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Published: Sunday, July 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Please let him go. I don't care about the money, it isn't mine. Please don't commit to mediocrity at the power forward position for the next 4 years. I'd rather take a risk on a draft pick than be locked into a guy who has never run the pick and roll, and doesn't appear to have the skills to run it.

Buy a Car for Millsap

Everyone that is in the market for a car should buy from a Larry H. Miller Dealership...Luxury tax done! Keep Shoppin' Boozer...there are alot of teams that want his talent and contract for one year (about all you can trust him for).



It's really not that bad of a deal, we can take that hit for a year and then the rest of his contract will be fair. Other than offense, he is better than Booz. He isn't the best defender but hustle and the willingness to actually try to compete on defense makes him valuable. People point out that he fell off after his injury and some idiot even suggested that he is as injury prone as booz. I point out that he still played 76 games and played hurt the last quarter of the season, plus the playoffs. So yeah, he probably fell off a little bit, but he still hustled the whole way. You need tough guys on your team. If Harp retires, we'll have Deron and Brewer as the only guys not scared of contact.

One other thing...I can't believe people keep saying that Koufas is a possible replacement for both Booz and Millsap. Who will his back up be? Souton or are we bringing back Collins? We'll be in the lottery for sure if that happens.


There are so many lazy slugs in this league getting top dollar, it is nice to see a hard woker like Milsap getting a decent contract.

Plain pathetic

It is very sad for me to see Jazz fans, apparently the ignorant fans, claim that this salary is too much for Millsap but then defend what Boozer has done.


Way too much money - LET HIM GO.

Koof is adequate

as a back up to Booz if Millsap is gone. He is also adequate as a back up to Okur. Koufos can not replace Boozer as the starting PF.

Koufos will buy some time to trade Booz for the right PF and maybe a SG. He has to develop his left hand, just gain more experience and develop range on his shot. He will need another year or two before he can start but he can play back up now.

@8:37 just made the compelling argument for losing Millsap. He can't run the pick and roll. Koufos can. Millsap can't run a number of the Boozer plays. Koufos may learn and is taller. Koufos is a better defender than both Millsap and Boozer.

However, C is the best position for Koufos. He is 280 now same as Bynum. He will beef up more.

If Fez has his act together he can back up C while Koufos backs up PF.

When Boozer goes the Jazz have to have a developing modern PF, tall athletic, quick, good shot and defender. That is not Millsap.

With Okur at C the Jazz have to have a great PF.


Bye Bye Paul, nice knowing you.


The Jazz will match. Millsap will prove in time he is worth every cent of the contract.


Listen up Jazz fans - SLC is a second tier NBA town. The only way you can renovate your downtown is through contributions from the church. SLC is a nice place to visit, but let's face it, NBA stars really don't want to see any one way tickets to your town since it's a dead end for anyone who wants to be a champ!

todd from santa ana

The latest updates tonight reported on various news sources including one in Northern California are allegedly reporting the Jazz "are desperate" to trade Boyzer before time expires on Millsap.

Reports are if trading Snoozie, Millsap they will match (are they ok 10 million and 4 m signing bonus?)

If unable to (remember it is O COnnor Folks)
Millsap will leave.

Once again Boozer holding franchise hostage/...

I almost want him dumped for a paper bag and an apple.

Let em both go

Both Snooze and Millsap should go. It's time the Jazz start trying to make their team better, and that isn't Snooze or Sap!


let milly and price go. sign odom, trade boozer, harp, and korver, sign wes matthews and josh duncan from summer league.

anthony randolph

knicks 1st rounder

then:boozer+harp for jermaine oneal, he gives us defense and
huge contract comes up at end of year and have loads of cap



this would be a definite championship team, we have stacked team full of defense and athleticism 1-14, your thoughts

The Dude

Blazers fans,

Sorry to bust your bubble, but Ironma Millsap will be in Utah for a long time to come. Soak it in while its at your fingertips, but you'll see how much we value this player and this team.


Anthony Randolph is untouchable. Good try though.


If the Jazz keep Boozer they are practically guaranteed AT LEAST the 6th spot in the POs...Pho, Hou, and NO will be lucky to sniff the bottom of the West, and Dallas isn't much better.

The Jazz offer to Millsap was $1.03 mill.

And finally...who the HAY is Josh Duncan?!?!


re: Lottery or Milsap, I think lottery would be better.


Don't do this. I like Milsap - all Jazz fans do. But he isn't worth this much money. If the Jazz let Milsap go to Portland and keep Boozer for a year we'll be really good this year and with Boozer, Harpring and Korver's expiring contracts that is about $25MM freed up to make a run at one of the big free agents of 2010.


K Portland fan! You really think we're going to finish AFTER the SUNS in the western conference NO CHANCE?! Also, to the guy who couldn't figure out why the Blazers are trying to hurt the jazz, its because they CAN AND are in our DIVISION.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let's dump anyone and everyone on the roster except for D Will and get Dwayne Wade! I know there's not a chance he will come from Miami to Utah but man, it would be so nice.

Good Luck & Goodbye

We all like Millsap for solid mid level exception money, but not at the cost of hurting the Jazz organization with a huge luxury tax burden and for well proven starter money.

If he would rather be a back up in Portland, as reported by his associate and from him signing that contract instead of letting the Jazz do a similar contract with less up front for the cap, then let him go. Perhaps he is afraid to start (Boozer was a guaranteed trade before he signed that contract) and he must want to remain a back up in Portland, so stick it back to Portland and have their salary cap fully spent/tied up paying a back up as their highest paid player! Don't overpay for players anymore (Ostertag and Kerilenko ring a bell?)

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