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Published: Saturday, July 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Why do some people think they need to act that way? It seems childish to me!


I am supposing they were trying to get on the news, and in the newspapers. And trying to stir something up because they are gay. And yes acting in this manner is childish and immature.


Interesting that they wanted them to leave but instead of just calling the police they first pushed them to the ground and handcuffed them so they could not leave. This is just legalized gay-bashing. Shame on the church security department.


I agree, why do they think they need to act that way? Seriously - handcuffing and getting overly physical with two people because a peck on the cheek - that's childish and bully behavior for rent-a-cops. They were out of line.


Agreed, the way church officials acted was immature.

Both sides were wrong on this issue, but each for very different reasons.


This is a clear-cut case of religious freedom and property rights, but it will, of course, be portrayed in the national media as a matter of anti-gay discrimination. The Constitution is being twisted beyond all recognition to justify same-sex marriage and to now discriminate against anyone who honestly believes that open homosexual behavior is "inappropriate," even if the beliefs are religious.

We are engaged in a culture war, and this is just one of the first skirmishes. According to many in the U.S. now, the Boy Scouts and Mormons are evil and homesexuality and abortion are good. Didn't Isaiah have something prescient to say about that?


I agree the behavior was childish: getting physical, handcuffing and pushing a guy to the ground (a detail omitted in the Deseret News) is childish and bully-like behavior. It sounds like rogue rent-a-cops on a power trip - and that's scary. Really, all of this, and handcuffs because of a peck on the cheek? Yes, there was childish behavior, but it was on the part of church security.


More hate. Did the security have to act that way? seems sort of aggressive and intolerant to me. Maybe all gays should line up on the sidewalks around the area during general conference and kiss away! Yes yes.


More of the homosexual agenda. They don't want equality - they want to force acceptance of their lifestyle, "warts and all", on everyone, even on private property. Another example of the "dummying-down" of decency in our society.


You presume, simply because they were gay, that they were trying to "stir something up" and "get on the news"? Isn't that somewhat of a narrow minded assumption? Imagine for a moment what you would feel like and how you might react if you were approached by a stranger and asked to stop kissing or being affectionate with your spouse or significant other. I know I would get frustrated by it. While church security had the prerogative to ask them to stop on church property, try and understand the genuine reason for why they may have reacted and refused to leave, especially when confronted. I see nothing childish or immature about a man standing up for himself, regardless of whether or not i agree with the thing he is standing up for. I am continually sadden by the lack of tolerance and understanding so many here have for people they do not know, understand, or agree with.


Childish and immature? Its always easier being ignorant and presuming things isnt it? Imagine how you would feel if someone told you to stop kissing your husband or wife. It'd piss me off for sure. I wish people would try and expand their minds a bit and think before they post on here.


i think its childish to assume that somebody would actually want to get arrested just to get on the news. there are better ways to get noticed. especially for a gay couple. stop being haters!!!! these people were singled out. showing affection for you loved one is not "acting out" randy. start to learn to accept people for who they are. not everybody is a sheep


Just another example of outlandish behavior by homosexuals. They are just hurting their cause. Not unlike when they demonstrated outlansish behavior outside the Los Angeles Temple.

John C.

How blatant dose this need to be. Those two new exactly how the church security would react that’s why they did it. If it wasn’t intended to get a reaction and get on the news then why didn’t they just leave when asked? Why did they become argumentative? At that point security has the right to detain them. And if they where forced to the ground then its because they gave resistance. But I’m sure the gay rights community will come up with more stunts in the future and then cry “poor me, those mean LDS people, how dare they stand up for what they believe in”


I want to know if it really was a "peck on the cheek," and I want to know what really happened to cause security to call police. Not enough truth in this story, from either side. I am sick to think how this story will be broadcast far and wide, but does not have solid facts - only one word against another.

to candb

Actually getting arrested is a good way to get noticed for your cause; ever heard of suffragettes? The civil rights movement? Greenpeace?


I have read the past comments and have thought about the event vs response. First the fact is that the plaza is private property- this means that the owners of the property have the right to determine what is acceptable on their property. The pair of homosexuals obviously knew this and decided to push the issue with their acts. They are free to act anyway they want on public property but the LDS church acted correctly. When the pair used profanity it broke a second ordinance that is a public offense and a private offense.
On the reverse if a pair of LDS members went to preach their faith or sing at a gay bar I would imagine they would be treated in a similiar way by the gay bar owner. I believe that we have to respect the rights/laws of private property regardless of the desires.

More than a peck

I gurantee you it was more than just a peck on the cheek. When have you seen only a peck from a hetero or gay couple. Public displays of affection are offensive by either gay or hetero couples. However gays want to force acceptance of acts by them which are not tolerated of a hetero couple.


I had vacation tickets to go to Salt Lake City and the National Parks, but I just cancelled them. I will spend my dollars elsewhere. Is this really 2009?


My brother works for church security. They should have just left when asked to and not tried to justify their behavior with profanity, that is why they got pushed to the ground and handcuffed. Dont to the gay pda on church grounds just to get attention.

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