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Published: Sunday, July 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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See ya later Paul. Have fun in Portland making way too much money.

Blazer fan

It's going to be nice to have Millsap come off the bench and back up Aldridge.

Jazz fans, stop assuming that the 3 team deal between POR, CHI and UTA is still on, it is not!

$$$$$$$$$ BABY!!!! Whoo Whoo!!!! :D
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2. Spurs
3. Trail Blazers
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Way way too much money. Let him go!!!! Especially after his agents comments about how they were offended by the Jazz's offer, it sounded greedy


I do hope that you would be a lot more appreciated for your excellent work ethics in Portland. Unlike Utah, where the Jazz and the fans still think that you should be under valued. The best of luck and enjoy your well deserved opportunity.


If I understand correctly, that comes to 7.6M against the salary cap (6.2 plus 1/4 of the signing bonus), so the question is one of immediate cash flow. If the Jazz have the 10.3M in an account ready to pay up front, the rest of the contract is really not as bad as expected, especially in terms of cap room for the future.


see ya time to become anther no name shannon anderson, vaghan , russell,eisle and the list goes on.

Mark A. in Logan

I love Millsap as much as anyone, but I think the Jazz would be making a mistake paying this permanent backup player starter's money. I say you make Portland eat the contract they tried to trick the Jazz to match with.


Hahahahaha, there is no way we would match it. Boozer screwed us last season by playing poorly and now by opting in. I bet you D-Will is livid.


Love Millsap, but not worth that much money.


The signing bonus is to make Utah go deepper into the luxury tax. However, the Jazz need to make this move. It will hurt now but payoff or Playoff later however you want to look at it. When Loozer leave we'll need the better Millsap. If Portland gets Millsap the Jazz will behind Portland for years to come. Make my words Millsap will continue to work on his game and become better every year. He's not afraid of hard work.

Take your pick MILLSAP OR LOTTERY!


WE NEED MILLSAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a Joke!

Each person has their strengths, talents, and chosen profession. When more and more hard-working men and women are loosing their jobs each day, it shows the audacious selfishness of "Professional" athletes to demand enough money to provide multiple lifetimes of comfort to hundreds, if not thousands, of people as a signing bonus.


It's times like this that are a blunt reminder that the NBA is a business. Fans think of it as entertainment. Greg Miller, KOC, etc don't think of it that way.

It would be helpful DMN if you would help us fans understand how signing bonus money counts against the salary cap.

Paul's spokespeople can get off their high horses about how the Jazz under-valued Paul and how Portland really understood. That fact is that Paul was Portland's second (at best) choice after Hedo Turkolu. Had Hedo signed with Portland, Paul may not have such a lucrative offer.

As a fan, I love Paul. He's everything I desire in an NBA player: Tough, Hard Working, Unassuming, Productive. As a business owner, it will be interesting to see how the Jazz respond. Paul is certainly worth 6-7M per year long before AK is worth 16-17M per year or Boozer worth 12M.

I would still try and trade Boozer for Rip Hamilton. Salaries are comparable.

Certainly the Jazz can't complain about a front loaded contract. They did it to Cleveland to get Carlos.


David Lee anyone?


I love Paul, but I'm sorry, those numbers are obscene.


Millsap is a great high energy reserve, and perhaps can develop into a viable NBA starter. But given his lack of either size or a jump shot, he will never be an offensive force. Defensively, he hustles but has trouble defending quality bigs. I love Millsap, as a quality role player. But you just don't give this kind of money to a role player.


Those number are not high. AK 16M are high. MILLAP is worth every penny+.

just me

just friggin match it!


Are you trying to tell me the Jazz don"t have it??? That is just crazy!!! They havent paid luxuary tax ever, You dont think they aren"t making millions over the years?? Pay up for once. Maybe you could take it from your medeorcore coach. He can"t ever seem to win a big one. Maybe he needs to learn how to moviate good players to become great and not choke in real game situtations!!!!!They never make a trade that means much so just pay up.


Re: Blazer fan
Keep dreaming. The Jazz will make the playoffs next year even without Millsap. I hope you are stuck paying a backup at PF starter money for the next four years. Plus, we have the Knicks' pick next season. Here's hoping for 60 losses. I guess for Millsap it really is all about the money. He'll be in the same situation in Portland as he is here, backing up an all-star. Good luck Paul. It was nice having you on our team. I hope we kick your butt all four times we play.


Questions to ask:
1) Crunch time, can feed the ball to Millsap in the post and count on either a score or double team that opens up opportunities for someone else?
2) Crunch time, can you count on Millsap to make a key stop against a top-level big?

The evidence suggests a negative response to both questions. Millsap earns his stats by playing hard when other players are slacking. This is exactly what you want out of a key reserve or a complementary starter. But how much money can you really afford to give to a guy who can't make the key stop defensively or the key basket offensively?

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