporate DNA. They are incapable of replacing players. They insist on overpaying.

What is wrong with the Jazz? They can run car dealerships. Is it so hard to part with a used car? They can always get another one at a decent price.

Is Millsap going to save the franchise? Boozer is actually a better player.

Why are the Jazz so incapable of managing change? What is wrong with this organization?

More than anyting else

in a turbulent environment, an organization has to be flexible, adaptable and capable of rapid effective change. The economic environment is changing rapidly.

The Jazz are in a bind and seem to be very flat footed.

POR has microsoft roots they are very capable of change and thrive on it. LA obviously does as well. SA has remade itself many times. DAL is very proactive. Even DEN is proactive. Lastly PHO is adapting. They changed the mistake of bringing in Shaq. HOU took major risks and got bit but they will adapt quickly.

The Jazz relish not changing. Like Bush they try to force the environment to reward them for spitting into the wind (bad idea). They are stubborn and try to ride thru shifts they should adapt to.

Rule #1 stay on the right side of the mega trends. Take advantage of the cheap labor available.

Everything about Sloan's behavior suggests that he is very resistant to change. He literally seems to run the Jazz from the bottom up.

He has no education, experience nor capability of running a large organization. The Jazz are incompetent from the bottom up since the bottom is running the organization.


is a principle that states that their in many situations there is more than one "right way". There is a set of feasible successful solutions.

There is more than one combination of players who are capable of winning.

ORL seems to be adapting well. They simply replaced key players with other players. Same for LA, SA and DAL. POR is taking advantage of the drop in player costs and playing hardball on resigning key players.

The point is key players are replaceable as long as you get one of the right combinations of players.

Utah has not had and does not have a "right combination" but they insist on not trying to get a right combination.

Today the flexible and adaptable beat the slow and non adaptive. There is a reason why POR choose to mug Utah and not NY. That reason is not Millsap. Utah is a hapless non adaptive sloth ripe for attacking. They could get Lee and trade Aldridge it would be a better move but NY now has proactive management and POR attacked Utah because they are incapable of managing change.

In POR the GM not the coach does the GM job.

Sports Fan

This is all obscene. How are pro athletes any different that the CEO's of the major corporations. They make exorbitant amounts of money and the government is attacking them. We fans who support the franchises are barely getting by in providing basic support to our families. All of us are talented in one way or another, but do we pull down salaries in the millions. Why should a pro athlete have the opportunity to work for 5-10 years and never have to work again. Many of the athletes just waste the money they make on drugs, posses, gambling, etc. Lets rein this in before it gets further out of hand. There is more to life than money. The world is full of greed. The love of money is the root of all evil. Get a life.

louisiana jazz man

klinko 16 mil boz 12 mil okur 10.5 millsap 6.2 if im portland reading all these blog im smileing big time. if you can get a player like millsap for 6.2 you just stole him. utah willnot even make the playoffs with out him. caint belive everything you read you would think they are talking to millsap not agents. but if im reading blogs wich he probly is not man with that much money has better things to do, portland is excited utah mostly saying let him go not worth 6.2 mil after making 700.ooo for 3 yrs. i would be ready to head to portland. i guess i will be watching portland next year only reason i watched utah was williams and millsap. looks like you have run boozer and millsap off. whats next williams send him on to portland then all i have to watch is 1 team.

Millsap is a JOKE!!

He is not worth the money Portland is offering...plain and simple. None of these prima donas are worth the money with the current economic situation. These guys seem to be bulletproof when it comes to signing contracts. In the case of Millsap he played a lot during the Boozer/Okur injury period. He simply cannot score in the context of playing with the regular setup of players. Besides that just because Boozer/Williams/Okur score as they do versus other teams doesn't mean anything. The NBA is just an exhibition league until the playoffs. The Jazz is just as stated by other postings...a NICE TEAM that will never get a sniff of the championship other than the Malone/Stockton years. Enjoy what we have. Even with Millsap, Portland will not be improved to championship status. Millsap is undersized and is subject to injuries with his style of play. He will be a bust at Portland...trust me. The Jazz are in the process of dissolution. Boozer will be gone after next season. The money will dry up. Sooner or later the league is going to come back to reality on the contracts. This is ridiculous on contracts.

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