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Published: Friday, July 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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DO IT!!! Thomas is a genetic freak. He is a huge upgrade defensively and would produce here. His offense is up and down but he is only going into his 4th year. If he puts it all together watch out. The upside on this kid is unreal.


Great, trade one malcontent for another. Sloan will Kill Thomas...


If that is all we get for Boozer, keep him and let him walk at the end of the season. Thomas has been a complete disappointment since leaving college early. Athletic but not a well rounded basketball player. I hope Kevin comes to his senses soon.

Another rumor?

Hey I want the truth. The media never seems to have any of it. Just more rumors.

Cowboy Joe

Hey Miles here is the trade. The Jazz send Boozer for Thomas and cap space. I think the Jazz can find a better trade. Do a block buster not a sleeper KOC


It would be safe to say that the Jazz organization is tired of Boozer's dance. I would appear that he will never put on a Jazz uniform again. It scares me that if Boozer is gone that we will way overpay Millsap to keep him around.


The Jazz would only do this to get under the cap. I guess you do what you gotta do, but I think they could do better than this. Just glad to know they're gonna dump Boozer. I just don't like watching the guy play basketball, or talk afterwards.


Why would the jazz make a trade that would benefit a division rival? Why don't we send boozer to chicago for heinrich and someone other than thomas and leave portland out of the equation? Heinrich would be a much needed back up pg way better than price and the rook.


Boozer will bring a lot to the Jazz this season if he stays. Fans need to let things go. If Boozer stays this season and is gone after the season, then things would probably work out better.


At least Thomas plays defense.


If the jazz trade boozer away and we keep paul we better be in the mix of trading Ak for a scorer.. if we lose booz then i dont know who will do the scoring? okur and D will cant do it all? come on jazz

Hinrich to POR and Booz

makes sense for them. What is in this for the Jazz? Ty Thomas only makes 4+ mill. What else are the Jazz getting? Thomas is 6'9", soft, slight, so so on defense and 11/7 or less. Do the Jazz really want him all that bad? If so why?

Lets Make A Deal

A.K., Booze & Miles to Chicago for Miller, Hindrich, & Thomas. Throw Maynor & Suton in on the deal & or Price. Sign & trade Milsap to Portland, Portland sends Outlaw to Sacramento, who sends Nocioni to Utah. sending Maynor, Suton, Price and Harprings expiring contract in to make the deal go.


Are you serious Miles? Thomas is not a bust at all. He is up and down but with Thomas and AK it would be very, very difficult for anyone to score in the paint (our biggest weakness). He has a very, very high upside and still preforms decently. Our team athleticism would go waaaaay up with Thomas on the team.


Well if this is true the Blazers sure get a great deal. Why is it that Portland doesn't have to give up anyone? I don't like the trade for the reasons that we aren't getting enough back. Tyrus Thomas is an athletic freak but he is a tweener and doesn't have a defined position. Should have traded AK for T-Mac...

It makes more sense

to resolve Millsap's contract first, one way or the other.

Is this a smoke screen by Prichard? or is the rumor about Millsap a smoke screen? POR wants Hinrich. They don't really need Millsap.

Boozer is worth a lot more than Thomas and cap space. We need the PF of the future out of this trade and that is probably not Thomas.

Will the Jazz get a 8+ Mill credit like DEN did on Camby? They can use that credit to trade for anyone they want since it came from the Clips who were under the cap. Since this is a 3 way would the Jazz get a credit they could use to get any player they want from any team?


Some of you are missing the point! Yes... the Jazz only get Thomas and his measly $5 Million contract. They also avoid the luxury tax. They are just hoping to dumping salary knowing that it's not the best deal in the world.

Cowboy Joe

Hey Thomas Portland is giving up cap space for the Jazz. So another way to think about it is Portland is giving the Jazz an over priced Paul Millsap. Slown will put Thomas in the Dog POUnd in the first Month guaranteed.

The Upsides ...

are to get the CANCER (Boozer) out of the locker room; make cap space to keep Millsap; and to get a defensive minded player.


Portland would need to give up another player to the Jazz to make this work. It would probably end up being Boozer to the Bulls, Heinrich to the Blazers and Thomas and either Blake or Outlaw to Utah. In order to make the money work. I love this trade. Get rid of Boozer, save cap space, and get us one of the things we need, an athletic shotblocker. The Jazz are doing this mainly for cap space so that we can re-sign Milsap. Otherwise Portland may sign him to a contract we can't match.

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