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Fire marshal said no; organizers say they didn't mean to deceive

Published: Friday, July 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Then why were all those people there?


Stadium of Fire is about making money. If you are critical you are said to be "unpatriotic." Its too big, too long, too dirty and too much.


Such a big and special moment for all those who attended, only to find out that we didn't witness a flag burning.


my family was there to see the Jonas Brothers


It was the interpretation and idea to originally "Burn" it, so it was burned in ceremony and retired. "GET OVER IT!" Nobody decieved anyone, it wasn't burned because the FIRE MARSHALL said it would have Dangerous Toxins! It was retired, and it looked Authentic, that was the desired effect. Now 60,000 know how to Retire A Flag Properly, the lesson was there, and the "Enactment" was there, and so was the Sacredness of the event. I don't go to Stadium of Fire because it's a waste in my mind to pay that much to see some celebrities sing and perform, and watch fireworks in a VERY CROWDED place. I attend Levelle Edwards Stadium for what really counts, "FOOTBALL SEASON", the Star Spangled Banner and the prayer! All 6 Games!

appropriate term

Please, don't refer to this special kind of ceremony as a flag burning. It is more appropriate to call it "retiring the flag". Flag burnings are done in protest to our government and laws, and not at all respectful. To "retire the flag" is to give it honor for all it represents to us.

I confess that I am stunned that the flag wasn't actually retired in the ceremony. I wasn't there, but there were so many positive comments about the experience. Having watched and participated in actual flag retirement ceremonies, I can imaging that this was indeed a touching moment for those who care. Perhaps organizers being a little more straight forward would have been more appropriate. I hope that the flag DOES get a real retirement ceremony in a safe and honorable way.

God bless America! And may we be and become worthy of those blessings.

It was a beautiful ceremony

and, most importantly, Glenn Beck cried.
I was moved.


Let's just retire the Stadium of Fire, it is truly out of control...imho!


CougarKeith, people don't know how to properly retire the flag, what they did is like putting a normal flag in tupperware and lighting a tea candle on top of it.

I was there, it was a touching moment indeed, and still would have been if they told the truth. They did intentionally deceive us, though they did it with good intentions, they shouldn't deny it.

agree with 11:26pm

I was waiting for it to be burned on the big metal structure right by the container and somewhat bummed they didn't.

Now I wonder why they acted like they burned it, they should have just made a coffin for the flag and said the flag was being laid to rest for eternity, that way there is no fabrication what so ever.


Glenn Becks tears were fake too. He is totally a fake person with not a care about this country. All he cares about are his financiers. Sorry, Beck is a fake!

Making mountains out of mole hil

Its a good thing those who wanted a flag burning ammendment didn't get their way apparently.

Didn't they know that burning the flag was the proper way to dispose of it?

I am a van pool driver and shortly after 9-11, one member of the van opened the door while we were at a red light (it could have turned green at any time) and picked up a flag he saw lying on the ground. He was so happy with himself for "rescuing" the flag.

I thought it was silly and dangerous for him to put himself at risk for that. The country was no better off for what he did, and his family could have lost him entirely or partially due to injury.

Stadium of Lame

Wait.....Provo had a massive flag burning? Where's the outrage?

Mission Accomplished

How appropriate that Glen Beck was the MC of the Stadium of Fire: the flag burning and Glen Beck's patriotism were both artificial. And showing the photographs of W. Bush was an added reminder of mistatements and misrepresentations wrapped around patriotic platitudes. As Samuel Johnson once said, "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." Mission Accomplished.


End did not justify the means. They should of played straight.

It's time for the stadium to retire and move on. Go back to the old fashioned fourth that had fireworks for everyone.


Perhaps they didn't burn it because Senator Orrin Hatch's proposed Constitutional Ammendment would ban flag burning...

By the way, did Glenn Beck talk about agreeing with a guest on his TV show that the US needs Osama bin Laden to have another successful attack on the US to save our country?


echos of Paul Dunn..

Chris in Texas

Stadium of Smoke - cough, wheeze, cough!


For those who weren't there your comments are as hollow as your heads. For those that were and couldn't believe the flag was not actually burned it was pretty obvious by the perfect flame that the actual flag wasn't being incinerated. The ceremony itself was dragged out too long anyway. The best part of the night was watching all the young girls freak out over the Jonas Brothers, I haven't seen that since the Beatles.

Such a Metaphor

For many things believed by Glenn Beck and the gang.

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