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Published: Sunday, July 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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SHUT UP Blazer Fans!

I'm tired of these Oregonians coming in here shooting there mouths off! SHUT UP! The Jazz will match Millsap's offer and get something for Boozer, their not going to risk losing 2 PF's in 2010. As far as comparing the Jazz to the Blazers. The Jazz are still the better team, there deep, and the Blazers don't have a point guard; and until they do, they may get closer to the Jazz, THAT'S RIGHT I SAID "MAY GET CLOSER"!!!


Prichard is stupid. Portland culd have signed Odom who is a lot better than Milsap and weakened the Lakers at the same time. Milsap's numbers will decrease playing along side Oden. With all the shooters on Portland, there will not be many plays run for Milsap. Also, Milsap's uncle is stupid.

If Boozer had not been injured, the contract never would have happened.

Let's get rid of Milsap and Boozer. Harpring will retire next year then we will have cash to find bargin players like Gooden and Wilcox. Every time Wilcox played against Utah. we didn't have anybody big enough to stop him.

After Milsap leaves, let's replace him with Josh Duncan or Koufas. Koufas will make Jazz fans forget Milsap in a hurry. In case you missed he news Koufas has already put on 20 pounds.


Too bad Snoozer opted in. It's a shame that the Jazz couldn't have taken his "I quit" back he tendered it. Paul Millsap is a quality player who will continue to develop into an NBA star. I'll be sad to see him go.

todd from santa ana

I was wondering if everyone's love child, Eric Maynor made a basket in the 5 games in Orlando?

Just asking..


The Jazz already have a couple of other PFs they can use: Okur is really a PF, IMHO. People say AK is really a PF that has been playing out of position. Kofous looked last year like he could handle either the 4 or the 5 spot.

So trade Boozer for a defensive 5, let Millsap go, and the Jazz are in great shape. Goodbye to both Millsap and Boozer.

if it really is a 32 million

dollar contract and he is getting 10 million this year than he will only be getting paid around 6 or 7 the rest of the contract so it is only painful this year.


let Milsap go, I relize he may be one of 4 people on the team with heart, get rid of the soft Boozer with no defenseive ability, clear up that cap room and sign D-Wade next year, D-Wade, D-Will, Okur,Brewer, and AK would make us great contenders

Gotta Love it

But certainly way too much. Have a good ride in the Rose City, Paul. Best in luck to you and your family.


Worst case scenario: Jazz let Milsap go and cannot unload Boozer. Then Boozer is hurt most of the year. Duh, what do we do then?


Why does everyone think that Portland signed Millsap to hurt Utah? Makes no sense. If my memory serves me correctly, the Lakers, Nuggets, Houston, Spurs, Hornets all finished ahead of Portland and Utah. So is Portlands goal to finish 7th next year? That's just crazy talk. Their goal is to better themselves to beat the Lakers. Not the Jazz. Sorry Guys but we are not the big boys on the block, the Lakers and Spurs are.

Given the economy for the next

2 or more years, Millsap is not worth more than the MLE. If you look at the FAs who have been signing for the MLE many of them are proven and better than Millsap.

Since the Jazz are in the tax anyway, would they be better off spending 10 million on any other player they could trade for? Of course.

Millsap is not the right player at PF. He was a very good back up who stepped up but that is all.

The only reason POR is offering that is because they are hoping that signing Millsap for an extra 4 million this year will save them more than 4 million in their negotiations with Aldridge.

This is a business. If the Jazz can get more for 10 million, like a decent back up PF and a shooting SG then they should.

Forget Millsap. This is a simple easy decision. Why is it so hard for the Jazz to rotate role players?

Is the problem Sloan? KOC? Miller? This problem needs to be fixed.

Good thing POR is forcing the Jazz to rethink the PF or the Jazz would be stuck with Millsap starting for years.

Jeff K

Please let him walk and pick up D Lee before its to late!

Hurt? Millsap was never

the same after he got his knee hurt. Millsap is just as prone to injury as Boozer. Further, Boozer is harder to stop on offense. Millsap is a little better on defense but fouls a lot. Neither can defend tall athletic bigs. Millsap can't really play C or SF he is just a back up PF. He is a rebounding specialist.

In this economy he can be replaced for the MLE. Don't replace him, get someone more talented and versatile. Whatever you do don't match the offer.

The Jazz are already stuck with an unconventional C. They can't afford to have an unconventional PF. Unconventional means major weaknesses.

Trade Fez for Landry or someone like Landry making 3 million. You will get just as much production and upside as with Millsap at 10 million. This is a really easy decision.

The Jazz could have had Blair by moving up in the second round. He does everything Millsap does only better. How dumb does letting SA get Blair look now?

Why are the Jazz so passive and non proactive? They wait until fate forces decides for them.

The Jazz are mismanaged.

John P

Millsap is a great backup, and might be worth about 6 mil a year, but 10.3 million and the luxury tax hit.. (does signing bonus count as salary? Does it count for lux tax hit??) Not worth it.
I sincerely hope Jazz management don't let their egos decide this. It was great having him, but let him go.


Why does it seem like Portland was desperate to sign a backup power forward (to a 10 million dollar contract no less) who is only going to play 12 to 15 minutes a game? It seems like after being rebuffed a number of free agents, the Blazer felt compelled to sign someone, anyone.

Unless the Jazz can unload Boozer, I think they will let Millsap walk, and considering the salary cap penalty for signing Millsap, who could blame them?

Bob in line

Not like I'm an expert but it seems the Trailblazers front office really pulled off a smart move.

If you look at year two and beyond they are paying a very reasonable rate for a very solid backup powerforward: Around $6 million a year. The Jazz offered him something like $5.5 million a year.

What the Trailblazers did is put an extra $4 million up front to chase the Jazz out. Not bad of a bonus to pay a reasonable rate for a backup player of his caliber.

Also, the Jazz under Larry Miller have had a very good reputation for living within their means. Miller refused to go into debt/luxury tax. Smart on his part. I guess we all get to find out what the next Miller thinks of debt. Is it debt or an investment? I don't know. That's their job to decide, just wondering.

Smart for the Blazers. Now what are we going to do?

It seems about unanimous that Boozer is a bust. Can we burn his contract and sign him for the $5.5 million? How about $10 million but prorated for games he actually plays in?

Just dreaming.

Easy Call

Math the offer, the sooner the better. Then, look for a matching piece from the Boozer bait, a Hamilton or Thomas.

Boozer's paycheck is the obscene piece here, not the much smaller pot for Millsap.


Let him go....Keep in mind this is really a 22 million dollar contract. Unless we can completely dump Boozers contract on someone, which not only would be stupid, but highly unlikely. We will pay Milsap 10 mil plus dollar for dollar for being about 12 mil over the cap...years 2-4 are reasonable, but 22 million for a back up PF that breaks down putting up starter minutes is not worth it. I still say trade boozer for Hamilton, and go with what we have. I am willing to bet AK will relish being back at the 4. Signing Boozer was a mistake when we already had a all star PF even though a little light, he still played a lot better defense the Boozer ever did.

Henry Drummond

Do it. You need to think more than one year. You'll drop 18 million next year and another 17 million the following year. Let's build a team of people who want to be here.

If Millsap leaves

the stands will not be empty, the Jazz will not miss the playoffs, POR will be a little better off but not much (they are already better than the Jazz for less money), The Jazz will not have a worse record (it may be better depending on who they get).

The Jazz are not going to miss Millsap if they get a decent back up PF for the MLE (Gooden can produce Millsaps numbers, so can a lot of young cheap players). The Jazz will be better if they trade Boozer for a very good PF and a shooting SG by Jan. There is no hurry.

Millsap was not that great as a back up before or after Boozer's injury. Koufos can put up Millsap's back up numbers as the new back up!

It is time to move on. Go get a really good young tall, athletic PF. You can trade Harp for one easily. In due time trade Boozer for cap, a SG and any other needs.

In my opinion the Jazz should have got some insurance in the 2nd round by moving up. Why expect the players to play defense when the organization does not?

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